What the court won’t tell a Jury will change America!

Watch the short video first. It explains what you need to know. Then read on if you want to learn more.

One informed juror can change the course of history. That could be you.

Through history many have gone to jail to stand up for this right that most Americans don’t even know about. One that is still protected in America. A Jury cannot be punished for nullification in America. For now! That’s why it’s important that everyone sees this.

NULLIFICATION is not a theory. It’s law and it’s essential to the jury process. People are being wrongly convicted all over America because courts are not giving the jury instructions to do their job. In fact if you sit in a courtroom you’ll see judges almost coerce juries into convictions and imply they have no choice. They are giving them instructions urging conviction, even when they are NOT GUILTY.

Of course you don’t have to tell them you know this. I’m certainly not suggesting you lie, but if you bring this up during selection you will end up excused. Once you’re on however, you don’t need to ask permission and they cannot punish you for nullifying. In fact they will likely not ask you because they don’t even want to hear the word NULLIFICATION in the courtroom.

It could be you trying to stay out of prison! The jury can override anything the court says if they feel the law is being abused or they simply don’t like the law. Jurors don’t need to give the court a reason for acquittal. But they need know the authority they hold and they won’t hear about it in the courtroom. In fact if defendants or lawyers even bring it up, judges will STOP them!

While we tend to avoid being selected for a jury, we are missing a great opportunity. A single informed juror can save an innocent from prison, a family from being ripped apart and even someone from execution. Think about it!

Think about the power of the fully informed jury. As the 4th branch of government, it overrides the rest. The jury holds in their hands the authority to change America and restore liberty from the courtroom. Most have been ignoring the courtroom, because it’s a hard battle. But we cannot restore America without restoring due process.

If you want to know the very important history and legal details of nullification, including how it effected the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. Read this PDF that was written by Washington State Supreme Court justice, William C. Goodloe.

You should also visit FIJA.org. They put out lots of info on how to be a fully informed juror.

Stand up, stand on principle, take back liberty and share this everywhere! — Gav