Radical Fringe.

Gav Seim is a liberty speaker who takes on liberty, Constitutional law, citizen activism and self-governance. His energetic passion is sure to get any group excited. Gavin also gives customized lectures for school groups and other clubs and welcomes interview requests. Please contact us for more info.

Featured Lecture:


Liberty Hunting!

Ask not who will stand. Rather shout, I WILL STAND!

How to everyday citizens say no to BIG tyrants? What is law about, who defines it and how is justice ensured. What’s happens when it’s lost and how do we get it back?

Seim is a patriot dynamo who leads by example and challenges us to get out of our chair and take back liberty. His toe to toe approach has started worldwide conversations and shown that we don’t have to be lawyers, judges or legislators to uphold the law. We  simply need to understand the foundation of law, justice and God given liberty. We must find the courage to say I WILL NOT COMPLY. We must go beyond club meetings and go for liberty.

In this exciting program Gavin takes you on a hunt for liberty that will have you walking out the door knowing how to stand up for yourself and understand what America was built on. Politicians are playing more of the same, playing politics while liberty crumbles. We’re going to talk about a real plan that gets back to the foundations of America and a return to pure, principled justice.

Liberty Hunting is s story of standing up. From local meeting halls of the west to stands like the Bundy Ranch and refusal violate liberty.  It’s about principles of self-governance and how we must stand up for liberty. We are the masters and they are the servants. It’s time to start addressing lawlessness, standing on principle and carrying out unstoppable conversations that will light the brushfires of liberty. If we we not stand up now, our children and grandchildren will take liberty back at the price of blood.

Stop being the hunted and start Hunting Liberty.

 Other Fun Stuff.

Liberty and Herbs.

A primer on independence and medicinal preparedness.

This is no nature worshiping, dance naked under a full moon kind of thing. It’s a program for patriots where we talk about getting prepared beyond food. Gavin has been studying natural medicine and applying it to how we can be more independent and prepared to care for our families.

We’ll take on the basics of using plants, preparing and storing medicine and share resources so you can study deeper to gain simple powerful knowledge that could save lives. Gavin is not a doctor, just an independent liberty minded American who will get you thinking about liberty and preparedness in this engaging and educational presentation.