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gavin seim - mason jars with herbsOh Liberty! That freedom from evil, tyranny and dependency on man that makes us Americans. It’s the opposite of things like Obamacare. Something I not only refuse because it’s lawless and unconstitutional. I don’t need it. So for the [Practical Patriot] post talk about bottles and herbs.

We casually study herbs and natural healing and can deal with most things that arise at our house with faith in the almighty, a simple dose of knowledge and 250 so herbs, tinctures, oils and preparations. All of which probably cost less than an average emergency room visit. Because long before modern drugs, we had plants, medicines that God does not charge patent fees or licensing on.

See I finally  learned that natural medicine is not the sacred ground of liberals and feminists. It’s a true resource we should not let disappear from our homes. Plus many herbs happen to be great for cooking. Something most liberal feminists know very little about 😉

The fine details of the herbs are a story for another day, though I’ll give you some good starter resources below. In today’s quick post I want to talk about storage. Between ordinary wide mouth Mason Jars for dried herbs and foods, to bottles and everything in between, organization keeps things safe, fresh and simple.

I use lots of Boston Round Bottles. Those dark amber GLASS rounds that have been used as long as anyone can remember. Some have caps, some droppers, others misters. If it’s liquid there’s probably a great bottle for it in here. Like mason jars, Boston Rounds are cheap, durable and the Amber variety keep light from things like tinctures, essential oils and other liquids, making them last. They come in sizes from less than an once to a quart or more.

Those little clear Dram vials are great for small preparations and powders like this tooth and gum formula we make for mouth conditions.

The round blue plastic jars are perfect for creams or other small things around the house. We make our own salves and ointments in those.

rinctures in bottles

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