Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Published August 17, 2015 - 0 Comments

Liberty is laid waste and the courts are lost to us.

I was convicted. But the message goes on despite that and with each step standing for liberty we expose the corrupt and educate the uniformed.

Meanwhile sleeping Americans wave flags and have barbecues; pretending their communities are God’s gift to freedom. Your courts are white washed tombs filled with rot and corruption!! If you think your town is safe, go listen to what’s happening in it’s halls of justice!

East Wenatcheee, Douglas County and the surrounding areas are a great example of this rot that’s infecting America. Smiling politicians and good church going Republicans wave American flags, as liberty and righteousness is burned to the ground. It’s a case is cowardice and apathy. A mindset that makes everyone a slave and no one willing to stand up for their neighbor.

Through coercion, deception, lies and loopholes, justice no longer exists in our courtroom and liberty is no longer protected by the public servants who vowed to do just that. I could go on, but lets examine a perfect example of this in today’s video.

— Gav

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