Let’s Talk About the Cops!

If you Support Police above actions & principle. You do not love your neighbor or liberty! — We do NOT have to obey lawless police.

H-Poster-16Our obligation to treat everyone equally is a self-evident truth. So I think we need to address the obvious. It seems we’re allowed to say ANYONE is bad, except a cop. I’m done with that. I love justice too much.

People keep debating whether LaVoy had a gun, whether his hands were up, or whatever the latest media excuse may be. Exposing lies is good, yet none of those things are the real issue. I’m going to say aloud what we know to be true. — Had LaVoy come out guns blazing, he would have been perfectly justified.

But I think he knew what was best for this time. Still we MUST face this. Officers were ATTACKING, firing on a group of peaceful civilians in the wilderness with no lawful authority. They turned on America. They were morally the same as the rapist or the robber at the door. Every time we support lawless cops, we abuse our neighbor.

The first excuse I’ll get is “not all cops are bad.” But that’s not the issue here and it’s a fact as irrelevant as saying, “not all cats are bad”, or “not all cars are bad”. Do not judge faction, but action alone. The brown shirts followed orders while LaVoy sacrificed himself to protect them and others. He was a peace maker to the end.

POLICE murdered. It was POLICE who setup that road block. POLICE carried the patriots to cells, dragged them to lawless courts and guard their cages right now. Don’t you tell me these are good cops. HUNDREDS of officers are complicit in this TREASON.  — They did it at Ruby Ridge, they did it Waco, they do it all over the nation. It’s not one bad cop. It’s barrels of bad cops.

We hired guards to secure liberty. That’s what a police officer is. You’re not a good cop because you’re polite, or because you don’t kick me in the head. You’re a bad cop if you’re not stopping those who are, defending with your life the liberty you swore to protect. — It’s time to stop being whimpering children excusing childhood heroes, for our own children’s future is at stake.

I’ve even seen some excuse Oregon State Patrol saying only the FBI is to blame. I’m watching OSP attack good men and women and these people are making excuses. How powerful a deception are we offering ourselves to convince ourselves that our heroes are justified. It must end. Are we not men of liberty? Do we not have eyes? Is faction before truth?

This is NOT hating police but loving law, principle and my neighbor. I have a standing invitation to take officers to coffee, or have them ride along with me. Not one has taken me up. I’m looking for good cops but it seems most have been fired. I know some of those. Police deaths are at historic lows while police killed over 1200 civilians last year. They killed over 100 in January alone and one was LaVoy. I refuse to pretend that those failing to do their job are good.

The badge is mere metal. The uniform only cloth. Inside are mere men. — WE THE PEOPLE must become the good cops. Not in uniform, but in action.


God is no respecter of persons. Remove blinders and use one standard. There is NO BLUE LINE, no color, no race. There is only right and wrong. Not faction, but action. Until you come to that place you cannot truly defend liberty. Our government has declared war on America and each officer will have to choose between justice and treason. I pray for them and for us. Let us be peace makers and stop making excuses.

This is law, loving your neighbor as yourself. — Gav

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  1. D Erickson
    March 12, 2016

    It was a justifiable shooting if one understands what that is and the fact that Finnicum endangered officers when he ran the roadblock and almost hit an officer who was concerned about his life when he did so. Finnicum the got out of the pickup and instead of hitting the ground when ordered he came out with a knife in his hand (see the video taken from the pickup slow motion and then started yelling that they would have to kill him and asking them to shoot him in the head. The only people that do that when confronted with a legal roadblock are either those who want to commit Suicide by Cop or a raging maniac. He had said he would not be taken alive and that was his attitude when he stepped out of the rig.

    Whether he had his hands up is not the question. He was screaming those words and reached for something in his coat for some reason unbeknownst to the officers. They were within their right to protect themselves and someone else.

      April 5, 2016

      the whole thing was a setup..the refuge group were on their way for a meeting w/ the sheriff.. it was an aggravated setup meant to cause exactly what happened.. feds n police ..doing what they do..tyrannical setup..they had no right stopping ,blockading anything b c the protestors did nothing wrong! the sheriff dave ward was the wimp,he shld hv been protecting these ppl which as sheriff is his duty and right to do, but instead stood on the side of darkness!

    • darrin
      May 3, 2016

      Sorry pal but it’s just another murder of an American citizen orchestrated and forced by the police. They didn’t have to shoot him. Yea maybe the car looked like it was going toward the general vicinity of the cop but it didn’t hit him and came to a complete stop, so using that as an excuse to shoot him doesn’t fly. And they had their guns trained on him so they had more than ample time to shoot if they saw a weapon but they didn’t wait for that they killed him just for reaching. Now one might argue “well i’m not going to take any chances if someone reaches i’m going to kill them” which puts us in a quandary, because either you took an oath to put your life on the line or you didn’t. Which brings me to another point. How is being a cop dangerous if you get to walk around with a gun and shoot anybody who makes you scared knowing that you will most likely get a paid vacation??

  2. joe
    March 13, 2016

    Fantastic post. Thank you for the courage you have in standing for Liberty.

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