A REAL Plan for America


No More Politicians – It’s time for a REAL Plan!

Most politicians are prattling more of the same. But America is ready for real solutions. We don’t need more politicians; we need everyday citizen patriots like the ones America started with. Statesman who protect liberty rather their own interests — I’m not a politician and my approach is simple, based on the foundations of America and the God given liberty and the Constitution we started on.

Sounds great, but how does this Real Plan work? Lets take a look at the three simple steps using Constitutional voting and conversations that can get America moving again. This is my pledge to America.

  • 1: Address Lawlessness:

    I’ll take on big spending, immigration and tyranny with 100% Constitutional voting. This means opposing unconstitutional entitlements, fat filled bills and freedom killing legislation that hurt America, not help it. Hamilton taught us that all legislation which violates the Constitution is VOID. I will treat it as such. We must limit government to fix the problem. Voting constitutional is the only way to get America moving and liberty thriving again.

  • 2: Standing on Principle:

    Liberty has no friendship with tyranny. The great lie destroying America is that we must collaborate with evil in order to preserve good. We need to restore the balance of power and I will work with representatives that support our God given liberty and do just that. With your help we will reign in government and repeal bad legislation. Impeach elected officials and judges who commit criminal actions. Encourage State and local governments to take back their Constitutional authority, while working to end illegal programs and agencies and place power back into the hands of the people and the States.

  • 3: Unstoppable Conversations:

    I’m going to do more than just vote. I’ll to stand with Americans for their liberty. I’m going to oppose corruption in our government and I’m going to be naming names. Together with Americans and other Representatives that honor their oath, we will start a national conversation that is unstoppable. With that conversations we will educate as we weed out Representatives that fail to respect that oath, restoring balance in government, restoring economy, jobs and lighting the brushfires of liberty across America. A REAL plan.


Top priorities when I get to DC.

  • Vote Constitutional every time and explain my vote to you.
  • Repeal and DO NOT replace Obamacare. Leave healthcare to the States.
  • Create jobs by limiting taxation, spending and federal restrictions on business.
  • Audit the Fed & address lawless organizations like the TSA, NSA, EPA, IRS.
  • Support our troops and back us out of foreign meddling and foreign aid.
  • End secure our borders, end illegal entitlements, and streamline immigration.
  • Get us out of the UN — Oppose agenda 21 and globalist trade schemes.
  • Start conversations about liberty and work with other liberty representatives.
  • Get the Feds out of our businesses, farms, families, faith and schools.
  • Return federals lands and resources back to the States.
  • Work to impeach of lawless judges and officials, including Obama.
  • Stand firm for every human being’s right to life and liberty.

REAL Results.

Many things have been controlled by the feds for so long it seems a big step to get them out. It won’t happen overnight, but when government shrinks, freedom grows. We start returning authority to the States and let them take over federal lands, programs, education and agencies where constitutionally lawful. This will shrink failing federal power and spending, lowering the debt, lowering taxes and restoring resources to our States. Our economies, jobs and communities will thrive. That’s what limited government is all about. Control for we the people.

A REAL Plan means real challenges — One of my best qualifiers is that I’m not a politician. But communication is my strength. My tenacity, knowledge of the Constitution and passion for liberty has helped my track record of taking issues head on. America needs to decide — Do you want an armchair politicians or warriors for liberty? Taking tyranny head on starts big conversations and I intend to keep those conservations going. Please support me so that I can represent you — Gav


Gavin refuses to comply with unconstitutional stop  from federal Agents on 03/13 – See more video.