Bundy Ranch - SaturdayMy name is Gavin Seim. And I am not a lion made of paper.

So lets take this head on. Even though the progressive establishment racist spin machine will rail on me for it. I can take it. Otherwise I would not be running for congress.

Today I saw the media try to paint rancher Cliven Bundy into a horrid racist because of statements he made. Yet this is really not about Bundy in particular. This was a clear tactic. The liberals tried to demonize us patriots at the Bundy ranch by saying we were domestic terrorists. That didn’t work, so they played their ace. They know the paper dragon politicians will quiver in their fuzzy little booties and back away for fear of being labeled, dare I sat the word… RACIST!

So Lets cut to the chase.

1: Nothing screams racism louder than someone who constantly screams racism – It has become the war cry of hypocrites, media charlatans and corrupt politicians looking to manipulate the uninformed. You see only someone with a fundamental disrespect for others works to keep races divided, poor dependent on social programs and the sick looking to government. The foundation of America is our values, limited government and our God given liberty. It’s time we returned to those ideas.

2: Let me say that after listening Cliven Bundy’s complete words, rather than media rhetoric, I’m ashamed of those who claim to be conservative yet are readily getting on board the racist spin machine. We should stop playing this game that says one cannot be honest about what liberals have done with race. The real racism today is spouting like waste from the divisive liberals who oppose liberty and seek to keep us all divided against each other.

3: Cliven is not the most articulate speaker. Lets be honest. He used badly chosen words that were easy to spin. He speaks his mind. I see him as an honest dirty hands American farmer who is refreshingly honest, though also a man who should speak much more carefully. That does not make him racists. Maybe you don’t like how he puts it. Maybe you just didn’t listen to the context. Yet even if his opinion differs from yours, it should not distract us from the issue of our constitutional liberty.

But the racism spin we saw today was not the real issue. It was a distraction as usual and tomorrow it will be someone else. Maybe me. We don’t need to agree on everything to remember the main point liberals are trying to distract us from. That is this — We the people have had enough of bureaucratic terrorism. Enough of the governments war on freedom. Our law for government, the Constitution, will be followed, because WE THE PEOPLE say so.

The only equality progressive liberals want is for all classes and all races to be slaves to government. We who value freedom and liberty must be wise enough to see through that and not get distracted. Rest assured that if you are in fact a non-racist and treat all equally, the liberal machine will call you racist.

I for one will not cower from the front line of liberty because the liberal media and their paper dragon politicians call us names. I hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal. Endowed by the creator with the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing less racist than that.

Racism is of course a vile thing. But it is clearly defined as placing ones self as above another race and not by a slip of the tongue.

Sticks and stones may break my bones. But truth cannot be shattered.

— Gav