I’m Cutting My Anklet Off! (Video)

Published December 15, 2015 - 0 Comments

Today I’m cutting this cage!

No, I’m not becoming a fugitive. Not today. In last weeks video I explained why our nation is gone. Now Douglas County is corrupt. It’s residents tolerate the abuse of their neighbor and will not even speak up. They do it in the name of safety. They do it in the name of freedom. They do it in the name of, “the bible tells us to obey tyrants”, even though tells says nothing of the sort.

But it’s not only Douglas County. It’s every corner of America. Our entire nation that has failed to defend the law. Every courtroom, judge and officer who is participating in a for profit extortion to abuse the people. Why, because they can, because we won’t do anything about it. — It has come to this because because football and Star Wars is more important to America than liberty and justice!

Some of us will not sit idle. We stand and we pay a great price for standing. It costs us in every way and some of us have lost everything in the battle against tyranny. What are you doing? Are you still getting permits for rights? Are you still honoring the dishonorable? Are you still defending a police and justice system that has nothing to do with justice? Or do you honor God, law, the Constitution and liberty by loving your neighbor as yourself and defending them from evil?

Ask yourself these hard questions. Then buckle up and get ready to stand principled.

— Gav

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