Hundreds Were Willing to DIE for You at Bundy Ranch! Think about it.

Hundreds Were Willing to DIE for You at Bundy Ranch! Think about it.

We were there peacefully. The government was not – I remember standing in the communications trailer, talking to combat veterans about how quickly people would fall. We had just confirmed snipers rained on woman and children from a distant hill, invisible to the naked eye. We talked about medical supplies and I’ll never forget pulling my first aid kit from the cabinet and thinking how pitifully small that “large” kit really was. How pitifully limited my experience would be.

Some of us from the Washington team recorded this clip before we rode out last Tuesday. We wanted to share how it felt being there and what it meant for America while it was still fresh in our minds. So many do not fully understand the gravity or historic importance of what happened here. We must not forget it.

Why were hundreds from all over America that did not even know each other, willing to die to protect your liberty? Because the moral foundation of our God given liberty matters and they realized it was our job to be the sententials of that liberty. This was not a gathering of anarchists. It was patriots standing in solidarity, realizing that they might not go home.

We honestly thought people were about to die. I’ll be frank, I was very scared. This is not addressed very much because the situation was resolved at the last minute. But there was an escalation coming from the feds and we had credible intel that things were about to go very bad. Thank God they were stood down first, because we did not have the resources the news media likes to portray.

It’s important we understand the stand that was made here. As Washington representative Matt Shea said — “A sniper rifle is not due process”. Yes there are legal matters to consider such as the the Bundy’s owning the grazing rights. But the main thing we need to focus on is that we MUST stop allowing government to overstep the law.

We need to disarm unconstitutional agencies and federal thugs impersonating officers. States and counties need to start taking back their lands from the  Federal government. Sheriffs  and representatives in all offices need to be elected that will take a stand. The overreach has gone far enough.

Do you want government agents pointing sniper rifles and calling out dogs on your family because of a bill they “claim” you owe?

I want to thank the Bundy’s and all who stood for liberty and justice. Who continue to remain vigilant on the ground. I want to thank God for standing with us. I want to thank people for the their prayers and support from home. It’s not over. Myself and many others are working with the new Coalition of Western States,  a group dedicated to helping us band together as Americans. Because Liberty is not the fringe. Liberty is the foundation.

— Gav