Imminent Terrorist Attacks this Week!

Published December 14, 2015 - 12 Comments

This week and every day after that until we stop it.

Before you think I’m click baiting you need to watch the video through. Hear the names and look around at your neighbor. Attacks coming on people in your community, families and lives destroyed and even American citizens killed It’s happening every day and this is without a doubt the most severe terrorists situation America has ever faced. If we are blinded bu the distractions it will only get worse.

We see new attacks every day. From families being attacked for refusing checkpoints to BLM agents burning cattle alive.

I implore you to look. Don’t pretend your goverment is not abusing people right now. Go into your courtrooms and watch the extortion and suffering. They are all complicit. Stop falling for carefully crafted media spin from both sides. Stop falling for the latest hare rhetoric that prevents you from looking at the root of the terrorism. America is lost friends and there’s only one way we’re getting it back. Repentance, prpciple and real liberty and justice for all.

— Gav


Larry Lenz - December 14, 2015 Reply

Bless you Gavin. Keep informing us of what is right and wrong. This country has lost site of liberty and freedom. We have to fight back in any way we can. Thank you for everything you do.

Gary - December 14, 2015 Reply

I don’t have any shackles. I can go where I want and do as I please. Been living free all my life. If you believe you are free then you are free. If you believe you are constrained by invisible shackles then you will have to live with them regardless of whether or not they exist. Convincing happy people that they are oppressed seems silly.

    Kary - December 16, 2015 Reply

    The enslavement Gavin is referring to is the acceptance of corrupt individuals enforcing unconstitutional laws. Another good example is people accepting our government breaking laws like on 9/11 when they allowed 3,000 people to die to start a never ending war on terror and bring about the Patriot act to make people accept more loss of liberty like the 4th where they now spy on everyone’s emails, text messages, social media posts and our telephone calls. Most sheep will respond by saying go ahead and spy on me, I have nothing to hide as the people spying are trying to bring in more terrorist’s in the form of refugees.

Gary - December 14, 2015 Reply

Hammonds burned 140 acres of BLM land. That’s a bit more than “a few weeds” don’t you think?

rebecca - December 14, 2015 Reply

ok gavin, you had me up til you say islam is a religion of tyrants.. for as much as you know, you should know that islamophobia is us gov fear tactic! its all propaganda/lies… its isis you need to fear..cia/u s gov/ zionist israel mossad created..they are all mercenaries paid by the highest bidder..”bibi netanyahu and the khazarian mafia.”. many of us are not religious,better to not bring religion into your videos, speeches etc.

    Harvey Jones - December 15, 2015 Reply

    Islam has always been a (non)religion of war. They started as murderers and are still murderers. Their book reveals their teachings. From their destructive beginnings to the founding of our country until today, they practice their worship of blood and honor their god of death. This is not a religion but rather, a cult of oppression and hate. The problem is in their leadership, as the common muslim is content to be at peace; but when Islam starts its march the common muslim does not stand up to the tyranny but cowers and hides or worse yet, joins their fight. It is up to muslims to eliminate these problems or others will. Hold on to your conspiracy theories, you might be right; however, when faced with death by the sword, America will do what has to be done. I am a Christian and I cannot take my religion out of me because it makes me who I am. What I will not do is sit and let these folks come and kill me, my family or my next door neighbor (whether he is muslim or not.)

      Kary - December 16, 2015 Reply

      Well said!

    Kary - December 16, 2015 Reply

    You should read the Quran and a history book before listening to the government’s mouthpiece, “mainstream media”.

rebecca - December 14, 2015 Reply

also refugees are planned /engineered migration to cause chaos/ and take over their countries..

Poetwarrior - December 14, 2015 Reply

Gav, stay with your insight. It is true that we imprison ourselves by being distracted through seen and unseen propaganda. Once you recognize that when GB stated that we will be governed by ‘laws’ not the ‘laws of the jungle’, we heard the words and interpreted those words as saying ‘THE LAWS AT WRITTEN IN OUR CONSTITUTION’. But the controllers, elite, them, they or etc. used those words stating clearly that the ‘laws of the ‘jungle’ will prevail’. Through every and whatever means possible propaganda/mind control has been used against the common people. Reverse the meaning of all those ‘great/wonderful sounding sound bits (like hope and change)’ then you will have the road map of coming attractions world wide. Stay absolutely focused on being alive and well on the ‘back-side’ of all these events unfolding with full recognition of shackles becoming ash and being wisp away. The intense fire/chaos to burn away those who imprison or those who embrace imprisonment must/always comes to an end.
May God ‘All That Is’ bless you within your heart and grant you the visions of compassion and wisdom.

Anton D Rehling - December 15, 2015 Reply

Molon Labe, come and take them. Well my fellow Patriots, they already have come and taken all except the weapons in our possession. Just about every right we have has been bent, folded and mutilated and we sit back to wait for tyrants to come and take our pristine barbecue firearms, you know the ones that come out of the safe so you can parade them in front of your friends at a barbecue at your house and have never seen a range or training. How do you win a fight, offense or defense? Do you wait for the first blow to land before we take the assault on Freedom seriously enough to act like the freemen we are supposed to be? I know if we act before we are being killed we may be called criminals and hunted as felons with extreme prejudice, well that will happen anyway. Those who resist tyranny are always called criminals and those who do not follow lock step are always persecuted by tyrants and their brainless minions. Are you afraid of death so much you will hide behind the, if you just do one more thing, cross one more line, I’ll open a whole can of whoop ass on you. WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH????!!!

Alan Hoyle Wake Up Call Ministry - December 15, 2015 Reply

Let me let you all in on something. Do not live your life on your opinion. Everyone has one and we are not to join together to see how most people believe or feel. united States of America is and was a Republic that was formed on Laws that are constant and concrete. And that is the Holy Bible that IS the Standard of Law. And that my friends was where our Constitution was created from and our court system. But we have drifted away. Now I am sorry that the church has left the Law and does not know the Law. So if our Country is to get back, then the church must get back to the Law and follow it. Then our courts and all can be set back right. And yes I apologize to all of you that have been mislead and even hurt by the false, fake church and christians. Their day in the True Court and by the True Judge will happen. Father YAH has said that judgment will come to His house the church first because of it’s taking His name in vain and all. But when the church is judged, you need to fear your judgment all the more. You see judgment is here on America. But we have had visible warnings, storms, bugs and all, 911 and all, but we have not repented. Father YAH said to fear Him. And with this fear comes wisdom and knowledge, which brings correction and change. Muslims are being used to also bring judgment onto America. For you see they are under a curse, for it was proclaimed that, their hand would be against every man and every man hand would be against them. This curse can only be broken by their repentance to coming to the fear of breaking Father YAH’s Law the 10 Commandments and submit unto Yeshua or Jesus as America knows this name. Then they will be free from that as well as the curse of death in Hell for their sins, of which ALL people are under this curse as well. So you, my friend, must see only one thing and that is you have broken the Holy Law and will be held accountable to this and will be arrested for such, and will appear before the Holy Righteous Judge who knows your deeds, and worse knows your thoughts and intentions. So that hate will be judged for murder and lust will be judged for adultery. And even the smallest lie you will be judged as a liar. And ALL liars, murders, and adulterers or ess will pay for these sins in Hell unless you repent as I have had to do. And then when we do we MUST submit and obey the Law following Yeshua. I love you and I love America as I even love all people. So I must warn you. America is destroyed because of our sins and the end of America is about to happen. And when it does you will then understand but then it will be too late to do anything. This will bring pain into your life that you will not be able to get away from. So do not worry about the end of the world. Worry about the end of America. So yes we need to unite to bring America back, but this is to the Law of Father YAH which brings this Freedom and Liberty. Thus we must seek Him now and Repent. For if we do this He said He would heal our land. So Wake Up Call church and Americans and Repent and turn back and make your paths straight.

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