This is what’s happening. Right now WA State residents are voting on something that will ripple around the world. If we lose this battle, the war on liberty and safety will become bigger than ever. Don’t think for a moment that if you live in another State you are free from this. Safety on our streets is under attack by. What’s happening in Washington State is being funded by BIG money from out of State attempting to start a wave of tyranny across America.

The truth is that i594 (read text) is utterly lawless and must be disobeyed, even if passed. An uninformed citizenry has zero right to collectively vote away the rights of their neighbors. i591 (read text) looks good at a glance, but it also brings more government control.  A few disagree with me on 591, but let me say this. We don’t get our rights from government, we TELL THEM we have those rights. No law can grant or take them away and we don’t need it. Vote no on both.

We have a fundamental right and a duty to stand up for liberty and I made this video to address the laws on the ballot and talk about what happens next. Watch it and get the word out to your friends and neighbors. Tell them #IWillNotComply

— Gav