[VIDEO] We Totally Lost ! Or Did We?

gavin ShapedIt’s Gavin Seim. The primary results in and it looks like Didier and Newhouse are our finalists. Yes we lost the election! But we didn’t really lose, because we stood on principle, didn’t play politics and changed the conversation. I gave it my all and you can see the results here.

It’s been a long road since I challenged Doc in December. I stand tall knowing I made a principled stand for true liberty, with your help and prayers. I really want to thank ALL of you supporters, donors and volunteers. We ran to win, made BIG dents with small resources and lead conversations that changed the race. Because we stood on principle.

We left a mark, especially for a first run. In fact we took 20-30% as many votes as candidates who spent 10X more. Not only that, in areas where the boldest conversations were centered, we took 2-3X higher percentages, proving that standing on principle wins votes rather than losing them. The stand was not too principled, too bold, or too liberty minded. We simply lacked resources. Once Didier (also a liberty leaning candidate) ran against me, he pulled away many of our core voters due to more resources and more name recognition. That’s life, but the conversation is working and with Didier making it thru to the general, we’ll keep an eye on his stands.

Slowly more are standing for liberty and we must keep that message going. If you stand on principle you cannot lose. This is not the end, it’s the beginning. So while I’m no longer running for office, I’ll keep standing for liberty.

I want to thank you for standing with us. I regret I will not be able to represent you in Congress. But there’s no time to lick wounds – This is for liberty, so we get up, slap a bandage on it and get back to work. — Keep those fires burning and I’ll keep you posted on what’s next, including my new lecture series, Radical Fringe.

In God We trust – Gavin Seim

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  1. Laura Burt-Thorpe
    October 29, 2014

    Just discovered Gavin. My husband and I are watching your videos and love the fact that YOU are doing what we ALL should be doing. I hope you run again. Wish we were in your district to vote for you. I have put you on my FB and sent everyone on my email list your videos. Thank you so much for showing us that as individuals we CAN and SHOULD stand up. We always feel helpless because they seem to get away with lawlessness and we feel helpless. Now we should realize it is only because we do not confront them and instruct them that they work for us and we pay their salaries and they are in violation of the Constitution. Gav rocks!

    • gavinseim
      October 30, 2014

      Thank you.

  2. N Kovar
    July 2, 2015

    I commend you for putting yourself ‘out there’ 100%. It takes a lot of courage and conviction, which in America is in sparse supply. Personally, I am convinced that the political process is close to 100% broken (98% federal conviction rate is very telling of this, 93% for IRS). A few decent representatives in DC will get very little done with the pack of immoral psychopaths making up the balance in all levels of government (I even experienced this occupying a seat on my local school board) . Human’s history (not just America) tells us where this is all headed. There is nothing new under the sun, the majority of humans still don’t learn from history. So what is the most effective avenue to pursue in an effort to save our liberty? I have decided for it to be education and preparation, to be implemented on the other side of collapse (ongoing also today for better chance of survival), in the hope that what actions we take will lead us down the correct path of liberty vs the despotic.
    Stay safe in your pursuit, times are getting nasty!

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