Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

If you don’t obey, you will be punished.

Has America given up it’s dignity for a cookie and toy?

Walmart, Ephrata WA. In this small town there’s not a lot of options. Today cashiers decided to punish me in front of everyone and I think you’ll find this worth watching to the end. This is not about shaming store clerks. It’s about revealing what our nation has become.

But what you’re about to watch goes far deeper than Americas biggest storefront. It’s the expectation that we obey made up authority or be punished. I chose punishment and walked out. This is not Fifty Shades of Grey or the Twilight Zone. It’s our brave new world that’s starting to look like a third world slum.

I was with my 7 year old daughter and this is funny, but it’s not funny. Perhaps you’re shaking your head and proudly thinking “I don’t shop at Walmart”. It’s cool you have choices in your town. But read on.

This is not about Walmart. It’s everywhere in a society who thinks like slaves. It’s about speaking up and confronting civil insanity. It’s at the gas station, the amusement park, the legislative building and the City Hall. You have to stand up.

Some will say I failed because I shopped here in the first place. Others say I failed because I did not leave everything and walk out, a viable option. Still I was on an outing with my daughter and when I find an unexpected encounter I try to choose choose how to best share a message and keep moving. When this happens to you, here or elsewhere; make a better video and I’ll be happy to learn from it.

One way or another we have to start speaking up. We’ve all faced something like this. Having your bag searched at the theater. Giving up your stuff at the door. Complying with a silly rule to get something. The question is not “do you shop at Walmart?”. The question is that when this happens will you stand your ground and firmly say no, or will you comply to get the cookie?

Speak with your dollars and your mouth. We’re getting a Winco soon and I plan to do more of our shopping there. You will be faced with something like this. You will have to comply or give up something. By standing your ground and speaking up you make bigger impact than even walking out. It’s time to teach people what it means to be independent.

Take out your camera and take back your dignity. Just be kind and loving to the ignorant. The goal is to educate, not attack.

— Gav

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10 thoughts on “Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

  1. He is absolutely right. Who gave WalMart the right to go further than the law? The law states you must not buy alcohol for a minor. So he has the right to question their taking the law to ridiculous extremes. If they made a rule that everybody must take their shoes off at the door or they will Not be served, would you comply? They have no right to order you to do that. And they have no right to punish that parent just because his child touched the box of beer. Because his child’s moral education is the responsibility of the parent, not WalMart.

    Life is not a series of rules and regulations, it should be lived by principles and standards. That is called moral responsibility. And WalMart does not have the right to assume that responsibility without our permission.

  2. I would have made them unscan the entire purchase and I would have walked out never to return. And I would have gotten their names to write a heinous complaint in the local paper along with that youtube.

  3. I have been shopping there since I was a kid and their policy is ridiculous. They make you feel like a criminal if you have someone with you while you purchase items that require an id. I refuse to buy their items that require an ID. I hope others will do the same.

  4. the lady in the video stated ” I asked you not to let her touch the alcohol, I’m on camera ” even if he didn’t agree with that rule he could of made sure his daughter didn’t touch it as he was purchasing it and it all could have been avoided. thats all I’m saying. I hate seeing public shaming of people for attention… makes me sad.

  5. I was once in charge of a Church picnic in Annapolis MD. We had our permit for our use of the Naval Academy softball field in hand and approached a group of Sam’s Club people using our grills and field. We had our handicapped parishioner in the van and We the setup crew Offered to share the field with them that day. I was told by Sam’s Club employees that do not want those f***ing retards sharing the field with them. I was shocked and wrote a letter to Sam’s Club General manager and told them we bought our food at that Sams Club and we where cussed at and where standing there with our permit in hand to use the Naval Academy field from the Sargent of Arms signed and darted. The Sam’s Club manager invited to the store a week later to discuss the issue and when we met at the Sam’s Club Store thinking we would get an apology but we had a retired Navy Grad from the tire department come to look me in the eye and tell me to my face “You are a f***ing idiot and this Sam’s Club has this employee picnic for 400 every year!” I have not shopped with them since that incident in 1995.

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