Citizen Shows how to Actually Respond at Traffic Stops!

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There is NO WAR on police!

There is a WAR on LIBERTY!

I’m tired of lies, spin and buzzwords! What about you?

Police fatalities are at record lows. Police killing citizens however has exploded with over 1000 in 2014 and on target for more in 2015. That means police killed about 10X more civilians in a single year than we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pretty sobering. Many of these killings occurred at simple traffic stops carried out by officers who lost control. That’s not all officers of course, but we need to be proactive. Today on Liberty School we’re going to talk facts and real examples for handling everyday police encounters.

We need to treat everyone equally and in liberty. No man or position overrides real law. This so called war on police simply does not exists.  It’s pure propaganda contrived to cover up government misdeeds and evoke emotions responses from the ignorant so they will follow blindly. — I can’t even keep up with stories about police committing terrible crimes anymore. If you’re not seeing police abuse, it’s because your head is lowered. What about good cops, I’m watching for them READ THIS!

Lake Charles Police Department, a lawless government agency who proudly tells the world they setup illegal checkpoints on our roads and who loves to write tickets, recently made a video telling we the people how to respond at traffic stops. It was a propaganda piece that tells you to do whatever THEY say. I felt to should make a video to respond with actual facts and hands on interactions with police. All the action clips you see in this video are real encounters that I have had.

You can also watch most of the real world examples of myself dealing with cops that I used in this video:
Gavin Pulls Over Cop…
Boise Police Encounter Gavin.
Cop runs from Gavin, he gives chase.
— The video from the stop in Ritzville is not online yet.

I try to be proactive against tyranny and because of that their response changes. I follow these 3 basic guidelines to dealing with police in traffic stops or other situations.

  • 1: ALWAYS film police encounters. Always!
  • 2: Take control of the conversation. Don’t give it up.
  • 3: Choose your battles, but be bold and be assertive for law & liberty.

This goes way beyond traffic stops and way beyond cops. It’s about prpciple. loving our neighbor, defending liberty for our children and ending the self absorbed America mindset that only wants to please our own desires. America needs to return to God, return to liberty and stop falling for lies.

There’s no war on police, there’s a war on liberty. Stand bold, stand principled and restore justice with compassion for all. — Gav


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