Challenging a Non Border Border Checkpoint

Published May 14, 2013 - 7 Comments

I always record encounters with law enforcement. Inland Checkpoints that detail us in violation of the Constitution are a peeve of mine.

There is a lie being spread that treating disrespectful behavior with open disdain is to disrespect authority — In truth rebelling against the rule of unjust law in order to oppose tyranny and immorality is by action to show utmost respect for law, order and justice. It is and always has been the epitome of human courage.

We must question and challenge government all the time — Otherwise they will trample you every time. The idea that we must me patriotic of the State itself rather than the freedom we hold dear is a lie.

Here we are being stopped at an in inland checkpoint near Alamogordo New Mexico. This is not a border crossing of ANY kind – –

I also posted the video to FB.. and Vimeo… in case it gets removed from YouTube.

I am traveling the US with my family on a three month road trip ( I value your freedom and mine and I’ve had enough of the tyranny – Maybe I’ll run for Congress next year. I’m not joking, I am fed up.

We must stand for freedom, else we WILL lose it. More about this stop on our blog as well as alternate video sources…

The 4th amendment of the US Constitution protects us from stops like this. While the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution in regards to these checkpoints (see United States v. Martinez-Fuerte) that does not mean we have to comply and certainly does not mean they can detain us without cause.

Interestingly the courts acknowledged that this was an infringement on Constitutional freedom, but decided that the benefits outweighed the infringement. In my option this was tant amount to treason as they admitted that this was a violation bit allowed it anyways.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin.

YES, we can say NO to tyranny. I refuse to answer questions from federal agents when I am being stopped without cause. Border Patrol Checkpoint. Guns for hire on HWY 70 E, near Alamogordo New Mexico.

Free nations don’t have arbitrary check points.


Nancy Holmes Watson - June 6, 2013 Reply

I think your video is important for all to see and think about. I would like to know why that check point was there at all and where else are these stations being set up?

tom - June 8, 2013 Reply

If you answer a question they demand you answer, you are giving jurisdiction by adhesion for all their unconstitutional statutes.
Second. Citizen. If you admit to being a citizen or a person, you are admiting you are incompetent.

Read your law dictionary.

Jenny - July 29, 2013 Reply

The checkpoint in the video is there so that those who are card carriers do not pass the 76 mile point. These type of checkpoints are primarily utilized to stop drugs from finding their way up our highways and to stop illegals that have limited status from moving further into the US. There is a card that allows immigrants to work and pass over our borders for the purpose of employment. This card allows them to only travel within 76 miles of the border. He checkpoint I’m this video is set up just outside that point. So, what Mr. Seim calls a border crosser checkpoint, is nothing of the sort. It’s a status check for those that want to illegally move north without being US citizens. The fact that Mr. Seim would like no one to answer any questions as to their citizenship shows his lack of education on the checkpoint issue. Had this actually been the type of checkpoint he alludes to it being….a border crossing checkpoint….his point may be taken. However, this is not the case. This video shows nothing more than a hot headed American thinking he is getting over and has proven the system doesn’t work! The agents in the video were clearly young new hires who did not want to aggravate the hot head in the vehicle. Many a seasoned officer of both CBP and the PD have felt with this type of individual. It is easily done, but better handled by experienced officers.

    G Seim - August 15, 2013 Reply

    Wrong, the checkpoints are there to violate freedom. If BP wants to do their job get down to the border and start doing it. I do not offer respect to tyrants and thugs.

Diane - September 30, 2013 Reply

It’s legal to detain you if you won’t answer the question. The ACLU puts out this handy sheet about your rights at border checkpoints:

Secondly, it’s legal to set up border checkpoints within 100 miles of the border. This is because some people walk across the border in areas where there aren’t official border crossings and they get picked up on the other side by people in cars and trucks, like the one you were driving. That’s why the Supreme Court has authorized these types of checkpoints.

If you care at all about illegal immigration and human trafficking, you wouldn’t be so rude to people just trying to do their job.

    gavinseim - October 2, 2013 Reply

    You need to learn the law Dianne.

    It is NOT legal to detain someone without probable cause. Not answer a question does not qualify.

    Read the Constitution, then get back to us.

    And FYI, these checkpoints are about security theater, not security. All freedom loving Americans should oppose them.

Ross Burton - December 23, 2013 Reply

There are a number of laws that make this kind of checkpoint legal, and there are a number of laws which make this kind of checkpoint illegal. The “law” is subjective these days. There are too many laws. Most of the laws on the books are immoral.

Whether this kind of check point is legal or illegal is moot really. Detaining or arresting a person who has committed no crime should be illegal. Just as Martin Luther King, Martin Luther, Daniel of the Old Testament, Ghandi and many others intentionally and peacefully broke immoral laws to bring about needed change, so should everyone.

I have little or no respect for the laws in this country or those who enforce them. I once did until I realized most laws are on the books for no other reason than to line someone else’s pocket at the expense of the average joe.

Gavin, while I think you have a lot to learn, I support you in your bid for Congress.

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