Utah Troopers LIE & RUN when asked to do their job.

Utah Troopers LIE & RUN when asked to do their job.

All professional criminals are “just doing their jobs”. That excuse won’t help them when they are tried.

After an evening driving the interstate and watching troopers hide on medians to collect revenue. I spotted them at a gas station and decided it was time to ask them about liberty and ask them to do their job. Before I could even explain that job or that every ticket they write is a violation of the 7th amendment. What happens next is called a LIE & RUN.

“I’m doing my job.” — That easy lie, just like the imagery “call” they needed to go to when they did not want to account their actions to their oaths. Their job is to oppose all crimes against human rights. Their job is to stop the corrupt judges and federal agents. Their job is to protect the life, liberty and property of all men; statutes and orders notwithstanding. That would be a good cop and not one officer or sheriff in America seems to have the character to do it.

From the Trooper to the Marshal, our officers have been weeded down to parasites and bullies with neither the courage to defend the liberty, not the wisdom to see how cowardly and criminal their actions have become. It’s important that you do not let them think it’s OK. It’s important that you start calling them out just like this. It’s important that we stand with peace and boldness.

TIPS: When YOU initiate the contact you control the conversation. Be firm but polite. Note how they try and intimidate me by acting tough as they get out of the vehicle. They have many small things that they will use to to and take control. Those quickly gets wiped away with calm but assertive questioning. Never lose control of your language or get angry. Be firm, be principled, be wise.

We MUST speak the truth in love and stop telling the tyrants they have any part with heroism. — Gav

How to Get Public Records (video)

How to Get Public Records (video)

This week on Liberty School we cover an important aspect of accountability in goverment that many are not sure how to tackle. The good news is it’s pretty simple and in most cases costs very little, as goverment agencies are generally restricted from charging a large amounts for us to see what they’ve been up to.

We’ll take on how to make a public records request in the common manner as was as well as under discovery and also touch on a tips on using what you get spread the message about what your goverment is up to.

— Gav

A Patriot’s Stand on Ferguson.

A Patriot’s Stand on Ferguson.

NYC_Mike_Brown-Ferguson_protest_Union_Square_1We’re Looking the Wrong Way!

I don’t support riots or mobs. I support liberty and oppose people from any faction who trample it. But if you’re still debating whether Mike Brown should have been shot, you’ve taken the bait! Ferguson isn’t about race, looting, liberals, conservatives, or police. Ferguson is about division! Days after Ferguson, another young man was shot in the back by an officer and killed. They even have video. The officer got away with it! Days ago, a 12 year old boy was killed by police. But you don’t see those protests, because the facts are too clear and they don’t fit the narrative we’re supposed to be dividing on. Here’s what’s happening.

#1 The Distraction!

While the world was debating, a few were looting, some were rioting. While we were debating that, some were shouting profanities. Others just wanted more accountability and many more were confused. While that happened, a small few were standing for liberty. For a government that respects everyone’s rights. But while all that happened, an overreaching government was doing something worse. They were violating their oath!

#2 The Assault!

On an LA street the day before Thanksgiving, a group of protestors gathered calmly on a corner. It doesn’t matter if you agree with their positions. They were simply exercising their rights. None of us should support looters. But while that’s the narrative many are running with, it’s not what most the protestors are doing.

Then the LAPD showed up and these protestors remained calm. How different from the idea that anyone involved must support looting. — I was watching live and I saw a mass of police surround these citizens. Some wanted to leave but police said they were not allowed to. They remained calm as a a large bus rolled up and a man on a loudspeaker said they were ALL under arrest for “unlawful assembly (video)“. It seemed they were breaking no laws, for there is no such thing as an “unlawful assembly”, only unlawful actions. Though perfectly peaceful, yet ALL under arrest without cause! This is only one example.

#3 The Division!

So while news was buzzing, many were saying “good riddance, arrest those crazy protestors!” While people joined the conversation on both sides, I was aghast. I recalled people saying the same things about us patriots that stood at Bundy ranch against bureaucratic terrorists. Make no mistake, Bundy was more clear and principled than what has resulted from Ferguson. Yet protestors chatted and tried to calm each other as police grabbed them in a surreal display of unashamed tyranny, loading each on a bus. Not for looting, or assault, or for any real crimes that have been committed this week. Simply for being there, on that corner, on that day, at that hour.

I was ashamed for America! I was ashamed of the looters and rioters. I was ashamed of us mocking instead of judging individual actions.  I was ashamed for the images promoting the idea that due process was not for “people” like this. I was ashamed because what I saw from the side who opposed the protestors, was simply another mob carrying a different banner. And I realized that some of us were in that mob.

I was furious we had been duped again. Not by media, or confused protestors. What many protestors are standing against is real, even if the message is broken. Our government is out of control. Lawlessness has come from rioters as well as police all while America is being tricked to sacrifice liberty for false security. This was not about race. It was not even about police. It was about liberty and a lawless government teaching us to tolerate tyranny, so long as it’s coming for our neighbors instead of us.

So I found something positive!

We vowed the Patriot Act would never happen again. How soon we started siding with the heavy hand of government, instead of supporting principle. Everyone turning against everyone else, taking attention from lawless government and it’s cronie whores. Those who have no respect for liberty have been inciting a protest into a mob from the very start.

I STAND ON PRINCIPLE. Obviously looters should be stopped and violence against innocents must be put down. Of course police have a right to defend themselves and we have the same. I have no tolerance for rioters. But were government officials stopping the looters? I saw citizens and business owners having to do it themselves. The stores were looted and buildings burned, while people protesting peaceably were getting arrested. See the tyrants don’t care. They will come after the peaceful and resolute patriot. as much as the rioter and the looter. Are you awake now?

We stand to uphold justice. Did Darren Wilson over react? Did Mike Brown attack him? It’s an endless argument and we can see that neither “side” is in the right here. I don’t side with mobs from any faction! I side with liberty and I look at individual actions. That’s the justice we MUST represent. This week serves as a reminder. We MUST stop falling for division and distractions. If we continue dividing, we will lose liberty.

I’m watching the real evil. Tyrants who dare to think they can take our guns, our speech, our due process and our liberty. We must ignite the sparks of liberty, not riot; of peace, not death. But shame to me if I look at people that do not meet my standards and say, “I care not for their rights”.

The point is we must get beyond bias and judge individually on principle. We support everyone’s rights. Period! We don’t support lawless looters, or lawless government. Ferguson is a wake up call. It teaches us we must stand united, or fall divided. It shows that the real enemy is more organized than us. It shows we must not get distracted. I am standing for my God given liberty, for my children, my neighbors and even those I don’t agree with. I have my eye on the prize, do you?

— Gav


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I Just Took a GUN into the Courthouse!

I Just Took a GUN into the Courthouse!



Today I carried… Wait for it… MY GUN into the County Courthouse!
YOU can do the same.

Lets talk safety. Starting with government that obeys the people! After 20 YEARS of non-compliance and the incident I had in May, not only was the required lock box installed in just 11 days, but signs have now been changed to reflect the fact that we CAN have guns in most areas of our Courthouse and that a lock box is available for the secure areas. Not only that, but every County Courthouse and most other government buildings in WA are required to follow the same rules, per RCW 9.41.300.

It’s a shame Grant County commissioners Cindy Carter, Richard Stevens and Carolann Swartz missed the boat. When they, Mayor Chris Jacobson, Police Chief Mike Warren and Sheriff Tom Jones were supposed to represent and uphold liberty, they were silent or opposed to it. In fact Cindy Carter told the media — “If he had come and talked to us, we could have taken care of it without the hoopla.”

That hoopla she is referring to is her employers calling out her failure to do her job and her missing the boat. Our Prosecutor Angus Lee “graciously” decided not to prosecute me for asking the law be obeyed, but stated — “In the future, Mr. Seim would be wise to avoid recording any conversation of private individuals that others may consider private without first obtaining consent, even if the conversations occur in public places.”

Wrong Cindy! You and the other representatives failed to do your job following the law and standing up for our rights. So we the people demanded that you fix it. Shall NOT Infringe means NO. It means you leave our rights alone. Representation means you stand with us and support them.

It seems to me it’s time for new representation. Commissioners who understand their job is not to rule us, but to serve and represent liberty. Constitutional sheriff’s that will stand with us. Prosecutors that will not play political theater and will deal with lawless police officers. This needs to happen all over America.

So to those who say “You’re just causing trouble Gavin!” Let me say this… You show me your results, I’ll show you mine.This is not about lock boxes. It’s about understanding that We The People have a duty to restrain government. To bind them to the limitations of our God given liberty and demand respect from them.

This is one small victory, but it’s a glaring example of what can happen when we stand our ground. STOP writing letters America and start saying NO! STOP electing politicians to “talk it out” with tyranny. START electing representatives who REPRESENT. START standing on principle to protect the liberty of our children. —  I pray that I can do that in office, or out. And I hope you’ll join me.

— Gav Seim