DRUGS! This Just Got me Banned on Facebook!!

DRUGS! This Just Got me Banned on Facebook!!

Facebook just blocked my profile for 30 days for this video I posted to my page using natural medicine instead of big pharma. I guess this too is treason in the empire of lies.

I’ve been studying natural medicine for about 5 years now and every day I’m more amazed by how bad our healing has become in America. I’m not saying there are no doctors who care or no procedures that are important. But when it comes to healing we have regressed to money, tyranny and abuse, even in healing. And those who try to heal without goverment permission are treated as the greatest of criminal.

I doubt a person even looked at this video. We have come to the state where goverment decides who lives and dies and computers decide what we are able to talk about. But none the less I refuse to be a slave to a computer or to goverment and I refuse to let myself be silenced by the goons. So I’m posting this here.

— Gav


How to Know the Law in 8 Minutes!

How to Know the Law in 8 Minutes!

Liberty is in distress; we have to fix it.

I get more questions than I have time to answer and I feel most of them are really good questions. So I’m working on these new no nonsense videos called Liberty School. In them we take on the questions and concerns I get from folks. The goal is to keep the message simple and take on the liberty, how to can stand up and what’s next in restoring it with clear, factual information.

This first video is just a quick one taken in my car, but I think you’ll find it informative on a subject that’s usually convoluted and complicated. This is quick and dirty law for taking on slippery dirty politicians. But these principles are beautiful liberty to those who love justice.

Let’s not waste time, know where you stand and let’s share it with others.

— Gav

My Most Requested Herbal Formula.

My Most Requested Herbal Formula.


If I found myself a medic with only three medicines; I would choose these!

First would be Cayenne Pepper; because among many other things it stops hemorrhaging internal or external; like no other medicine. I would choose it over Celox or Quick Clot. It will even help with heart attack; just take a teaspoon in a glass of water.

Second would be this Bone & Tissue ointment; because it brings relief and healing to nearly any pain or wound anywhere on the body.

Third would be a formula or tincture of Cryptolepis Root; because it’s one of natures most powerful antibiotics, often more effective the commercial medicines.

It would be a hard to leave some others behind though.

Tissue Ointment.

It’s a practical prep you’ll use almost daily. It’s effectiveness blows people away. I’ve been studying herbs for years and have learned there’s little that can’t be treated with them; often times better than with modern pharmaceuticals and nearly always with less side effects.

I have never been to a doctor for myself. I’m not saying doctors are a bad. Just that as much as possible I like to trust God and be self sufficient. When my family started growing I found myself worrying. What if something happens. Instead of going out to buy the best insurance. But I did not want the spirit of fear. I decided to learn the principles that healers and homemakers have been using for hundreds of years and invest in simple supplies. For the cost of about three months health insurance, I have a larger collection with hundreds nearly packed herbs, tinctures, essential oils and study volumes.

It’s only recently modern medicine has become a thing we worship. We have become so dependent on drugs and doctors that we barley know how to fend for ourselves. I trust God for my peace and my health, but I’ve found great comfort in using the plants he gave us to treat problems when they arise. Over the past few years I’ve gone from simple pantry herbs to preparing tinctures for serious bacterial and viral illnesses that modern pharmaceuticals are failing to work on.

Much of the world still uses natural medicines due to the massive cost and control in pharmaceuticals. They have not found a way to patent herbs and while goverment tries to restrict them, they are still mostly open. Now there are many good doctors out there, but it often seems modern medicine is less about healing and more about keeping you coming back for more. Not so with natural medicine. I have seen things that I would not have believed 5 years ago and I plan to write more on those if people are interested. It turns out that natural medicine, despite how some would portray it, is not about being a hippie or dancing naked under a full moon. But if you’re into that got for it.

I speak of liberty. But it’s not all guns and activism. It’s being prepared and and being a responsible self sufficient man or woman who knows how to care for their family. the time may be coming soon when we won’t be able to get pills and doctors will not be an emergency room away. I’m not afraid of that. I don’t mean to instill fear because there is no fear in love. I only encourage people to learn. The peace it brings knowing how to deal with sickness and help others is remarkable.

I’m no doctor and I don’t say not to consult one. What I do know is that taking the time to read, practice and collect the materials needed to heal has made my family healthier and helped us trust more in God and less in the worlds system.

Today’s formula.

This formula is not my invention. This is the famous Complete Bone and Tissue blend that was formulated by the late herbalist Dr. John Christopher made as an ointment. It’s one of the most powerful I have found. Frequent his site and get his books if you want to learn a lot about healing.

I rub it anywhere it hurts. Sprains, cuts, wounds, arthritis, bruises. The other day I even used it on a toothache and it worked in minutes. It relieves pain, speeds up healing and restores damage. It can also be made as capsules and combined with the ointment for deeper internal reach with bone problems and more. For that I leave out Comfrey root and use the leaves.

This ointment cream base is my own blend. You can use nearly any base however. Some might like straight coconut oil. Do you own research. You can find many of Dr. Christopher’s formulas listed on their website. I usually go there first when I have a need. This particular formula is so well known in the herbal world that you can even buy it on Amazon. The reviews speak for it.

All the herbs to make this can be ordered from a place like Penn Herb, the oils and base materials can be readily obtained online as well. Make some for yourself or order a jar from Dr. Christoper’s family to try it out. You won’t regret having this on hand. I make it in large batches like you see above, then I store it in these plastic jars. OK let’s do this.

Bone & Tissue; Needed Herbs.

Parts can weigh in at amount desired as long as your ratio is correct. I use loose cut herbs, not powder as it will turn to mush. See below for how much cream base I use. A simple food scale like this one makes life easier. I’ll link each if these herbs to a quality source, but you can get them wherever you like. These are ingredients in parts by weight.

Gavs Ointment BASE:

  • 5p coconut oil.
  • 2p Shea Butter.
  • 1p beeswax.

When this cools it has a medium-firm base. You can also let cool and whip into cream. This works very well. For a bit more of a firm base add 1 additional part beeswax. You can get these on Amazon or at your local store. I like refined coconut oil because it doe snot have a coconut scent to it.

Mixing it up.

I mis the herbs in a 3.5:1 ratio with the oil. So if I have 16oz of dried herb I will mix that blend with about 560z of cream base (by weight).

This methods will work for most ointment recipes. I measure out all the loose herbs and use a blender to cut them fine. I don’t make a fine powder, but I do make sure they are finely cut and blended, especially the hard roots. I will usually shop them fine by tossing them in a blender, just don’t fully powder them.

Next I follow Dr Christopher’s approach placing all the raw ingredients in a baking dish or steel pan and put in the oven at 180 degrees for 8-12 hours, stirring a few times. The low heat will not burn the ingredients, but it will draw out the medicine in the herbs.

When done you will have herbs and need to strain. You can just use a strainer and much of the herbal infused oils will drain out. Then let it cool. I prefer to use a grape press, or run through a auger style juicer (you have to go very slow). You can also use a strainer bag to squeeze it, but you’ll might want a set of heat resistant kitchen gloves like these. After that I still the resulting hot liquid through the fine mesh bag to make it nice and clean.

Depending on how much you press, 1/2-1/3 of the oils will be lost as they soak into the herbs. So from the 560z of base I might get about 40oz of final strained clean ointment. When I have it drained I strain it again through the fine mesh bag mentioned above to make it nice and clean. I then let it cool partly before whipping it with a mixer to make it smooth and creamy.

This may sound complicated but it’s really not bad. Once this is made you can use the ointment anywhere. Kids scraps, acne on the face, sores, pains and aches. You name it. I always tell people, if it hurts, use this. Simple as that. Have the courage to stand for liberty. But also take the time to know how to help yourself, your family and your neighbor. It’s not all guns. Sometimes it’s also roses and other plants. I’m no doctors, so do you own research and learning. But this is what I have found.

— Gav


1: Ointment base tossed din on top of dry herbs. I put in the over at 180 for at least 8 hours. — 2: Strained and pressed, the sediment is cleaned out and I let it cool. — 3: Mostly cooled, I whip it with a mixer to make it nice and creamy. You can also just let it cool fully, it will be harder that way. — 4: Finished product in plastic jars.


A NOTE on Comfrey:
This can also be made as capsules. Commercial blends I have seen leave out the Comfrey in the capsules. Comfrey has been used for centuries, but some studies suggest that in large quantities it could be bad for the kidney. Read about that here. I tend to think that most of the fear about Comfrey is propagated by pharmaceutical companies that do not like how incredibly powerful and efftive it is.

While I use care in regards to internal use of the root, and I feel perfectly comfortable using it externally, if you are concerned you can use the leaf only which has much lower pyrrolizidine alkaloid. You could also leave the Comfrey out of the formulas, but it is one of the most powerful wound healing herbs in the blend. Do your own study, but long story short. This formulas has been used for many decades and it works wonders.


The Problem with Immigration is NOT Immigrants!

The Problem with Immigration is NOT Immigrants!

The Problem Lies Within!

Immigrants leaving Ellis Island in the early 1900's. At times more than 10,000 immigrated in one day.

Immigrants leaving Ellis Island in the early 1900’s. At times more than 10,000 immigrated in one day.

Politicians love to get votes by saying “build a wall” or other such buzz words. But most of them are doing nothing to secure anything and they don’t plan to. They are playing both ends against the middle and it’s working great. One side cries race while ignorant patriots talk about securing the border by using a 50 cal to shoot those who cross it. That’s not American, that’s Nazi!

Let’s be clear. The borders should NOT be wide open. But they should also be simple for the poorest producer to cross legally, without tens of thousands on extortion fees and years of red tape.

Why did the framers barley speak of immigration when America was founded? Because immigration was not the problem; it was the blessing.  People came to work and be part of America and that worked well until politicians that WE elected started profiting by handing out freebies!

Did you know that even into mid mid 1900’s, immigration was a free process that took hours, not years? Start your history lesson with Ellis Island. It was not until  later in the century that we start adding quotas, politics and manipulation to immigration. None of that had anything to do with American sovereignty or security.

There was less than one sentence in the US Constitution about immigration policy (Article 1:8). You might get the idea the framers never intended it to be a monster it has become. They did not, but that does not mean they ignored it. Instead the early debates were centered around what should be required to become a naturalized “citizen” once here. This was an effort to ensure that immigrants would take up the principles and tendencies of America and not wash our government in undue foreign influence. The concern was not immigrants come here to work and contribute to our.

Some see immigrants crossing our border and say we should start shooting them. What is wrong with this generation? Our framers didn’t even need a fence. Our guns were not meant for our neighbors coming to join us! Security had nothing to do with preventing families from coming to improve their lives. Immigration was simple because they did not allow a crooked abusive goverment and make it complex for their own gain.

SHAME on the patriot who excuses the failings of his own goverment by saying we should slaughter families because they violate a border boundary. Get your house in order and start standing for liberty.

Liberty is not something for one people. Liberty is based on the principle that ALL men are created EQUAL!

This hatred of our neighbors is an copout so that WE do not have to point the finger at ourselves! The worst of criminals are sitting in our houses of government America and we point the finger and penniless widows? Our problems begin in our own house. They begin when we are silent at the abuse our fellow man.

So yes make the border secure. By enforcing real law. By punishing those who actually abuse others. By welcoming the poor and the fatherless and the widow instead of extorting them. Start on the inside by ejecting corrupt politicians. Streamline immigration; because it worked fine for most of our history. Act like humans, not animals and be good neighbors using the balanced scales of justice.

Good immigration requires good goverment. It requires lawless welfare programs to be shut down. Good government requires a people who stand up to bad goverment, instead of dividing against the middle and pointing the finger at the weakest element. America has died. Not because of the border, but because the failure of Americans to stand with liberty, principle and God.

While we fight about flags; while we call sin righteous, tyranny freedom and kangaroo courts justice, America had died. Immigrants did not kill her. Americans let her die while they watched television and made sport. We sold our children’s birthright for gifts and we have to restore it.

Love your neighbor as yourself. That’s what liberty means and that’s how we make this a land of liberty once again.

— Gav

LIBERTY to Travel & CAMP on OUR Public Lands!

LIBERTY to Travel & CAMP on OUR Public Lands!

It’s YOUR land. So use it!

A great camp in the forest about 15 minutes outside of West Yellowstone.

A great camp in the forest about 15 minutes outside of West Yellowstone.

Now you can pay $30+ a night to “camp” in a gravel lot called a campground with power hookups and TV. Or, you could camp here; on land we already paid for and with no camping fee. I’ll take that any day! LIBERTY CAMPING!

I’m typing this from the trailer and behind me is the Grand Tetons. Once I finish, we’re going out to explore during this much needed break, a 2 week road trip in the Super Camper.

I’m blessed to be able to travel for my work, but with liberty activism and running for office in recent years, I’ve not been able to venture out as much as I would like. Change is coming to America and I’m on alert now. But we’re still getting out. On this trip we’re spanning a few thousand miles as we explore make new Pictorials for my gallery.

We don’t camp in parks, we camp in the wild, boondock. I make images and videos for my day job as we enjoy creation. There’s nothing like an American road trip and everyone should get in the car take one whenever they can. Life is different on the road. But it’s good and our camper was one of the best investments we’ve made. It’s also a preppier rig. We can and have lives out of this thing.

teton camp

Today’s camp!

We’ve been all over America and taken road trips as long as 4 months in the camper, which is fitted with solar and lots of things to make it totally off grid. Read our Super Camping guide here for lots of tips and links.

Sondra is usually navigator and studies maps and the posts of others as we drive to find us great spots. You can see the map of the places we’ve been and some of the best camping spots in America. We don’t comply with checkpoints and we don’t pay camping fees. We explore! If a ranger or officer ever gives us trouble about using OUR lands, the camera comes out and so do the facts of law. Though we’ve not had many issues.

Today’s liberty camping TIP!

Did you know that on undeveloped Federal lands like NFS, BLM and others, it’s ILLEGAL for goverment to charge for parking, camping or most any other use. I don’t just mean constitutionally. It’s actually against Federal law. In truth it’s not free, we paid for it. But I prefer not to pay EXTRA fees to use my own land.

f164 TravelsThe National Forest has tried to charge for land use and got their asses handed to them in Federal court. Knowing our lawless Federal goverment that should not own all this land in the first place, I keep a copy of the National Recreation Act handy. It’s good I know the law better than they do.

Here’s a copy of the NREA you can download.

It’s actually simple legislation that mostly restricts THEM. It lays down rules for Federal agencies, when they can charge and when they cannot. So for example they still get to charge their outrageous National Park fees (don’t get me started) but they cannot charge to camp in the open forest, park, go for a hike.

Here’s a 9th Circuit ruling AGAINST the National Forest. Amazing they actually got one right. I keep a copy of this around in case an errant Ranger does not understand what I’m saying really is the law; most of them have never read the law. The ruling states in no uncertain terms that it is not open to twisting.

On on a oonger trips the camper is just like home after a few weeks on the road.

Having an amazing wife and like Sondra who loves liberty and going on the road, makes it even better.

Now after my dealing with the Federal Government, the BLM at the Bundy ranch and many other facets of tyranny; I’m even less a fan of the massive overreach and land control that the Feds have taken. We need to take it back. But as we work towards that goal, I will use it and enjoy with my family. It’s out land.

I love getting away and setting up camp. We use map apps like Accu Terra that show detailed land boundaries and I use all kinds of public lands all over America. But the Federal lands are in some ways the simplest, because they are all bound by the same rules.

What about STATE and other public lands.

These don’t fall under Federal regulation and vary by State. I still use them of course. My standard guideline is this. If land is public and not marked restricted, usually we camp there and have no trouble. I use common sense and am always prepared to have a conversation to educate a public official that this is public land and there are no restrictive signs. Finding unrestricted places is a skill that improves over time and as you learn to use maps and resources.

State Parks are often exorbitantly priced. Because the people of that State have failed to reign in their goverment, they get away with charging you whatever they want. We avoid them unless there’s something special we want to see. We camp outside parks most the time and avoid the many hassles. NO, you won’t have a tidy yuppie campsite waiting for you. But the adventure of finding a real campsite is half the fun. We find the best spots on the way to the popular places. We find the worlds best campsites and often leave them even better.

Sometimes you just park and hope you are left alone and usually you are. One time in California, I had a tacticool BLM agent come to a camp we had made way up in the Forest. We used the detailed map to find a tiny patch of BLM land. I think he was shocked we found it and he kept trying to convince us to go to one of their nice pay campgrounds, as he looked around for something we were doing wrong. No I said, we like it up here and we prefer to camp for free. He left.

It’s not that costly because you;re not paying near hotel costs just to park. Food cost is about the same from the camper and really our trip budget is measured by how much gas we will use. We set how far we will go accordingly.

Being self sufficient on the road is not only a family adventure. It helps you learn to be self sufficient and it’s training in itself. I just wanted to share this in hopes it will help others better make use of OUR lands. There’s nothing like taking your family on the road, seeing the sights and teaching them about liberty.

Liberty to travel, liberty to defend yourself, liberty to be left alone!

— Gav


Exploring in Colorado from a few tears ago. About time to go find a campsite. We also can mount a dual sport on the truck and sometimes take it with us.

Bottles, Liberty & Herbs! [Practical Patriot]

Bottles, Liberty & Herbs! [Practical Patriot]

gavin seim - mason jars with herbsOh Liberty! That freedom from evil, tyranny and dependency on man that makes us Americans. It’s the opposite of things like Obamacare. Something I not only refuse because it’s lawless and unconstitutional. I don’t need it. So for the [Practical Patriot] post talk about bottles and herbs.

We casually study herbs and natural healing and can deal with most things that arise at our house with faith in the almighty, a simple dose of knowledge and 250 so herbs, tinctures, oils and preparations. All of which probably cost less than an average emergency room visit. Because long before modern drugs, we had plants, medicines that God does not charge patent fees or licensing on.

See I finally  learned that natural medicine is not the sacred ground of liberals and feminists. It’s a true resource we should not let disappear from our homes. Plus many herbs happen to be great for cooking. Something most liberal feminists know very little about 😉

The fine details of the herbs are a story for another day, though I’ll give you some good starter resources below. In today’s quick post I want to talk about storage. Between ordinary wide mouth Mason Jars for dried herbs and foods, to bottles and everything in between, organization keeps things safe, fresh and simple.

I use lots of Boston Round Bottles. Those dark amber GLASS rounds that have been used as long as anyone can remember. Some have caps, some droppers, others misters. If it’s liquid there’s probably a great bottle for it in here. Like mason jars, Boston Rounds are cheap, durable and the Amber variety keep light from things like tinctures, essential oils and other liquids, making them last. They come in sizes from less than an once to a quart or more.

Those little clear Dram vials are great for small preparations and powders like this tooth and gum formula we make for mouth conditions.

The round blue plastic jars are perfect for creams or other small things around the house. We make our own salves and ointments in those.

rinctures in bottles