Owning the Facts, Avoiding the Mirror & Debating with Truth

Published December 13, 2013 - 0 Comments

Gavin Seim - Bumper StickersRunning for Congress has brought with it the challenge of using words better – It’s brought me a need for refusing to be baited into rathole conversations and amoral exercises of false facts. That challenge has been useful to me. I have opinions and I will have a conversation about them and make a solid case.

Communication and values are important and I don’t intend to give those up for the sake of winning everyone over. It will never work and it’s cowardly. I say who I am and I am who I say — But making my case and then being willing to walk away calmly have turned out to be superb tools for making my stand. This applies to all of us I think.

The worst offenders are those who have no real argument. They speak in circles and ignore all facts presented while accusing you of the very thing — The classic Mirror Debate. We see it everywhere, from Facebook, to the halls of Congress – But when you make your point with facts and retire, the playing field becomes yours again. You move on to other things and you leave behind a simple, un-frustrated argument that may just get people thinking. The Mirror Debaters hate that. But that’s OK.

You have to make words means something and own them with facts and truth. You leave your ego behind and forget about getting the last word. It’s a good feeling

— Gav

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