We cry “Constitution, LIBERTY and NO MORE TYRANNY.” All while supporting presidential candidates and others, NONE of whom support those things. In fact NOT ONE supported our Oregon patriots, yet claim they support the Constitution. Truth so plain it glares like a sun.

Blind desperation seeks to excuse Fascist and cowardly politicians who tickle ears. Lazy men hope for a solution without effort, for liberty without suffering. They hope that this time casting a vote will save their children from the chains they forged.

It won’t work friends; We have to stop compromising. — When I speak of how to HELP, it get’s less support than if I danced on the table waving a flag. You’re still looking for a false savior instead of appealing to the real one. You want liberty without loving your neighbor and life without blood. For a nation of that mind, destruction is all that remains.

May God grant us sight again — Gav

destruction2The Course of Empire, Destruction, by Thomas Cole