On Hate Speech and Hate Crime

Published April 16, 2013 - 2 Comments

These are terms I hear often. Sadly they seem to be more associated with silencing others than with concern for the recipients of said animosity.

I conclude this for America is a free nation and ones views and freedom of speech are deemed a God given right. Therefore these terms are false and should be treated as such.

The term hate speech has no place a free society. You cannot allow one persons speech and ban anther’s because it contains hate. The moment you do all someone need do is call your speech hateful and you too can be silenced.

The same can be said for the term hate crime. A crime is a crime whatever the reason. Hare crime proceeds throughout crime. It demonizes the base intents of mans mind before the actions. A crime is a crime and should always be treated as such.

Gavin Seim


Scott - May 19, 2013 Reply

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They will try to divide us upon every minor fissure, crack & fault line in society.

Anything that might be perceived as a difference between you and your neighbor or anyone else will be exploited.

No one can deny that there’s a police state build-up across the nation…

Without the Second Amendment, we will soon lose the rest of the Constitution.

By then it may be too late.. The citizenry will have given up any means of effective resistance.

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beverly - June 4, 2013 Reply

Bravo on checkpoint video-yes border security is one thing but what you encountered was completely unnecessary. And thank you for articulating your thoughts innate crime-you have summarized my feelings perfectly! You are so right-if we don’t stick our necks out before it is too late….. they will be chopped off-figuratively perhaps but with chilling effect. Thank you Gavin!

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