BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

Published December 10, 2016 - 9 Comments

This is the true story of one of America’s most courageous families.

Controversy is a state I’ve learned to live with, a crown of thorns. It’s a crown the Bundy family wears well, because when you stand up for freedom, you will always be attacked by tyrants. My brother and I stood with the Bundys in 2014; we saw the truth and we felt the danger. When Oregon happened there was no question that these men and woman deserved the support of all who love liberty. Their message was pure. But much of America did not feel the same. Why?

Like many activists and prisoners, from patriots to the natives, the hate for the Bundys comes from lies intent on making the story misunderstood.  Our “justice” system goes to great lengths to ensure the real story does not reach the masses. This works because we don’t really want to know how bad it is. That’s why it’s important to share a man’s story no matter how you feel about him. To hear it and make sure others do the same, sending it to those who know and to those who do not.

People often say, there’s nothing we can do. But I do something, every day and if you will set aside differences and do something with me, we can set this nation free.

Many don’t know that these men are still in prison. That they are abused and even tortured by prison staff, disregarded by judges and lied about in media propaganda. This is not a story of privileged white ranchers. This is a story about every falsely imprisoned man and woman, black or white, Christian or Muslim, liberal or conservative. A story about the way they suffer every day.


This is HD version that includes all 3 parts. I’ll want to share a little of how it happened, but more importantly I want you do to something. Any of you can make a video, show up somewhere, call a prison, support the suffering or interrupt a meeting of entitled politicians to speak the truth. It’s what America was built on.

When Ammon Bundy asked me to record this story for the world, I knew it was important. Ammon had been working for some time on articulating the real story of his family and those who stood with them. It needed to be open, honest and brief. As always, Ammon had the words, we just needed to do something with them. I figured I would add some stills and video and we’ll push it out. Once I realized what Ammon had poured into this message, I saw a real documentary of America’s darkest times. What resulted took the last three months to finish.

Sound comes first so I setup the call over my computer versus cellular because quality is a problem. Even at that, it took a lot of post production to get the final sound, which still sounds like a phone, but not like a the bad jail phone that it is. We had to work to try and restore some of the richness to his voice, but you still know that it’s coming from a cement prison.

At times Ammon was frustrated, distracted by jail noise, reading on scribbles notes on top of notes. I have been on the inside trying to get a messages out from a jail; it is utterly exhausting in way that you can only know by being there. But Ammon just kept calling back until we had it all.

Next came video. We needed the story and we needed footage to match the story. The Bundy’s and others had clips of critical moments, but there had to be more, so my family and I went to Nevada and camped out for days trying to capture the essence of the ranch. The crowning moment of that was the last evening, the one where you see the Bundy cowboys riding off into the Sunset and the birds flying over the Virgin River. It my 20 years of filming I have never had a shot like those birds. I was glad Carol pushed the boys to saddle up and me to break out the cameras again that final night.

Then came the hard part. As I reviewed the project I realized how much was required and we started collecting more photos, more footage and more of the key bits that took this from a phone call to a full documentary that we had to do around the work at my Studio that pays the bills.

Fine tuning a project of this scale and then laying in a good soundtrack takes time. Sometimes people complain about the music in a video, but it’s essential to the emotion of a story because it conveys in part what you lack in the story by not being there. I was at Bundy Ranch, I know what it felt like, but many do not and that has to be told not only with words but with sound in order to even partially convey the truth of it.

This is not just a story about the Bundys. It’s the story of the struggle every man woman and child in America must face. Freedom, or slavery. I think the finished result is beautiful. I’m always amazed by how well Ammon speaks and even though he could not be here in person, together we managed to defy the evil of our court system in a small way and make a story for the world that is brief, compelling and most of all, the truth.

Thanks for spreading this message. You can share or embed the video and if you need to you can download and re-post it so long as it’s not being sold or used for profit.

If you want to contribute my my work and expenses visit my donation page. To donate to the Bundy family go here.



Mark West - December 12, 2016 Reply

What happened in Bundyville and Burns will never be old stuff and should be the center of the narrative in exposing those who knowingly participated in covering up what is HAPPENING ALL ACROSS AMERICA. The only way we can unite and be strong is to control the truth (narrative) and educate those who do not know where the truth lies no matter where you enter this endeavor. I am thankful for all who stood strong against a Tyrannical Government, whatever part you played. We all make mistakes and true patriots will acknowledge that united we stand and divided we fall. If we want our county back we need to acknowledge the only one and true God who is the author of Liberty… I am proud to stand with the families who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and at the end of the day thank God himself for the Freedoms that once made America Great. Please comment on what being a Patriot means to you. I personally thank each and every one of you for all you do to be Free. It is our responsibility to be the light that brings freedom to all mankind. Do not let others control any other narrative.

Marlene Crumley - December 12, 2016 Reply

Thank you Gav! This is a beautiful documentary that tells the truth about government overreach. The federal land grab must end and rights restored to the states.

Jon Wms - December 13, 2016 Reply

For me it was the Randy Weaver, case. When an FBI agent had the audacity to actually brag about a great long distance shot where he shot a American mother, right between the eyes while holding her baby. OMG, some how this story was printed as well as being reported in the media. But, at the same time I felt secrets being withheld as I knew this government holds the upper hand and the “equality clause” in our Constitution meant “BULLSHIT” to any government, state or local law enforcement agency, as well as our courts and judiciary. I am now 75 and part of me lives in shame because I could not figure out how to help fix the growing problems and corruption we face today. I did see a small ray of hope when Attorney Jerry Spence, successfully sued by proving the FBI’s field tactics were overkill and abusive towards any American citizen. But shortly thereafter Att. Jerry Spence, retired leaving nobody with his balls left to fight for us…

ronald-james - December 13, 2016 Reply

Everything they say or do is a Lie surrounded by multiple layers of Deception. Since the end of WWII our government was taken over by Satanic forces. All laws passed by these demons are Luciferian mandates. Just look at Killiary, she almost became president, and she is a High Priestess in a Satanic Cult, the most evil, vile human on earth and now dying from KURU, a disease from eating human flesh. GOOD Riddance, hang them all!

Betty - December 13, 2016 Reply

Absolutely great. Just what we have been needing. Ammon and his brother and father are such great speakers and are heroes of mine. In all ny 82 years, I do not believe I have ever seen more horrible injustice done to a wonderful family.
Gavin, you have did a wonderful job, and I am such an admiere of you also.

Karen Jenkins - December 13, 2016 Reply


Wayne Bachmann - December 13, 2016 Reply

Thank you Gavin, for your gifts, talents, and abilities. It is a team effort. We are all doing our best at what we do. I wish I could do more, but I am grateful for what I can do, and I am grateful for all that all of the others are doing. The Lord knows we are all doing our best to remedy the situation. We are all witnesses before God to testify to the corruption of these criminals pretending to be our government, and we will all be there on judgement day to testify of their crimes against the Patriots.

Ben - December 15, 2016 Reply

I feel it’s a sad story and I’m not educated on land laws and actual rights of the people regarding these situations, as most people I assume are also unaware. Ammon Bundy seems educated and passionate, but I turned off his message after the rancher was killed by authorities and Bundy claims they killed him for no reason with his hands in the air….. First of all, they were an ARMED MILITIA making claims of not being taken alive and Ummmm he was CLEARLY reaching into his vest or pants after being REPEATEDLY told to get on the ground (100% justified kill) after refusing to be pulled over AND eluding police AND going full speed into a goddamn roadblock!!!? So if Ammon Bundy can’t be honest and truthful about that situation, he’s obviously delusional and I hope he and those idiots didn’t ruin any chance of hope those ranchers deserve by doing EVERYTHING wrong in their message. I’m for the ranchers and against armed militia looking like inbred crazy idiots whenever they speak or are on video

harold poole - December 27, 2016 Reply

Nice fairytale seeing nevada court records show bundy father bought the ranch in 1948 after moving from Arizona and did not start running cattle until 1954. Fantasy. Check the historical records yourself

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