I am not a chest beating ape and I refuse to propagate a lie, take part in false patriotism, or be silent! My hope is in Christ, my stand is for liberty. America is not the greatest nation. But Yahweh is the great God.

I am prepared for the statements like “leave if you don’t like America.” and cowardly excuses that make a pretense of patriotism, while supporting our destruction. I speak truth because I love America and I love my neighbor.

You are not great because you brag about how great you are. You are not great when your nation is filled with abuse, consumed by hate and soaked with innocent blood. You are not great when you hate God, hate truth and hate justice. You become great by embracing all three.

It’s time to get serious about liberty, serious about repentance and serious about truth. God does not need a majority. He seeks the principled minority who submit to truth and care not what the world thinks. Are you one of them, is so stand and be numbered.

For America to be the greatest nation, we must repent and return to the greatest truth.

— Gav