Utah Troopers LIE & RUN when asked to do their job.

Published October 11, 2016 - 5 Comments

All professional criminals are “just doing their jobs”. That excuse won’t help them when they are tried.

After an evening driving the interstate and watching troopers hide on medians to collect revenue. I spotted them at a gas station and decided it was time to ask them about liberty and ask them to do their job. Before I could even explain that job or that every ticket they write is a violation of the 7th amendment. What happens next is called a LIE & RUN.

“I’m doing my job.” — That easy lie, just like the imagery “call” they needed to go to when they did not want to account their actions to their oaths. Their job is to oppose all crimes against human rights. Their job is to stop the corrupt judges and federal agents. Their job is to protect the life, liberty and property of all men; statutes and orders notwithstanding. That would be a good cop and not one officer or sheriff in America seems to have the character to do it.

From the Trooper to the Marshal, our officers have been weeded down to parasites and bullies with neither the courage to defend the liberty, not the wisdom to see how cowardly and criminal their actions have become. It’s important that you do not let them think it’s OK. It’s important that you start calling them out just like this. It’s important that we stand with peace and boldness.

TIPS: When YOU initiate the contact you control the conversation. Be firm but polite. Note how they try and intimidate me by acting tough as they get out of the vehicle. They have many small things that they will use to to and take control. Those quickly gets wiped away with calm but assertive questioning. Never lose control of your language or get angry. Be firm, be principled, be wise.

We MUST speak the truth in love and stop telling the tyrants they have any part with heroism. — Gav


Vilma - October 14, 2016 Reply

Hey you all commentators, fat asses no braners democracy slaves, you think you are celebrating independence Day 7/4 in democracy? C’on ashols, pull the wagon of shitty christmas gifts, you retarded “americans”! BTW, do you, by chance know what is Jesus’s last name?-you nuckleheads JOHN DOEs…
Great job Galvin!!!!

Michael Hope - October 14, 2016 Reply

Too many public school brain washed Government boot licking cop worshiping trolls on this thread. Good job Gavin. Keep defending liberty and the constitution.

-Big Dick Daddy from Cincinnati

DB - October 14, 2016 Reply

Am always amazed when guys like you are digging for the truth and cant seem to break the system no matter how hard you try,I sometimes watch your videos and am %200 behind you! don’t get wrong I’m all for breaking the system down !! but if you can really do it more power to ya! but itll be a long hard road cuzz the lawyers and courts are just too damn corrupt!!

Darrell of the Blakes - January 21, 2017 Reply

NOTICE TO THE COURTS I am here under threat and duress ;I will plead guilty to all charges under the condition that you or your agents can prove that I the man committed a crime ! ucc 1-308 signed:____________________________

NOTICE TO ALL: GOVERNING Agents and Policy ENFORCERS and any employee of the U.S. CORP. GOVERnING BODY. Or the so-called STATE [KY.]. THEY LIE all the time ,its part of their JOB .they think they are above the law . In the first place they are not police man, they are policy Enforcers, they Force policy, RULES & STATUTES, Regulations, codes, ordinances. On men and women .(NOT COMMON LAW,) I can just refuse to consent to DO anything they ASK me TO DO..I DONOT HAVE TO REPLY TO ANY QUESTION THEY ASK. ! ! Just SAY I reserve ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY! I DONOT CONsENT TO ANY THING YOU WANT ME TO DO!! I will not FIGHT or resist you ,but, on and for the record I thomas ofthe blake family A free man on the land of The Free Republic of Kentucky; I DONOT CONsENT to Any and all of your demands upon me!I will Just sit down and shut-up! I WILL NOT Respond to any Question, no matter how small,I never say (OK)!!I DON’T REPLY TO ANY THING HE ASK me just say(NO)I did not do anything you say I did, THAT IS YOUR (Opinion)NOT FACTS!I DON’T NEVER SAY [OK]!..I DO NOT MAKE A PLEA! Or Take A PLEA! Or let anyone enter a plea for you. Including(but not limited to ) the judge! Just say; [Objection] I don’t consent for you to enter a plea for me at this time I would like my DISCOVERY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND and I don’t stand under, your U.C.C. STATUTES! The U.C.C. STATUTES is for CORPORATIONS! I do not consent to anyone or anybody or anything to take power of Att. over me (the man ).I RESERVE ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY ;I don’t giveup any of my rights at any time ,for any reason !.

_signed by: Thomas ofthe Blake Family.

_by:_______________ofthe_________________family 06 /12/2016

wittnes by:________________ofthe__________________family/ / /2016

by:__________________ofthe____________________family/ / / 2016

OPINIONS ARE NOT LAW !;No victim No Crime;No contract No case;No Jurisdiction NO CASE ! ! witness:_—————————

12:06 PM 8/8/2016

Jim Bell - January 21, 2017 Reply

As always great job Gavin. I recently got a ticket for “running” a stop sign because I didn’t come to a dead stop. I asked the judge why the police are hassling citizens when there was no safety issue instead of protecting. The judge didn’t want to talk about Yakima’s high crime rate.
Jim Bell

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