Letter to the Fallen (Video)

My short letter to the fallen is the memorial loyalists do not want to hear. Let’s honor our real hero’s by spreading it. The time has come to stop playing games. Get on your knees before God and then stand boldly on your feet before tyrants.

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  1. Diane
    May 30, 2016


  2. pat Mitchell
    May 30, 2016

    well done thanks

  3. 5WarVeteran
    May 30, 2016

    Be Careful Gavin.

  4. Dave West
    May 30, 2016

    Gavin, Is it possible to publish the charges for each of the persons listed? It might be helpful to let the world know so some action might be taken. I suspect that most will be charged with some innocuous
    overly broad law that does not necessarily apply. Where that is the case it should be made known and brought to the attention of the public and other patriots.

  5. Art
    May 30, 2016

    Thanks Gavin, well said!

  6. Anthony Reid
    May 30, 2016

    I wish that you would run for president and start a third party. You would have my support. You do speak the truth while most Americans are blinded from the real truth. I am not a rich man or famous just a retired military veteran. I see the way this country is heading. I would like to know your other views on immigration and foreign affairs and other topics.

  7. rkast
    May 30, 2016

    You have any other questions? ( I do. )__How does one find out more about this topic ? COOL VIDEO .

  8. June 1, 2016

    “Hot Pursuit!”

    Privacy rights are plundered, sovereign People, must be mute!
    Rouge agents are running everywhere, and always, in “hot” pursuit!

    Running rampant in our land, misinformed, truculent, little clowns!
    Hunting for an excuse, any excuse at all, to take “someone” down!

    Come out of the house, with your hands in the air!
    We’re looking for a man, and, “we reckon” he’s in there!

    We’re in “Hot Pursuit” of this man, for a traffic offense!
    He wud’n wearing a seat belt, he ran, so, we been chasin him ever since!

    He violated a code, he failed to buckle up, then, “he fled the scene”.
    So, we’re chasin him down, and we’re emptyin every house, in between!

    Do you have a warrant? They seemed confused, about, what I meant!
    Excuse me, public servant, must I die, for inquiring, about your intent?

    Do you have a warrant? I asked! I didn’t hear a sound!
    That’s it! I’ll Shoot! I’ll shoot you! Get on the ground!

    Mace in my face, and a blackjack across my knee!
    The justification, for his merciless attack is, you interfered with me!

    As a Native American, I have the right to privacy, and to be left alone!
    Why do rouge agents, trespass, threaten, and order us from our home?

    What’s going on here, rouge agents in “our” land! How can this be?
    Will “a proper court” hear my cause? I doubt it! Hmm, Let’s see!

    Take judicial notice, I filed a sworn affidavit and a verified complaint!
    This case belongs in District Court and District Court, this ain’t!

    The Judge did not concern himself with my testimony, the truth in fact!
    He said; “We’re comin at you, with all we got, and, “that’s that”!

    Our “servants” are immune from prosecution, for any rights, violated!
    Allegedly above the law, as though divine, so pompously, celebrated!

    Why should that be? Who is sovereign here, the servant, or me?
    Violating sovereign rights is nothing new, it happens, continually!

    Native Americans have no conception, of they’re own sovereignty!
    They live, as pawns, in a “New Deal” maze, of a “Legal Industry”!

    Never accountable to any authority, other than, their own discretion!
    That is the current judicial prerogative, and, they’re intended direction!

    They are no longer bound, by their duty, to serve and protect!
    They cannot be prosecuted, “for harm done”, by intent, or neglect!

    Official Immunity! How could my servant, be so endowed!
    Officially allowed, to violate the law! Should I, be proud?

    Guns drawn, trespassing, truculence in their hearts, state-terminators!
    Threatening each soul they encounter, pursuing, an alleged perpetrator!

    Across “our” land, rouge agents are plundering, with a free hand!
    Above the law, they’ve alleged, to serve! That is not, our framers’ plan!

    Our servants have reversed the roles, and the chain of command!
    Ignoring the fundamental principal of sovereignty! The law of the land!

    The land of the “Free-ly Prosecuted”! This is, what, we have become!
    Our cherished liberty is bartered, and, “our” authority, is shunned!

    When one questions rouge authority, ones’ answer, is “only”, torment!
    Prison, is where, there is no question, one who questions, will be sent!

    The essential principal of liberty! Gods’ gift to humanity, for one & all!
    Is being suppressed, by this traitorous Autocracy! Surely, it will fall!

    Beloved, and at Liberty, there can be, no better way!

    A Brother In Christ
    A Thankful,
    Quey Quay

    “Truth or Temptation”

    As the tides of the oceans,
    So moves, the weary shark,

    As do all creatures,
    Possessed by hardened hearts,

    They know not, what, they hunger for,
    Yet, are sure and bound to “only”, hunger for more,

    Keep therefore, to only the way of truth,
    Or, surely Satan will know,

    Weigh your choices, and be sure of,
    A course of love and honor,

    Nothing as that, to be found below.

    Give to each, and all things, unto its’ turn,
    That simple choice, will bring happiness, without yearn,

    Open a sensitive diary, unto a precious day,
    Note the blessings, choices and fulfillment, along “our” way,

    Go thankfully, pray knowingly, and also be aware,
    Gods’ justice, is within all things, here, and there,

    Wild horses could not now, drag me from my destiny,
    Nor, from the happiness and fulfillment of a real eternity,

    Ask yourself intently. Where will I be next?
    Will you be in glory, on streets of gold? Or, will you be vexed?

    Keep your awareness, of a true timelessness in each.
    Find the helping hand within your heart, and give, or teach.

    Give sensitively to the needs of every soul,
    And feel the love, appreciation, and glory of being whole.

    Give of your spirit of kindness throughout time,
    And receive the reward of friendship, a love divine.

    Yearn to know, each value, unto every heart,
    And give humble respect to Jesus, who sat us apart,

    Therefore, keep to only the way of truth,
    Or, surely Satan will embark,

    To put a lie in every ear,
    Hidden from every heart,

    Weigh all God given choices, and know!
    Or, find only doubt, and simply go.

    Seeking your eternal steps, as such a silly sleuth.

    A Brother in Christ
    Quey Quay

    • Thomas ofthe blake family
      June 30, 2016

      NOTICE TO THE COURTS I am here under threat and duress ;I will plead guilty to charge under the condition that you or your agents can prove that I the man committed a crime ! u cc 1-308 signed:____________________________
      NOTICE TO ALL: GOVERNING Agents and Policy INFORICERS and any employee of the U.S. CORP. Governing BODY. Or the so-called STATE [KY.]. THEY LIE all the time ,its part of their JOB .they think they are above the law . In the first place they are not police man, they are policy Enforcers, they Force policy, RULES & STATUTES, Regulations, codes, ordnance. On men and women .NOT COMMON LAW, I can just refuse to consent to DO anything they ASK YOU TO DO..I DONOT HAVE TO REPLY TO ANY QUESTION THEY ASK. ! ! Just SAY I reserve ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY! I DONOT Consent TO ANY THING YOU WANT ME TO DO!! I will not FIGHT or resist you ,but, on and for the record I thomas ofthe blake family A free man on the land of The Free Republic of Kentucky; I DONOT Consent to Any and all of your demands upon me!I will Just sit down and shut-up! I WILL NOT Respond to any Question, no madder how small,I never say (OK)!!I DON’T REPLY TO ANY THING HE ASK me just say(NO)I did not do anything you say I did, THAT IS YOUR (Opinion)NOT FACTS!I DON’T NEVER SAY [OK]!..I DO NOT MAKE A PLEA! Or Take A PLEA! Or let anyone enter a plea for you. Including(but not limited to ) the judge! Just say; [Objection] I don’t consent for you to enter a plea for me at this time I would like my DISCOVERY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND and I don’t stand under, your U.C.C. STATUTES! The U.C.C. STATUTES is for CORPORATIONS! I do not consent to anyone or anybody or anything to take power of Att. over me (the man ).I RESERVE ALL MY RIGHTS EXPLICITLY ;I don’t give up any of my rights at any time ,for any reason !.

      _signed by: Thomas ofthe Blake Family.

      _by:_______________ofthe_________________family 06 /12/2016

      wittiness by:________________ofthe__________________family/ / /2016

      by:__________________ofthe____________________family/ / / 2016

      OPINIONS ARE NOT LAW !;No victim No Crime;No contract No case;No Jurisdiction NO CASE ! ! witness:_—————————

    • Valerie Bognar
      September 3, 2016

      Excellent. This reminded me of a case recently brought against me because a police officer disobeyed the law and when I asked him if he was allowed to be doing what he was doing he said he was allowed. I was quiet for a minute while he questioned my friend and then I asked if he wanted to know what is really going on here, barked at the other officer present “get her out of here, I dont want to hear her mouth”. He misunderstood what I was planning to say, I was going to tell him that the 911 call that he was responding to was made by a vengeful ex and there is no truth to her statements, but he was in a defensive mode because I had asked if he should be in the house and he assumed I was going to tell him how his search and entry was not lawful. So he had the other officer take me upstairs until he was finished interrogating my friend then he took me to jail. That was the beginning, there is much more injustice, Gavin how can I get changes made so others dont have to go through this? I dont know where to start

  9. June 1, 2016

    Thank You Gavin, Stay the Course in Truth and Fact!!!
    I hope that you find encouragement from my prose. Remember;
    “Truth and Relevance Are All Answers” and that Jesus is a true fact of our history – make that fact relevant! Remember also that the bible warns us that we will war against “powers and principalities in high places”! For those that think that the Bible says to obey your government – it does – BUT – the fact of the matter is – there is no government! See USC Title 28 Sec. 3002 15 (a). It clearly declares that the Federal Govt. is a corporation.

    An Eternal Friend of the People
    eddie : duncan

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