marchtovalleyforge1That man’s Trigger is not locked or flagged!

These are the words immortalized by George Washington while he and his troops were encamped Morristown… Oh wait, he didn’t say that. Ever!

Those that founded this America were willing to sacrifice everything for liberty. They were still afraid, they would have rather been home with their families. But that tireless minority, they stood in far worse conditions than us, because liberty was worth that price.

As we approach Dec 13th and the bold stand against tyranny at the I Will Not Comply Rally, I find myself wondering at our pettiness. Are we so busy trying to be experts and telling everyone how they should act, that our nation has forgotten to act with principle and courage?

I keep seeing comments from folks telling other folks they should wear suits to rally, not carry long guns, must lock triggers, not bring their families, or not look like rednecks. This is nonsense. Bring your best, bring any gun, any gear you want, zip the trigger if you like, or not. Don’t incite, be courteous, be safe, be principled and choose your words wisely. But don’t fret about nonsense. We are here for peace, liberty and to uphold law. We are making history.

Can you imagine George Washington telling his men.  — “When we get to camp, everyone put on their trigger flags”. How about — “We should all dress in red coats, because it will look better to the media”

We are not freezing, but we are in desperate times. CHOOSE if you are willing to stand for bold liberty. If you are not, we will still be standing for it anyways. Despite the many attacks, the rally is doing what has never been done and it’s accomplishing something monumental that gun protests have never done. We are nullifying this law. This stand of the this bold principled minority will make history.

These distractions are being used as excuses to avoid the real issue. That WE MUST stand.

We are coming out of a long slumber. I realize that standing firm is not the norm and it seems shocking at times. So I don’t want to call names and mock those that are not yet awake. But let me say that if you are still suggesting we should smile and shake the hands of these criminal politicians in order to restore America. YOU are asleep. AWAKE, change your heart and shed your fears. The time has come to stand for your children.

We’re not trying to sell ourselves to the media and we don’t care what the moderates think about us. We are in this place because of them. We have i594 because of them. America is falling, because of weak people who refused to stand. Because of all of us who have been silent for too long. It’s time to repent and change that course. We must not rush to arms, but we must rush to stand.

Nothing will wash away the shame of Americas cowardice like unwavering courage in face of tyranny and evil.

The patriots have this conversation. Our stand is being talked about around the globe. Lamestream media support is required no more than the support of tyrants. We’re not her to negotiate for our rights but to remind government that they will be obeyed. Watch for plants there to cause problems. Be SAFE with your arms, when you exchange them, note the chamber status. Be responsible and remember that the world is watching, but don’t fall for the fear mongering.

One day we will laugh about all the absurd things brainwashed Americas did before they woke up. We are standing again and it’s just the beginning. Arms Expo and other bold stands come next. We will begin teaching ourselves and our neighbors to stand with pride for justice. I for one will say a prayer to the almighty and stand on my feet. Whatever you wear, I will stand beside you if you stand for liberty.

We stand principled, firm and with courage. We stand and to take America back. — Gav