Man Calls 911 on Cop then Schools Him on Being a COP!

Man Calls 911 on Cop then Schools Him on Being a COP!

Police can be lawless and still be polite!

All patrol cars should have markings and light bars. And current WA law says they must at least be marked. — So I was driving home the other night when I saw a completely unmarked vehicle with someone stopped. I pulled in and this video starts just moments after that.

Here’s what’s going on…

Ever since my stop Last fall, police around the nation have been getting called out for operating dangerous unmarked cars. Washington police even got together this year and tried to get the law changed. That didn’t work, so they are making up excuses as to why the law does not apply to them.

WSP is actually updating policies as myself and others call them out; as if we are having a debate. The excuses are getting absurd. Now they have amended their policy manual and rewrote their own definition, even though it’s totally false. This is what happens when your goverment has no respect for law, justice or the people they serve.

Below is a copy of their latest policies. A few months back it was different. Now the law they are breaking offers some exemptions for “Traffic Control vehicles”. Those are the cars that put out cones, lead you through construction zones and the like. They have nothing to do with traffic patrol cruisers and they never have. The law was written to demand that all police conduct regular patrols in marked cars. You can learn more about this law in the legal briefs here.

There’s a growing trend of officers using patronizing politeness to those who question them. There could be worse trends. Officers are being told to play nice, especially with known activists. The tactic is smart; the ignorant take the bait and excuse officer misdeeds; calling those holding them accountable petty and rude. In fact myself and most activists are quite cordial with goverment. But police are breaking the law and endangering the pubic. That’s not respect, it’s irresponsible. We have to stand up. If goverment won’t honor liberty out of principle, we will make them obey out of necessity.

There’s more! In a vivid confirmation of the slave mindset, the driver I stopped to help sent me a nasty letter. Read it here.

Lets talk about the officer’s behavior: This young man handled it pretty well. WSP are usually pretty cordial, but not so polite as you think. If you watch a few of my videos you will see their politeness is actually patronizing and annoyed. Like the officer who nearly ran over my foot. Still, my demeanor tells them right off that the tough cop routine won’t work and they know they are on camera. It’s key not to waver, even if you are uncertain. I say a prayer and I do not waver. That’s my key tactic.

I always take control of the conversation early. I am polite, but I assert myself. Notice the officers face when I ask his age. That was the moment the encounter went off script. I was not only curious, I wanted to assert authority over the situation. Police are used to asking the questions, but it’s us that should be doing that in cases like this. Just be careful and try to avoid situations where they can abuse you, or lie about what you did. Never do this without a camera.

Liberty is life and death. Seemingly small acts of lawlessness by goverment, undermine liberty and endanger the public in perhaps the worst way possible. Silently, under the guise of politeness and with the mask of respect; so that while the world is sleeping, liberty is burning.

This stop is powerful because we go beyond cars and got into liberty and the mind of a modern officer. This kid seems barley out of high school and he believes in whatever he’s being told. I’ve never seen him before. Apparently he has seen me. Maybe he will wake up and realize that harassing is not helping and endangering the public is not law. Maybe he will one day stand up for liberty.

Watch the look on his face. I take control of the conversation and we start talking about serous matters like justice, law and liberty. For a moment it’s like he’s thinking about those things for the first time. — This goes so far beyond the markings on cars. It represents a culture of disrespect and from a goverment who’s primary purpose is tax collection. Americas police have become the Sheriff of Nottingham in a pretty uniform. As my Brother Blake once said “Serve and protest or harass and collect!”

Folks it’s time you started stepping up. We need to stop compromising, stop allowing tyranny when it suits us and start demanding accountability for everyone. America is burning. What are you going to do about it?

— Gav


04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

On the anniversary of the day the second American Revolution almost started. Remember what happens when patriots stand firm!!! What do you remember from that historic Spring day?

I want to personally salute all those who stood in support of liberty. I wish I could name you all. — Whether from near or far, early, late spreading the word and supporting. America rose that day with a voice that rang around the world. They prayed for liberty, they stood tall.

The battle is not over, but that resounding rumble of liberty can still be heard. Oh some will say this is dramatics, or it did not matter that much. To those I say, you clearly were not there. Liberty must rise and wherever we are in history, we must stand principled and firm.

Blood was nearly spilled that day. But Bunerkville ended with peace and gave us the opportunity to learn from history.

So set aside your fears. Appeal to heaven and rise for justice and the defense of your neighbor. Liberty will not be restored until we soften our hearts and find our spine. Until we affirm that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were ourselves.

We Stand! — Gav

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What YOU MUST know about Jury Duty!

What YOU MUST know about Jury Duty!

What the court won’t tell a Jury will change America!

Watch the short video first. It explains what you need to know. Then read on if you want to learn more.

One informed juror can change the course of history. That could be you.

Through history many have gone to jail to stand up for this right that most Americans don’t even know about. One that is still protected in America. A Jury cannot be punished for nullification in America. For now! That’s why it’s important that everyone sees this.

NULLIFICATION is not a theory. It’s law and it’s essential to the jury process. People are being wrongly convicted all over America because courts are not giving the jury instructions to do their job. In fact if you sit in a courtroom you’ll see judges almost coerce juries into convictions and imply they have no choice. They are giving them instructions urging conviction, even when they are NOT GUILTY.

Of course you don’t have to tell them you know this. I’m certainly not suggesting you lie, but if you bring this up during selection you will end up excused. Once you’re on however, you don’t need to ask permission and they cannot punish you for nullifying. In fact they will likely not ask you because they don’t even want to hear the word NULLIFICATION in the courtroom.

It could be you trying to stay out of prison! The jury can override anything the court says if they feel the law is being abused or they simply don’t like the law. Jurors don’t need to give the court a reason for acquittal. But they need know the authority they hold and they won’t hear about it in the courtroom. In fact if defendants or lawyers even bring it up, judges will STOP them!

While we tend to avoid being selected for a jury, we are missing a great opportunity. A single informed juror can save an innocent from prison, a family from being ripped apart and even someone from execution. Think about it!

Think about the power of the fully informed jury. As the 4th branch of government, it overrides the rest. The jury holds in their hands the authority to change America and restore liberty from the courtroom. Most have been ignoring the courtroom, because it’s a hard battle. But we cannot restore America without restoring due process.

If you want to know the very important history and legal details of nullification, including how it effected the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Read this PDF that was written by Washington State Supreme Court justice, William C. Goodloe.

You should also visit They put out lots of info on how to be a fully informed juror.

Stand up, stand on principle, take back liberty and share this everywhere! — Gav

America. This is Your Train to Auschwitz!

America. This is Your Train to Auschwitz!

I was sitting in court today before a lawless judge, Patrick McMahon who was helping a lawless prosecutor prosecute me and my dad for the crime of defending justice. All in the name of justice!

The judge denied motions, denied true law, denied justices and even told me whether MY proposed evidence was relevant to to MY trial. I smiled, not surprised and I stared him in the eyes; but he would not hold my gaze.

But Stephen said something to me that made me think. He looked at what this court was doing and said… This is the train the Auschwitz!

I thought about what I have seen in our arrests and how true this was. How people don’t even realize where we are headed. We are about to step into a nation where there is no due process, no justice, no appeal. Maybe not even a Kangaroo court. America is losing liberty and when liberty is lost the train takes whoever it wants wherever it wants and no one will be left to stand by you.

If you think Auschwitz is only in movies. You better think again! If you do not stand up and take back this county. Your children will do it at the price of their blood. But there is HOPE and I want to talk about solutions in today’s video. There no magic words that will restore America. Only courage and principle and prayer.

To fix the problem, we must understand that liberty is being poisoned and that injustice is everywhere. From the streets to the bench. From small things to great sins and suffering being perpetrated by a government, supported by a “justice” system, supported by the POINT OF A GUN. A government that believes they are ABOVE law, that they define right and wrong and that they will never be held to account. I have news for them.

Our trials are coming in mid April. I will not sit silent and my children will NEVER say to me, You didn’t even try!

— Gav

See the original courtroom video.

Download the Knapstad Motion I mentioned in the video (pdf).

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

When the government fears the people there is liberty.

Though perhaps police should stop being so afraid that they run me down in their hurry to flee!!

WSP officer Slemp was is such a hurry to avoid answering to the law that he nearly ran me over. Check out this video I near my Studio on Saturday and prepare to watch smug disrespect in action. I’ve dealt with this officer before and he’s always the same. One time I explained the risks of unmarked cars to him and he was actually smiling smugly as I talked about people getting raped and murdered.

The irresponsible actions of Washington police and especially Washington State Patrol are putting people at risk every day. But they don’t care, because your safety is secondary to their tax collection. As my brother Blake says. “They harass and collect, not serve and protect.” What’s next, bowling for patriots?

The whole County has talked about unmarked cars a great deal since I stopped a deputy last Fall. We’ve seen how in Washington police are trying to twist the law to pretend it does not apply to them. We’ve seen them using for sale State legislators to get them law changed they they can act with impunity and we’ve seen other legislators standing up to them.

The message here is liberty and tyranny. These kids out there harassing and collecting regardless whether justice is being done. They are not serving us, they are serving the Sheriff of Nottingham. The issue goes far beyond unmarked cars. It’s a mindset in government THEY are law, rather than the people. It’s a mindset that citizens serve THEM.

I wrote awhile back about good cops vs bad cops. I explained this this has nothing to do with hating cops or authority and everything to do with public servants that actually serve the people. Whether it’s violating free speech in a courtroom or trampling gun rights, or police abuse; it’s all the same tyranny.

Liberty and justice are the standard but we have allowed our government to represent opposite of that justice. I call on all officials to start truly upholding your oath. Start working for us instead of for corrupt department heads.

It’s time to stop being asleep sheep. It’s time to wake up, stand up and start rising for liberty. Take America Back or lose her forever. — Gav

03/06/15, the Day Patriots DEFIED a Federal Gun Ban!!!

03/06/15, the Day Patriots DEFIED a Federal Gun Ban!!!


We Stand!

Some thought the military had occupied downtown Spokane on 3/6/15. They were relieved when they found it was the local 63 Lightfoot militia, standing guard to make sure the Federal Government did not step out of line. Watching over families, children and patriots.

My wife Sondra with our newest patriots, Titus. 63rd Lightfoot stand watch on the street corner in the background.

My wife Sondra with our newest patriot, Titus. Behind, 63rd Lightfoot Militiaman stand watch on the street corner.

Now I’ve been at many events where I knew my life was in danger. But I always feel safer when these patriots are standing watch. I have vivid memories of our historic rally in Olympia; the largest of it’s kind in American history. But one of the most vivid is of our children playing on the wet grass, guarded closely by watchful militiaman.

Every day is a battle for liberty now. Some days are bigger battles and on those we have to step up with our courage and an appeal to heaven. You never know what will happen. You never know if today is the day that the bureaucratic terrorists will attack. Sometimes when you leave home you wonder if you will be coming back, but you know liberty is worth the cost and despite that ache in the pit of your stomach, you have pride in your heart. That’s what you’ll see in the video above.

We are in a battle America. A battle of liberty versus tyranny. We are standing up now now to shed, but to prevent it’s shedding. But are willing to have our blood spilled for liberty. Bands of peaceful patriots are coming together with bold resolve and saying NO MORE! Judges CANNOT make law or define rights. They can uphold them. Nothing more.

These are patriots willing to stand despite their differences, despite the fact that they sometimes bicker and annoy each other, much like the framers. Sometimes they are rag tag, tired and broken. But they are there, coming thru the mists, standing in the morning light with resolve and rallying as one, for a cause who’s echo will ring throughout history.

Know this. The patriots are the ones standing in the gap for liberty. You need to support them, you need to join them! Sometimes it’s scary, but there is strength and courage in numbers. There is power in prayer and there is nothing that makes you stand like standing up to a tyrant and boldly saying I WILL NOT COMPLY.

There is hope for liberty, but you will need to set aside your beer and Cheetos sometimes. You will need to get your mind out of entertainment and dig your resolve out of the closet. This was another battle in the many to come.  Yes it’s scary, no we don’t always want to be here. But it’s our job to protect our posterity. You only need taste that pure and just liberty. For once you stand up, lying down is like lying on a bed of nails

Patriots are being accused by weak kneed political groups of setting gun rights back 20 years. I respond. — “That’s a good start. Together we’re going to set gun rights back 239 years. Right back to 1776!”

So light the brush fires, ring the bells, gather the patriots, bring your neighbors and pick up your guns. We’re taking back America!

— Gav

 (Below are a few other videos. Share more in the comments. I spoke as well, but I don’t have a clip of that.)