Hi I’m Gavin Seim

I’m a filmmaker, activist and abolitionist who believes we must stand up to bullies. A past candidate for US Congress as well as an author of the Declaration of Affirmation, I believe in supporting life and liberty from conception to grave. In 2014 I begun the I WILL NOT COMPLY protests and the largest Felony civil disobedience in US history. In 2016 I was involved in the Oregon standoff to help keep the message on air as the final four were trapped by rouge FBI agents.

I’m also known for my street activism like pulling over police and standing up to corrupt judges. But these things come at a cost. With increasing police abuse in my country and facing false charges and jail in 2017, my family was no longer safe. With that in mind I loaded up my family and what I could carry and we headed south of the border. The message continues and that message is that we must not submit to terror and that once voice can change the world. Resist.

Most of my work is on YouTube. Follow me here.