The Family that Left the USA Over a Phone!

Published November 28, 2017 - 29 Comments

Only in the most oppressive regimes in history is this level of 3rd world justice tolerated! The acts of our public officials are unfit for a free people and I will not comply.

I left because I refuse to be terrorized. It’s more than just refusing to be forced to unlock my phone for a prosecutor and not consenting to a kangaroo trial. I’ve been an activist for years. But before that, I had a good business and a good life. I spoke up because things needed to be said and many of my video has exposed corruption in my now Grant County. Some people don’t like my approach and that’s their right. But we’re a nation founded by men bolder than myself who said they would not tolerate tyranny and warned us to remain bold. I was raised to stand and to speak out against bullies. I even remember Ephrata officers helping me do that long ago. How times have changed.
The abuse and murder of those who live free and speak the truth is a theme for our government.
From the natives, cop watchers, and investigative journalists, to peaceful retirees like the Browns. From Ranchers like the Bundy’s and good men like Schaffer Cox, to and the blood of a cowboy in the snow. Babies are stolen from their mother’s arms, the dying screams of children in the Waco Massacre, Randy Weavers porch covered in the blood of his wife at Ruby Ridge. All at the tender ministrations of people calling themselves the law who to this day are not been held accountable. This is not the USA and I will not tolerate it.



Grown comfortable.

The people in Mexico are generally far more friendly than in the US

Maybe it’s the pretty veneer that has grown over our quiet communities as we’ve failed to see the rising authoritarian hand of a government. No patriotic American should consent to live this way. I’m doing in the streets what journalists used to do as a matter of course. For years now I’ve been treated to threats, my family has been mocked and officials have harassed, assaulted and violated my rights on camera. All because I said they were wrong and told tens of millions of people about it. Never have I done the same to them as they did to me; I am always a man of peace.


Patrick Canady broke the law when he arrested me without probable cause. He broke the law when he lied in his police report about past interactions with me, particularly where he stated regarding a video I made on 12/18/14 that, “At one time Seim gives me an ultimatum to to stop doing what I’m doing or else.” The video of that account proves his word false. His entire case was based on his feelings, not law. He was angry because I was not afraid to tell him and the world what I believe we are becoming.

At no point did I harass or obstruct, yet when I first appeared in court on Sept 13th 2017, judge Janis Whitenermoberg tried to skip past the probable cause hearing which is required under the Constitutions and CrRLJ RULE 3.2.1. I pressed for it anyways and neither the prosecutor nor the judge was able to articulate probable cause. I when I tried to state my case, the judge prevented me, leaving the courtroom without addressing the total lack of probable cause.

During the next hearing, a pro-tem judge by the name of Mark Chmelewski was brought in. The blatant ignoring of my legal arguments continued. The prosecution admitted they had no evidence as they suggested they were unsure know how to proceed without being able to access video on my phone. This alone was evidence that there was never probable cause at all. This phone they presumably wanted, for a video that would already be released, had that phone not been taken without a legal warrant. The judge even told me an open court that I would not be forced to give them access.

I will not unlock my phone!

A computer is your privacy, like the thought or a diary in a family safe. A government official has the right to demand we give them access to it any more than they have a right to demand a journalist’s confidential sources. No there’s nothing terrible, incriminating or illegal on my phone. But it’s mine and people need to stop believing we should co-operate with officers and prosecutors who bring malicious charges and bully defendants so they can violate due process without fear. This is happening in our courts. These prosecutors are not arguing the law, they are using lies, force and committing crimes, to win!

I was arrested for filming a cop this Fall because I told him he was a crook and he got angry that I keep calling out him and his buddies. It’s not the first time I’ve been arrested for defending my rights, but what followed was a pattern of a government corruption that I’ve too many times. And I decided to do something about it.

I’m being asked to stand before a judge who neither defends my rights or even knows the court rules as well as the pro-se defendant standing before him. Grant County has expanded countless taxpayer dollars over a man filming an officer. In recorded interviews from discovery, Prosecutor Dano himself is manipulating the testimony of witnesses to create his own narrative. Prosecutor Marc Fedorak files motions raising years of peaceful activism I have done, in which he intentionally leaves out critical details on events such as the video Officer Canady lied about; all so he can paint the picture he wants. To win!

Walking in the town Centro with the family. Centro is a town square where people gather to actually interact.

I’m not running from law… These officials have nothing to do with that. They are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to create evidence and a case where none exists. A conspiracy to silence the truth speakers. Those are felony offenses under 18 USC 241 and 242 and judges today don’t care, because the they are no longer held accountable. So when this court tolerated the consideration of me being forced under threats by give them access to my devices, enough was enough. If I believed due process was could occur, I would have no problem taking this to trial because I know I committed no crime. But then if there was due process, the charges would already be thrown out. I’m considering my legal options and the court has my motions for dismissal on their table.

Grant County courts violated the law at every step of this case and I don’t need to argue before an illegal court to prove that my 1st amendment right exists. I live in a country where police try to murder Journalists like Jeff Weinhaus and lock them in prison when they fail to die. I choose not to willingly become the next journalist in prison, or activist dancing from a rope in a prison cell because of trumped in charges, illegal proceedings and unprincipled prosecutors. God help me. No one should have to prove their innocence, but that’s what our courts have become.


Don’t ever let someone tell you that courage is defined by whether you submit to a bully.

I won, the day I walked away! We left because our life and liberty were in danger and it was time to set an example; no one should submit to the crimes of bully courts. If the people refuse to comply, their power is gone.

No one should have to argue that their rights are their own, yet in the USA we are compelled to do so at the point of a gun.We’re neither giving up or breaking the law by declining to participate; we’re refusing to surrender our rights. Jesus taught us to leave behind cities persecute us. Our founders taught us to walk away from tyrants. Our common sense says, why am I still here! Courage is not surrendering to a tyrant or agreeing to play the game their way. Courage is being afraid and still saying I WILL NOT COMPLY!


Why leave home over a phone? Because I refuse to love as a slave. How long will I be gone and what happens next? I can’t say. Truth demands a great price, but it also sets us free. The people of Mexico have more freedom than the people of the USA and that feels good. But in the end it’s not really about a phone, it’s about liberty and the God given rights we share as human beings. The officials in Grant County think they can rule over our those. I choose to be the man who says no more. For my safety, for my family’s safety and as an example to my people. I will not comply

— Gavin Seim


PS: I’ll be doing videos and live streams from Mexico to expose the propaganda we think of about Mexico. If you want to explore the real Mexico, follow my Real Mexico series on Facebook and YouTube. You can also see more photos on my Instagram.
These are the names of those directly responsible: Judge David Estudillo, Judge Mark Chmelewski, Judge Janis Whitenermoberg, Prosecutor Marc Fedorak, Prosecutor Garth Dano, Officer Patrick Canady, Ephrata Police Department, Ephrata Sheriffs Depratment. You can Phone the Grant County prosecutors office at 509-754-2011

The very production lands in the State of Nayarit.

Exploring the jungle in the truth van.

A $6 plate of amazing shrimp at a small fishing village.

The kids playing in the park. It feels very safe here.

Cheeses at the Mercado. Think a huge farmers Market, but open every day of the year.



Tim - November 28, 2017 Reply

Best of luck to you Gavin. Your letter is very thought out and the abuses you site are there and can not be denied.

Dave - November 28, 2017 Reply

I feel your pain! America has become a silly authoritarian caricature of itself, and everything we fought for, and stood against, since its founding, has come full circle to far worse. The generations prior wasted their time, and blood, for a generation of fools!

For proof I ask this one question. What do millions, and millions, and millions of laws and regulations have to do with freedom and liberty?

Not a damn thing! Today’s Americans are so clueless and careless. It will never be what it was, or what it should have been. The generation of the apocalypse carelessly wanders towards tomorrow.

John wyatt - November 28, 2017 Reply

Go back and check my emails and, you’ll see “I told you so”. Your a bully whose try to imbarass and umiliate police officers to get ratings a make a living off of cop hatters. If you feel so free and safe in the murder capital of the world, then I suggest you stay in Mexico. I’ve personally witnessed you you enterfer so many times I would make a great witness against you from a legal standpoint. We have a legal system that even poor Gav must follow however; it’s not near perfect but its far better than your going to realize in Mexico. So I would suggest you run up with the camera or phone in a Mexican Officers face and see what happens. I’ll be waiting for that video. Ps if you want to be a lawyer go to law school, there’s no room in our Justice System for jail house wanna be.

rusel jaque - November 28, 2017 Reply


USA - November 28, 2017 Reply

We will all be praying for you Mr Seim. May God give you wisdom and words of knowledge
for a Spirit filled Constitutional lawyer willing to take your case.

I Bat Menyongai - November 28, 2017 Reply

Gavin, I have been so inspired from the day I encountered you online. Without fearless men like you, me and others, not those who say they are fearless to point out bad people, but belly-driven, instead, this world will not change, neither bad leaders will change. I wish you the best, but remember you will be missed because there is no one that I can compare to you to face such challenges, my friend. The Lord be with you and your family…

Steve Vos - November 28, 2017 Reply

Standing for truth and your convictions. Very rare. Most Americans don’t believe in absolute Truth nor have any convictions at all
You have our address should you need safe haven state side
Vaya con Dios

Brandon Seymour - November 28, 2017 Reply

Gav… THANK YOU so very much for all you are doing to help propagate forward movement that is consistent with our countries true values. YOU ARE A SCHOLAR AND A GENTLEMAN! You have millions of patriots on your side and by you standing up for your/our freedoms, you are waking up many more. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE, YOUR FAMILY AND KEEP YOU ALL SAFE. I am also a Washingtonian and have felt the wrath of Washington State courts also. It is a travesty that our local, state and federal governments are sooo corrupt and evil. WE ALL MUST STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER…WE ALL MUST STAND UP FOR OUR COUNTRIES CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS… OR WE ALL WILL HAVE TO SUBMIT…SOONER OR LATER… TO THE TYRANNY OF BLUE ISIS AND THEIR MINIONS. I pray to Yahweh you are blessed with abundance and that the court realizes ((they)) have made mistakes and I pray that they drop all fraudulent charges against you. I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF YOU ON YOUR TRIP HOME!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS! I wish I could send you money but I am too poor at the moment as our state government keeps fining my business and extorting money from me. They have sunk my business by doing so and now I must close the doors and try to rebuild a new business. ~Peace Brother!!!?

Brandon Seymour - November 28, 2017 Reply

I just made a comment on your youtube channel and one here that is awaiting your approval but wanted to ask that you email or call me as I have a question or two for you. Do not approve this message please.. i only sent it to ask that you contact me. I know you are busy but if you have some time… please get a hold of me. My questions are regarding a legal situation i have and i know you are not an attorney but i trust you more than i would an appointed attorney working for the prosecutor. I am representing myself in Stevens county on a fraudulent charge of trespassing. I understand if you cannot contact me though.
Brandon Seymour
home: 509-476-2685
cell: 509-879-2176

Vinelord - November 28, 2017 Reply

END THE FED! We the people can represent ourselves, we have the technology to represent ourselves. Jail unconstitutional police. IOTA COIN will make worldwide sovereign freedom. Trump free our patriots. Government is the “terrorism” of the Satan globe NASA Pedophile church. Jail Obama now!

Timothy Andrew - November 28, 2017 Reply

Gavin, I’m proud of you and wish you and your family luck and happiness.

Jeff nading - November 28, 2017 Reply

Good night

Jeff Nading - November 28, 2017 Reply

PS was the apostle Paul in roman’s 13 writing about a more or a less tyrannous government.

Tango Liberty - November 28, 2017 Reply

Well Gav, some folks are judging you for having gone down Mexico way,I do not, you’re exercising a right to travel,I cannot donate $ but I hope many do to help you and your family for you will need it.stay to your convictions,keep us posted,edit your grammar lol
God be with you.
Tango Libert

Martin James Monroe "The Open Book" - November 28, 2017 Reply

I have been taken to the basement chambers of the County Court House. A dungeon looking room with no windows and a locked door, and the public totally unaware of your secret hearing below, the public court chambers. I was told that I could only ask 4 questions of the trucker who drove his Semi through my door at 80mph. The two eye witnesses were not present, but there were 12 lawyers in $5000 suits sitting in the back row, in the shadows, witnessing LOCAL JUSTICE. My lawyer proved reasonable doubt, but the Judge said, “I don’t care if your lawyer proved reasonable doubt, because, I’m going to find you guilty anyway!” I acted pro-se in federal court, but after 14 motions and 2.5 years I realized the system was corrupted and my case would never be brought to the court room floor, nor would I be given a lawyer, as they are all in the shadows.

Will - November 28, 2017 Reply

Amen brother. Thanks God bless. that is why i do my best to stay away from Authority’s and live my life. as 36 years old 6th generation Oregonian Once in system it hard to get out. Best luck

dave lott - November 29, 2017 Reply

gavin my friend i am confused you of all people should know we live in two countries at the same time one is a corporation the other is our republic rember for which it stands the people of the washington republic we the people maybe im wrong but aren’t you fighting the state of washington which only require two things be born here or naturalized and be (subject) does people mean person no it defines us as individuals and as a body politic where the power of our country in inherent your not a citizen of the state nor are you a resident of the state resident defined means government employe you dont work for the state and to be a citizen are you subject no so you dont meet the the states requirements to be a citizen of the state i thought long and hard about this you are we the people their courts are a foreign power in our republic and they cannot force their statutes (public policy) on you in our republic unless you consent to first but im not you know trying to say well you remember i sent you a little congratulation email when your baby was born it takes a lot of courage to fight the good fight i’ve been at it since 1979 when we formed abate of washington i quit abate when the state sent in an agent provocateur and destroyed credibility but i could never let it go damn i just keep getting side tracked im really not much of a letter writer just wanted to say remember who you are me im a people of the republic respectfully dave lott
fighting the good fight with you

    Raymond Donovan - November 29, 2017 Reply

    Dave, that’s some delicious SovCit arglebargle word salad!

Joanne Alden - November 29, 2017 Reply

People: David cannot take care of and protect his family from the depths of a federal prison. Ask James Timothy Turner. Ask the Bundys and the Hamiltons. Ask Carol Bundy and Jeanette Finicum. Listen to some of LaVoy Finicum’s talks before he was murdered and read Ryan Bundy’s statement in his own defense. David owns his responsibility. What do you own ?

Lee Arthur Rice II - November 29, 2017 Reply

Hi Gavin, I appreciate all that you have done with bring truth to light…One must do what they feel is right… I applaud you in the decision you have made for that is a very strong statement…I have chosen to stay rather than to return to Australia…my battle of sorts is a righteous one that has been going for nearly six years…I will not allow the code enforcers to continue using excessive force when interacting with the general public. I hope to cause a change in their “pattern of behavior” via my case…these thugs picked on the wrong man…

Wishing you and your family all the best.

You can find me on facebook at Lee Rice II and LEE Arthur RICE II

Raymond Donovan - November 29, 2017 Reply

Freedom in Mexico vs US.
2nd Amendment – no, far more restrictive in Mexico.
Traffic laws, fines and courts?Yes in both countries.
Police reaction if you pull up behind a police car, get out and start filming while calling the police officer a thief and a goon. In Washington state misdemeanor. In Mexico? Unknown. Probably no one has tried it before.
Bottom line: “Tyranny” everywhere there are laws not our liking.

Pat Riot - November 29, 2017 Reply

want to talk re: jurisdiction and how to avoid these nightmares(your situation)in the future if you should return. Best of luck to you and your family.

Roger Hargrave - November 30, 2017 Reply

It is unfortunate , that so many Americans choose to ignore all the Illegal activity committed by the Authorities. Too many normally Decent people don’t understand the the importance to having the Govt. held accountable , and to be expected to abide the Constitution. What happened to all the good blood that ran in the veins of our ancestors.? I would expect to see some Decent , and Honorable Authority stand with Gavin and show that the US still has some scrap of Integrity left in our Justice System. How easy to lose hope when Not One Authority will Stand with the People. God help us.

Dave - November 30, 2017 Reply

Hum … 29 comments, and the one who can’t write gets through.

The Family that Left the USA Over a Phone! – Missouri Free Press - December 3, 2017 Reply

[…] I left home because I refuse to be forced to unlock my phone for a prosecutor, and I don’t consent to a kangaroo trial. But more than that. I’ve been an activist for years, but not because I wanted to be. I had a good business and a good life before that started. I spoke up because things needed to be said and many of my video have exposed corruption in my now Grant County. Some people don’t like my approach and that’s their right. But we’re nation founded by men bolder than myself who said they would not tolerate tyranny and warned us to remain bold. I was raised to stand up for the abused and to speak out against bullies. I even remember Ephrata officers helping me do that. How times have changed. The abuse and murder of those who live free and speak the truth is a theme for our government. From the natives, cop watchers and investigative journalists, to peaceful retirees like the Browns. From Ranchers like the Bundy’s and good men like Schaffer Cox, to and the blood of a cowboy in the snow. Babies stolen from their mothers arms, the dying screams of children in the Waco Massacre, Randy Weavers porch covered in the blood of his wife at Ruby Ridge. All at the tender ministrations of people calling themselves the law who to this day are not been held accountable. This is not the USA and I will not tolerate it….. Read More […]

Doug Hill - December 10, 2017 Reply

Gav, you definitely have balls… come back and openly defy the judge. Take a contempt charge… they win when you run.

Willard hinckley - December 22, 2017 Reply

This state is and should be investigated by Congress and the federal government corruption greedy bitchesihate it here

JMAD - March 4, 2018 Reply

Gavin, This page has been alter, with tons of Grammar & Spelling errors. I have watched enough of your vids & have read enough of your articles to know that your not a moron….lol , You may want to try to edit this post.

Doris - April 22, 2018 Reply

Fod bless you and your family. Brave boy.

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