Even for patriots, sometimes the most important truths are the hardest to face. Good police mean safety, bad ones mean tyranny. Had our founders refused to see that the kings enforcers were not on their hero’s, we would still be British subjects. America, your police are NOT oath keepers. Here’s the FACT: Our own police kill more Americans than our enemies in our many wars and they are locking away innocent people with total disregard for law. The “good cops” are doing nothing to stop it.

It’s not about hating cops or anyone else, but about loving liberty. Keep looking for the good ones. Elect real Constitutional sheriffs that defend everyone’s rights. But stop pretending cops who do not do their job are “good cops.” I accept that some good cops can and must rise up. I’m out looking for those people. But I refuse to pretend extortion and abuse is liberty.

All this tyranny came from our apathy. We have to fix it with our courage. There’s no blue line, there’s no excuse, there’s only good and evil. Raise the standard, refuse to defend fascism.