Watch, because what you’re about to see is chilling. Not the words alone, but that officials don’t care they are on camera. We see here the actions of tyrants who genuinely think they are better than us commoners. It is for them to rule and for serfs to obey and it’s happening all over America, because we have done nothing to stop it.

Welcome to Yakima. A corrupt central Washington town where citizens are shot in the head and officers get away with it. Where police who cross the blue line are left to die, evidence magically disappears, officers beat you down and city officials prosecute you for recording them. The problem is that their tyranny keeps getting more attention, they are losing in court and people are starting to talk.

After attendees of the Oct 7th council meeting addressed many grievances and schooled the council as in this clip, most left. So the members decided it was time to address the behavior of the serfs and discussed ideas to silence the people while making pretense of letting them have free speech with a laugh and a giggle. Of course they only plan to stop dissenters that bring what they deem “unacceptable” conversation. As I watched in disgust I jotted down a few quotes that showed the character of this body, none stood in protest.

“9 out of 10 people that come up here are nut jobs. But just ignore them and give them three minutes and move on.” — Councilman Rick Ensey

Mayor Micah Cawley who refers to the people as “our citizens” at 12:13, says if the council wants him to shut people down he will. — Then he jokes, “It will be an extra $200 bucks a month.”

“If you start conversing with people you’re giving them what they want.” — Councilman Rick Ensay

“It’s demoralizing and it’s just unacceptable to me.” —  Assistant Mayor Kathy Coffey

“I agree with you on the hostile comments. Somehow that’s gotta be controlled”. — Councilman Bill Lover”

“I’m not comfortable listening to broad derogatory statements” — Assistant Mayor Kathy Coffey

Not one of them steps in to to stand up for liberty. They pat one another on the back as they laugh, joke and conspire to silence dissidents that accuse them of the things the city is actually involved in. Not one is fit to stay in office.

So to Yakima officials. YOU are the radicals, YOU are the anarchists who think law is yours to define. YOU are the unacceptable. Buckle up, because we the people tired of lawless representatives like yourselves. You do not make the rules, we do. We are not your “your” citizens. You are “our servants”.  The day of accountability is coming  lawless despots that tolerate corruption, to you that rape our liberty and that are silent in the face of evil. Beware, liberty is coming for you.

— Gav Seim

A source gave me a list of the council members names and phone numbers that was obtained from the city. I’m adding those below should you want to contact them.

Maureen Atkinson – 509-901-9089
Tom Dittmar – 509-406-5024
Rick Ensey – 509-853-5145
Kathy Coffey – 509-910-4758
Dave Ettl — 509-594-9638
Micah Cowley – 509-901-9114
Bill Lover – 509-457-4106