1 year ago we fled the USA for Mexico

Published December 24, 2018 - 10 Comments

It’s been one year since we refused to show up in a kangaroo court, loaded up our van and left the USA with our family. It’s been the adventure of a lifetime and while it has not been easy, it has been good. This is the story of what happened. 

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Aman - December 24, 2018 Reply

Well said gav. merry christmas brother.

Alice Lillie - December 24, 2018 Reply


Ed norton - December 24, 2018 Reply

Im willing to bet any amount of money william wouldn’t walk his lilly ass up in to court after being harassed and wrongfully charged knowing they would judge him unfairly for standing up to their evil asses.

Toni Anderson - December 25, 2018 Reply

I just love your videos Gavin. I live in Wenatchee, and the first video I watched of yours was the one in East wenatchee court with judge McCauley. Priceless! Happy holidays to u and your family!

Brian Hall - December 25, 2018 Reply

Well – I don’t know the whole story (just bits/ pieces) but I do know my experiences here, in the USA for some 60 years, and more and mOre this country’s ‘authoritative powers’ are (have been) MORE ABUSIVE and DEPRIVING rather than protective/ humane and just to its naturalized citizens. People of maturity KNOW we (supposedly under the constitutional bill of rights and responsibilities) are not being considered or treated fairly. There IS too much corruption in U.S. government. THEY have (and continue to) WAY OVERSTEP the boundaries and limitations of people, as in PUSH, SHOVE, WRONGFULLY ACCUSE many, and perhaps most. HERE, those (many) who are in imprisoned should be freed and helped AND those (many) who are free to run amuck {as have/ do many political, corporate, lobbyist, elite ‘good fellows’ type scum} WHO VIOLATE OUR SET PRINCIPLES by “we the people” should be imprisoned. Ka’Peesh? ¡Viva la Méjico! Please save a space (room) for me and my catahoula, Gav! Blessings ALL

Karin - December 25, 2018 Reply

Thank you for all you do.

Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Marlene Crumley - December 25, 2018 Reply

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Gav!
May God bless you and keep you healthy and safe in the New Year!

Davido - December 25, 2018 Reply

Best wishes to you and your family Gavin. Merry Christmas.

DianeC - December 25, 2018 Reply

I hope this guy keeps spreading his words around because maybe most people will leave the U.S. so we can have it back without his type here!
And how did he know the police were waiting for him at his house when he was gone? I only hope this guy isn’t attacked for being white.
Build the Wall President Trump!

S. Angle - December 26, 2018 Reply


You know me. I so much appreciate your concern in saying don’t ever forget it it gets too bad what you can do. You know I mean what I say and I know that Of you. Young man, your a man’s man. I know courage and you have that and are that!. You know if I say I am going to watch your video I am. You said it all in your eight minutes of “I’m getting married today” what life needs to be and what real patriots have been doing and going through. As we have talked and written before, you take care with all your family. I now go and watch your video and usually with some tears wonder, how in the world do we find ourselves here. Yours Always.
S. Angle

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