Love Your Neighbor and Stand!

Gavin Seim is a speaker, activist and abolitionist. He seeks to simply the message with Bold Liberty and principled defiance. A past candidate for US Congress as well as an author of the Declaration of Affirmation. Gav believes in supporting life and liberty from conception to grave. In 2014 Gavin started the I WILL NOT COMPLY movement in WA State, organizing the largest Felony civil disobedience in US history. In 2016 he was involved in the Oregon standoff and keeping the message on air as the final four were surrounded by the FBI.

Gavin appears on programs around the globe and is know for activism, like pulling over police and standing up to corrupt judges, and sometimes getting arrested, as he records videos to educate in liberty and address the larger message. Gavin is a small business owner, a Christian and a father who believes in that liberty is not the fringe, but the foundation.