4 thoughts on “Patriot finds Terror Cell in Roswell.

  1. Gavin,
    You are absolutely – 100% right! Very,Very, Very few Americans actually own their land- by means of a “Land Patent”. Ninety nine percent of the people have a warranty deed. It is not a superior Title, as a matter of FACT – it is a conditional contract in which you have to warranty the property – keep it just as you acquired it. If you wish to change it, you MUST get a permit – then they raise their/your taxes.
    Point of order! – The first plank of the Marxist Communist Party is – State owns all land and rents it to the public! As a matter of FACT – we are living under the “Ten Planks of the Communist Party”! Read “The American Sovereign” by Brent Johnson. He lists all ten, and the executive orders, and alleged acts-laws, passed by the “for profit” Federal Corporate Bureaucracy that match – almost verbatim- the ten planks of the Marxist philosophies!
    The good news is,- all American Nationals – People born in a free state – can obtain a paramount title, called a “Land Patent” by quiet title back to the Land Grants associated with your property. A “land Patent” assures that no one can put a lien on your property, for any reason – EVER!. It can only go to your heirs or assignee, and there are no taxes or permits required. It is also called; a freehold domicile. The form of ownership, intended by our forefathers!
    Please read; “Land Patents, Memorandum of Law, History, Force and Effect of the Land Patent”. by Jay Stewart
    Gavin, feel free to Email me if you have any questions about Land Patents or American National status.

    An Eternal Friend,

  2. Right on Gavin!! I don’t know who I’m madder at; the federal government for taking away my rights and my property, the public property, or me for letting it happen. We have abdicated our duty to supervise our leaders, at all levels of government. We have only ourselves to blame. Thanks for being our spokesman!!

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