I Chased this Cop Down the Road!

Published August 2, 2017 - 3 Comments

These robbers run like crazy when you stand up to them and ask simple questions and to figure out why they are harassing people. As expected this was not a stop that had anything to do with safety. It was just a thief stealing money from the driver who apparently was trying to move a camper. Instead of helping, he harassed.


Diane Lalonde - August 2, 2017 Reply

Gavin, many thanks for your excellent work. I’ve seen videos though that if someone was to ask the cop questions to cop’s (Corrupt Officials in Policing Services ) the person asking questions would be told to back away for their safety.

Again and again, GREAT WORK. Keep it up and be safe. God bless you.


JonH - August 3, 2017 Reply

Hey Gav, good stuff on extortion and robbery. I noticed the officer had to pause to telly you why he was harassing, leading one to conclude that justification may have been bogus. Did you happen to check the plate? That could have impeached the officer’s testimony to you and the opportunity to teach other related issues. I do concur it’s an irrelevant, pretend offense though.

Did you miss something? Your teaser on Facebook implied that you had obtained fact evidence that the owner of the camper was moving it two blocks. In your video, you walk past him after the cop left but chose not to stop to speak with the owner of the camper. I understand his right to privacy, but why not announce you are shutting off the camera to ask him if it is ok to interview him? Also, then you didn’t ask the local neighbor who had stopped to admire you if he had any knowledge of the owner.

Just a note for you: Technically in statute, you do not remove the “presumption” that you are “operating a motor vehicle” simply by shutting off the engine. What one is accomplishing during an actual traffic stop is acknowledging that you are detained and not free to go. Thus not applicable to your situation where you advocate for someone else. During a detainment (constructive arrest), you remove justification in most scenarios of a cop’s request for voluntary removal from vehicle because you are not a threat to flee. Nothing more.

Another suggestion of a good video lesson would be to confront your local police, who “have an understanding” with you, why do you misapply the statutes to presume that the average guy navigating public roadways is a commercial vehicle (which is the definition of ‘motor vehicle’) thus fair game to harass under false presumptions playing on the ignorance of the public of the law (making it extortion). That does he know that in doing so he is actually guilty of many crimes (i.e. fraud in the inducement, simulation of legal process, etc).

Lastly, you ought to do preliminary (beginner’s) videos on how to establish the report with officers as you have already done. This is an obvious precautionary prerequisite to chasing down an officer.

Christina MacNeal - September 16, 2017 Reply

Gavin_::So true_ ** 6th & 7th Amendments** The GESTAPO *LAWLESS “Police State” provacateurs ect…harass when you *WHISTLE-BLOW on *POLITICAL LIABILITY* WhistleBlower_
_in CT.____Christina MacNeal

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