Protesters TEACH police a lesson!

Published September 22, 2016 - 1 Comment

Liberty lovers are marching on Portland during the trials of the Bundy’s and others locked away in lawless jails and facing criminal judges. We’re at a protest for the political prisoner led by John Lamb and Kelly Stuart and the more the people stand the more police follow and harass us. My kids are marching as well. After we refuse to stop marching in the street police follow us back to the park and we educate them on what law really is. You’re in violation they tell us. So we explain how they are the ones in violation.

Note. Any nasty comments about my children will get you removed. Haters of liberty may attack me, but not my family.

It’s time for the killing and abuse to stop. People have a right to stand up. We cannot support Americans police and support the Constitution. JUSTICE for all lives. It’s time to get real.

— Gav

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Darrell of the Blakes - January 21, 2017 Reply

I am here under threat and duress ;I will plead guilty to all charges under the condition that you or your agents can prove that I the man committed a crime ! ucc 1-308 signed:____________________________


NOTICE TO ALL GOVERNING Agents and Policy ENFORCERS and any employee of the U.S. CORP. Governing BODY. Or the so-called STATE [KY.]. THEY LIE all the time ,its part of their JOB .they think they are above the law . In the first place they are not police man, they are policy Enforcers, they Force policy, RULES & STATUTES, Regulations, codes, ordinances. On men and women .(NOT COMMON LAW,) I can just refuse to consent to DO anything they ASK me TO DO..I DONOT HAVE TO REPLY TO ANY QUESTION THEY ASK. ! ! Just SAY I reserve ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY! I DONOT Consent TO ANY THING YOU WANT ME TO DO!! I will not FIGHT or resist you ,but, on and for the record I Thomas ; A free man on the land of The Free Republic of Kentucky; I DONOT Consent to Any and all of your demands upon me! I will Just sit down and shut-up! I WILL NOT Respond to any Question, no matter how small, I never say (OK)!!I DON’T REPLY TO ANY THING HE ASK me just say(NO)I did not do anything you say I did, THAT IS YOUR (Opinion)NOT FACTS!I DON’T NEVER SAY [OK]!..I DO NOT MAKE A PLEA! Or Take A PLEA! Or let anyone enter a plea for you. Including(but not limited to ) the judge! Just say; [Objection] I don’t consent for you to enter a plea for me at this time I would like my DISCOVERY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND and I don’t stand under, your U.C.C. STATUTES! The U.C.C. STATUTES is for CORPORATIONS! I do not consent to anyone or anybody or anything to take power of Att. over me ( man ).I RESERVE ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY ;I don’t give up any of my rights at any time ,for any reason !!. UCC 1-308 ..

_signed by: _______________________________________________
Thomas Blake Thomas ucc 1-308

_by:_______________ofthe_________________family 01 / /2017

wittnes by:________________ofthe__________________family 01/ /2017

by:__________________ofthe____________________family 01 / / 2017

OPINIONS ARE NOT LAW !;No victim No Crime; No contract No case ;No Jurisdiction NO CASE ! ! No witness ; No case ;No warrant No arrest ;No warrant NO search :No ID no case; no ID = NO ID –
NO ID NO Jurisdiction !

6:30 1/21/2017

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