When Government Commits Treason!

Published January 28, 2016 - 14 Comments

When Government Commits Treason!

The Peaceful Man Rises!

In times like these we start asking ourselves hard questions. While most Americans go about their days asleep to the the suffering coming on our children, some of us are carrying the heavy burden and looking for real answers.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort” — US  Constitution Article 3:3

laavoyThe government of the United States is levying war against the people and our laws. In our homes, on our roads, in our courts and in our legislatures. When this nation was founded these events had been foreseen. Men like John Locke, on who’s writings our Republic was inspired, make this very clear.

In all States and Conditions the true remedy of Force without Authority, is to oppose Force to it. The use of force without Authority, always puts him that uses it into a state of War, as the Aggressor, and renders him liable to be treated accordingly. — John Locke, Second Treatise.

Read our the Declaration. Read the Affirmation that over 700 patriots signed when we defied new gun laws in Washington a year ago. A simple method of telling a real terrorist is that the terrorist terrorizes, abusing and killing innocents.– They accuse and charge us in their courts with the very crimes they commit!

What are we to do?

We stand on the edge of revolution; but that does not mean we seek violence or vengeance. We seek peace, just as LaVoy did. But we must be willing to stand.

Bloody revolution alone rarely restores liberty; repentance can. With repentance and principle liberty can be restored to a nation that has once forgotten what good and evil is.  We have a moral right and duty to disobey an unjust government. I would especially remind my Christian brothers, to honor tyrants is treason to Christ.

 When you see military vesicles rolling across public roads to assault men of peace. When you watch them punish and enslave those who love the law of this land. When you watch them kill our friends and neighbors, arrest reporters aim guns at mothers; make no pretense; these officials, officers and bureaucrats are nothing but what our laws say. They are enemies of this nation, more polite, but as wicked as ISIS itself and they overthrow our Supreme law. These officials commit sedition and treason against us, their masters who hold lawful authority and their God given rights.

We have come to this because we are apathetic, because we care more for pleasures more then for principle. Politicians are still playing politics; Americans are wearing the shiny shackles of a happy slave and Christians are not following Christ. We don’t have to all agree on matters of faith. But a nation must maintain it’s values to survive.

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” – John Adams

I submit that God is not blessing America because we are not blessing God. We must seek mercy, turn to liberty and stand boldly against evil. Our nation may have to endure a great suffering, for our populace has become not only blind, but willingly numbed to the abuse and suffering of their neighbor, from the child in the womb to the neighbor on their street.

Tyranny will never end until WE THE PEOPLE have the principle to affirm that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were ourselves!

We carry on. We stand, but we must be wise, peaceful and principled. Set aside the politics, the distractions, the false security and the lies. Love your neighbor. Stand on liberty.

— Gav


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” — Samuel Adams


Jim my - January 28, 2016 Reply

Our government officials underestimate the typical average Joe in this country. They want to test us, we’ve been studying, they want to attack us, we’ll defend.., when they kill our blood ones and loved ones you better expect the biggest family all coming to their doorsteps. We won’t take unlawful persecution anymore. Come find us we’ve everywhere we’ve been here were not going anywhere.

Molon labe

Defend your rights, don’t bow down, do what your gut says. Fight for your country your family your faith.
Make the USA great again people

Don’t forget it all starts with “We the people”

    C Richardson - May 10, 2020 Reply

    The decision to charge a public official with treason on a federal level is made by the U.S. Attorney’s Office (i.e. the federal prosecutor), housed at the The United States Department of Justice. Now you know who to contact.

Nathan adams - January 28, 2016 Reply

I agree with it all a bloody revolution will only weaken our country to other forces which I think.is what our government wants but if we unite and band together to I’mpeach and do what is right as a country our government shall be held accountable once more they they government it’s a faction that over steps their powers because we allow it because of the political parties we are devided we need to shrink our government and do as they constitution says because only as a United nations can we fix this we need to stand a fight for our rights which are beeping striped in favor of a one world Government I wanted to come stand with the Bundy in Oregon but was unable to and I’m sorry that I was. So please keep in mind the elected government officials including sheriffs are their by our choosing and according to the supreme laws of this country ( the constitution) we as a people can remove them from office let’s do what is needed to makes this country great once more and rid the oppression that is plaging us it’s our duty and responsibility to do this

Paul - January 28, 2016 Reply

Socialism, communism, & fascism
are just tools for globalists.

Globalism destroys all races, religions,
creeds, & traditional cultures!

There is no such thing as “left” or “right”,
“Conservative” or “liberal” anymore,…

there are only globalists and Americans.

Chose wisely, Chose #Trump2016

Just a guy from portland with eyes and ears - January 29, 2016 Reply

(Please be as peaceful as possible)(possible up coming peaceful protest?)

Chapman square

If i knew how to organize a protest. I would hold it there.

if there is a protest i will be there. I have lived in portland my entire life. My great grand parents are buried on the same hill as Virgil Earp and Henry Winehouse in Portland.

A portland native folk musician said ……”i will learn to be peaceful, but I’ll keep my knife at my side. I will pray for compassion, but if war comes to my door you know i will be blasting.”- quote from -warrior people, by-medicine for the people

Down town Portland,oregon. Chapman square park, 3rd and maint st. The “front yard” of the united states courthouse. I pass by it multiple times daily. Adjacent from 101.1fm news radio station and lars larson who said wensday Victoria sharps testimony was bs and wouldnot validate her story by even talking about it but played the shit out of mconnels statement that was hear say. And the oregonian on the other side of the same park. Oregonian has been very being extremely biest against the patriots in all news articles posting misinformation with incriminating head lines. And Multnomah county jail where The Bundys are/were being held on the next block. All in the same spot.

The 2 officers who killed lavoy should be charged with murder, and 4 counts of attempted murder (those in the truck), all other officers who fired on The truck should be charged with 4 counts of attempted murder. All parties involved in planning the operation/roadblock should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder and same for Those who gave The orders to carry it out. The media outlets above mentioned should be held accountable for assisting in The cover up of The murder of lavoy by presenting misinformation and not presenting crucial information (i dont know what this crime would be called but im sure it is one)

Well they just brought war to my door, but i will be peaful, i will pray for compassion…”but ill keep my knife at my side”

So please let it be known. if some one organizes a protest. Let us know when and where.

But Please let’s not let it destroy The city i love. Keep it peaceful unless fired upon. Don’t loot or burn my home, and we can protect it together.

Louise Anglin - January 29, 2016 Reply

Lest we forget, EVERYTHING about the content of the Constitution is how to limit the federal powers over people. So, the tremendous overreach of “agencies” is illegal. Another revolution is coming.

'SconsinPatriot - January 29, 2016 Reply

Been afraid for this country since the 9-11 attacks in NYC.
I sit here afraid for my kids and not able to do anything to help but vote…but
where are the true patriots running for office?
I don’t think Trump is the answer….what is?
The system is corrupt from the top down.

Wayne Bachmann - January 29, 2016 Reply

Well said, Gavin. I have been saying this for years, but you are much more eloquent than I. I was totally disgusted and shocked when I was unjustly beaten, tased, arrested, convicted, and fined for crimes I was not guilty of, but were the exact crimes Deputy Jay Schwartzmiller was/is guilty of. He is from your state of Washington, Snohomish County. He need not think I have forgotten the incident of his criminal conduct.

Desiree Duke - January 29, 2016 Reply

Washington DC is Tyranny Headquarters. Everything Federal needs to be abolished. Washington DC was established for enemy safe haven. Same with City of London. We need to remove the claws of other nations from around our throats. This country had a bad infection before 1861. Instead of removing the complete infection, some quacks bandaged it up quite nicely but left some of the infection, and now it has crippled this country to the point of no return. There is no peaceful way out of this. The infection MUST be completely removed. Politics are corrupt. Need a new and better non governmental Sovereign induced built from the outside in. Inside out by humbled and needy not greedy. Where the structured outcome only benefits the many as a whole. A tightly woven device. You can not operate without shedding some blood. Our flags need to be flipped…for now.

Chesley - November 30, 2017 Reply

Arms will not work to revolt against a government with drones armed with automatic rifles, chemical weapons (including the ability to “open a jar of” whatever disease they’ve got stored for making vaccinations from), tanks, and ballistic missles. However, those weapons do not operate themselves (yet), and to my knowledge, our military personnel will not operate them (a) against their own countrymen, or (b) if they are not getting paid.

I think we have to cripple government’s ability to function by stopping the flow of money to it…if it’s not too late for that, too. I’d thought if a majority of people stopped paying income tax (which is voluntary anyway, but nobody knows it or believes it when you tell them so), the government couldn’t pay its military, and then we might have a chance. But now we have an entire generation of youth who don’t even think it is possible for the government to do wrong, don’t think they have rights that are being violated, have adopted the Bush mantra of “conspiracy theorists” to dismiss charges of government wrongdoing, and worse, who are themselves not employed and have no taxes to withhold because they have to wages to tax. If it were to work, though, if everyone or most everyone claimed 9 dependents for purposes of tax withholding, employers would withhold almost nothing except FICA tax from their pay and it would reduce the amount of money “loaned” interest free to it; they’d have to go elsewhere to get it. But, the gov’t has become cushy with the Fed and the Banksters (which somehow exempted themselves from the law), and it seems they’d just print more money (or create new “credits”, since money is being reduced to the number of credits shown in a computer, and that can be too easily manipulated).

Another thought (I’m sort of rambling) is that the corporations have replaced We the People and now the Fed is a gov’t of corporations (it is incorporated, after all), by the corporations (who have all the money and do all the lobbying to get laws passed to benefit them over We People), for the corporations (it’s all about profit now, not principles). Given that corporations and secret services run the show in D.C., and some 13 families or less own most or all of the corporations, in addition to not allowing employers to withhold our wages from us and send them to the Fed prematurely, we need to stop cash flow to the corporations. Maybe start a movement to urge every American to voluntarily agree to not make any purchases of any kind (shy of an emergency) one day a month — the same day — so that on that one day, corporate america would see their profits grind to a halt. Even one day would shock them.
I say one day a month, but more realistically, it may have to begin with one day a year. And it should be a boycott of some “holiday” that makes merchants rich (like Valentine’s day, or Halloween); or it could be a movement to boycott mortgages by not making real property purchases during the month of December; postpone it a month… something that sends the message that WE control what we buy and when, not merchants and marketers. Marketers came up with “black Friday” and now “cyber Monday” — they lead people around by their noses with noserings made of “coupons” and “discounts” to lure people into spending money they don’t have.

I don’t know the answer, but I do know money will be at the bottom of it.

christine JENSEN - July 15, 2018 Reply

smart meters, FCC in collusion with Obamas Smart Grid crap
and all of Congress who signed off. Deaths of millions so far, and
horrid disibilities to others……..and “burning misery” to yet
others with “electromagnetic hypersensitivitY’…….living “hi-jacked destroyed lives……..in poverty and darkness.literally.



Amanda F.Marshall - February 19, 2021 Reply

I am just now reading this because I’m finally fed up to the top with our government . I’ve sit and watched the progress we had made under President Trump get destroyed in a matter of a week. One signature was able to ruin us. It’s not even a legitimate signature. I witnessed 15 different ways that our election was stolen. The largest landslide win in our history was stolen and nothing is being done about it . We have been let down by our Judicial branch , Legislative branch , and the Executive branches of our government . That is what led me to this site so I could find out how to go about relieving them of their services . They are no longer needed. They all have done a huge injustice to our country. I realize one party don’t stand a chance against our crooked government but if both parties would unite and go after them and tell them we have had enough ,then start the impeachment process on the top 3 in office , because all 3 are gulty of treason , I be daggone if we couldn’t see some changes being made. But it will take us all getting fed up to make this happen. It so desperately needs to happen. People needs to wake up from their Cnn, Nbc, Cbs, abc, MSNBC comas to understand what I have just said. Cnn & Nbc just paid $35,000 EACH to Antifa & BLM for real time videos of the Capitol building attack. Now we know. Makes me sick!!!

Paul Luther Dalton Jr - March 10, 2021 Reply

I am a man no different than any other. I do consider myself a man of GOD to say the least. I do wrong and stand by it as well as what I do right. I took an oath to the constitution and there is very little freedom anymore in my opinion the freedom we have has to be paid for by money. They found a way to require a false law of a license to fish or hunt? I want to eat my food in the raw. Food without man’s modifications I feel is better for us. I have never asked for this control. I really want to be more educated to what treason is both foreign and domestic. If I find out it has been done and my gut says it is. Why and how may we make the change to what it should be even if we have to use their rules the same way they did our constitution. This as I understand would be no more than they are doing if I see and understand this gut feeling correctly. With the way they use words to make wrong look right. They will no longer be able to know any better either? The proof of treason has been there but the people not the leaders would do nothing. The map to change our freedom was laid out years ago and nothing if any was done. It now said it is propaganda to say the least. I am by no means wanting to do anything harmful but all lives matter and not just the rich. with no money to cycle. Would be a way to change their whole game plan to start with.

Rebecca - October 11, 2021 Reply

We must get this government out right now! It’s our duty. Now, how?

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