Who is Gavin Seim


Who is Gavin Seim?

Gavin Seim is a dynamic liberty speaker and independent filmmaker from Washington who defends liberty on the front lines. He ran for congress in 2014 and turned his district upside down. He takes government lawlessness head on and educates citizens on the Constitution and bold liberty, using big conversation and real solutions we can use to take America back.

Gavin’s stands have proven effective, time and time again. He headed up the largest felony civil disobedience rally in American history which resulted in the nullifying of i594 gun restrictions and has headed up many other conversations to force government into compliance.

Some people think Gavin’s videos are staged or planned. They are not! The fact is you can’t make up the craziness in America today. Gavin see’s a wrong while going about everyday life, so he takes action. This should be common behavior from every liberty loving person help restore justice.

Gavin is a veteran speaker who educates with bold resolve. He’s a rare presenter that can to make political philosophy and results simple and engaging. Gavin has been featured on countless radio and news programs and made headlines around the globe with principled stands. Liberty is the message,

bio2Gavin was home schooled and started his own business at age 17. A passionate patriot with a wife and three children, he loves to help people get informed about America and teach them how to start big conversations. Gav believes it’s past time for government to get their filthy hands of our faith, our families and our freedom.

Gavin is an award winning speaker, writer and image maker whose strength is in his ability to convey ideas. For his day job, Gavin owns a studio that produces wall portraits and award winning education. He has a deep background in his trade, as both a craftsman and educator.

A follower of Christ, who loves America and his fellow man, Gavin believes that the American foundation of values and small government is essential to our ability to thrive as a nation. That we must stand up to the government overreach ourselves and assert our authority over government.  It’s not a time to ride the fence. It’s time to be resolute for what’s right so that us and our children can be free.


Gavin loves good ideas, home roasted coffee and a great debate. He is prolific writer and speaker who for years has authored both educational content and fiction with his brother Nathan. Gavin’s hobbies are also wide ranging. From roasting coffee, square dance calling, outdoorsmanship and studying natural medicine.

Gavin has an unwavering dedication to life, liberty and the Constitution. He wants to help protect the rights of all. Not simply by sitting talking, but by taking bold action and being a voice. Join with us and stand for Bold Liberty.

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