Facebook just blocked my profile for 30 days for this video I posted to my page using natural medicine instead of big pharma. I guess this too is treason in the empire of lies.

I’ve been studying natural medicine for about 5 years now and every day I’m more amazed by how bad our healing has become in America. I’m not saying there are no doctors who care or no procedures that are important. But when it comes to healing we have regressed to money, tyranny and abuse, even in healing. And those who try to heal without goverment permission are treated as the greatest of criminal.

I doubt a person even looked at this video. We have come to the state where goverment decides who lives and dies and computers decide what we are able to talk about. But none the less I refuse to be a slave to a computer or to goverment and I refuse to let myself be silenced by the goons. So I’m posting this here.

— Gav