BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

This is the true story of one of America’s most courageous families.

Controversy is a state I’ve learned to live with, a crown of thorns. It’s a crown the Bundy family wears well, because when you stand up for freedom, you will always be attacked by tyrants. My brother and I stood with the Bundys in 2014; we saw the truth and we felt the danger. When Oregon happened there was no question that these men and woman deserved the support of all who love liberty. Their message was pure. But much of America did not feel the same. Why?

Like many activists and prisoners, from patriots to the natives, the hate for the Bundys comes from lies intent on making the story misunderstood.  Our “justice” system goes to great lengths to ensure the real story does not reach the masses. This works because we don’t really want to know how bad it is. That’s why it’s important to share a man’s story no matter how you feel about him. To hear it and make sure others do the same, sending it to those who know and to those who do not.

People often say, there’s nothing we can do. But I do something, every day and if you will set aside differences and do something with me, we can set this nation free.

Many don’t know that these men are still in prison. That they are abused and even tortured by prison staff, disregarded by judges and lied about in media propaganda. This is not a story of privileged white ranchers. This is a story about every falsely imprisoned man and woman, black or white, Christian or Muslim, liberal or conservative. A story about the way they suffer every day.


This is HD version that includes all 3 parts. I’ll want to share a little of how it happened, but more importantly I want you do to something. Any of you can make a video, show up somewhere, call a prison, support the suffering or interrupt a meeting of entitled politicians to speak the truth. It’s what America was built on.

When Ammon Bundy asked me to record this story for the world, I knew it was important. Ammon had been working for some time on articulating the real story of his family and those who stood with them. It needed to be open, honest and brief. As always, Ammon had the words, we just needed to do something with them. I figured I would add some stills and video and we’ll push it out. Once I realized what Ammon had poured into this message, I saw a real documentary of America’s darkest times. What resulted took the last three months to finish.

Sound comes first so I setup the call over my computer versus cellular because quality is a problem. Even at that, it took a lot of post production to get the final sound, which still sounds like a phone, but not like a the bad jail phone that it is. We had to work to try and restore some of the richness to his voice, but you still know that it’s coming from a cement prison.

At times Ammon was frustrated, distracted by jail noise, reading on scribbles notes on top of notes. I have been on the inside trying to get a messages out from a jail; it is utterly exhausting in way that you can only know by being there. But Ammon just kept calling back until we had it all.

Next came video. We needed the story and we needed footage to match the story. The Bundy’s and others had clips of critical moments, but there had to be more, so my family and I went to Nevada and camped out for days trying to capture the essence of the ranch. The crowning moment of that was the last evening, the one where you see the Bundy cowboys riding off into the Sunset and the birds flying over the Virgin River. It my 20 years of filming I have never had a shot like those birds. I was glad Carol pushed the boys to saddle up and me to break out the cameras again that final night.

Then came the hard part. As I reviewed the project I realized how much was required and we started collecting more photos, more footage and more of the key bits that took this from a phone call to a full documentary that we had to do around the work at my Studio that pays the bills.

Fine tuning a project of this scale and then laying in a good soundtrack takes time. Sometimes people complain about the music in a video, but it’s essential to the emotion of a story because it conveys in part what you lack in the story by not being there. I was at Bundy Ranch, I know what it felt like, but many do not and that has to be told not only with words but with sound in order to even partially convey the truth of it.

This is not just a story about the Bundys. It’s the story of the struggle every man woman and child in America must face. Freedom, or slavery. I think the finished result is beautiful. I’m always amazed by how well Ammon speaks and even though he could not be here in person, together we managed to defy the evil of our court system in a small way and make a story for the world that is brief, compelling and most of all, the truth.

Thanks for spreading this message. You can share or embed the video and if you need to you can download and re-post it so long as it’s not being sold or used for profit.

If you want to contribute my my work and expenses visit my donation page. To donate to the Bundy family go here.


04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

On the anniversary of the day the second American Revolution almost started. Remember what happens when patriots stand firm!!! What do you remember from that historic Spring day?

I want to personally salute all those who stood in support of liberty. I wish I could name you all. — Whether from near or far, early, late spreading the word and supporting. America rose that day with a voice that rang around the world. They prayed for liberty, they stood tall.

The battle is not over, but that resounding rumble of liberty can still be heard. Oh some will say this is dramatics, or it did not matter that much. To those I say, you clearly were not there. Liberty must rise and wherever we are in history, we must stand principled and firm.

Blood was nearly spilled that day. But Bunerkville ended with peace and gave us the opportunity to learn from history.

So set aside your fears. Appeal to heaven and rise for justice and the defense of your neighbor. Liberty will not be restored until we soften our hearts and find our spine. Until we affirm that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were ourselves.

We Stand! — Gav

Bundy Ranch Facebook Page.

Bundy Ranch from the Ground – 04/26 Yakima Recording

Bundy Ranch from the Ground – 04/26 Yakima Recording

Communication has always been central to my campaign. So last Saturday I hosted an event in Yakima where myself, Anthony Bosworth and Nathan Seim talked about what happened at the Bundy Ranch and what we can all learn from it. All of us were on the ground at the ranch on the big day and saw first hand a Federal govement who was prepared and willing to kill Americans.

You can read more about what it was like in this article and this one. But at the request of many who could not attend Saturday, we recorded a video of this. It’s not a great recording, but it does cover all but a few minutes and will give you more information on what really happened at the Bundy Ranch.

— Gav

Hundreds Were Willing to DIE for You at Bundy Ranch! Think about it.

Hundreds Were Willing to DIE for You at Bundy Ranch! Think about it.

We were there peacefully. The government was not – I remember standing in the communications trailer, talking to combat veterans about how quickly people would fall. We had just confirmed snipers rained on woman and children from a distant hill, invisible to the naked eye. We talked about medical supplies and I’ll never forget pulling my first aid kit from the cabinet and thinking how pitifully small that “large” kit really was. How pitifully limited my experience would be.

Some of us from the Washington team recorded this clip before we rode out last Tuesday. We wanted to share how it felt being there and what it meant for America while it was still fresh in our minds. So many do not fully understand the gravity or historic importance of what happened here. We must not forget it.

Why were hundreds from all over America that did not even know each other, willing to die to protect your liberty? Because the moral foundation of our God given liberty matters and they realized it was our job to be the sententials of that liberty. This was not a gathering of anarchists. It was patriots standing in solidarity, realizing that they might not go home.

We honestly thought people were about to die. I’ll be frank, I was very scared. This is not addressed very much because the situation was resolved at the last minute. But there was an escalation coming from the feds and we had credible intel that things were about to go very bad. Thank God they were stood down first, because we did not have the resources the news media likes to portray.

It’s important we understand the stand that was made here. As Washington representative Matt Shea said — “A sniper rifle is not due process”. Yes there are legal matters to consider such as the the Bundy’s owning the grazing rights. But the main thing we need to focus on is that we MUST stop allowing government to overstep the law.

We need to disarm unconstitutional agencies and federal thugs impersonating officers. States and counties need to start taking back their lands from the  Federal government. Sheriffs  and representatives in all offices need to be elected that will take a stand. The overreach has gone far enough.

Do you want government agents pointing sniper rifles and calling out dogs on your family because of a bill they “claim” you owe?

I want to thank the Bundy’s and all who stood for liberty and justice. Who continue to remain vigilant on the ground. I want to thank God for standing with us. I want to thank people for the their prayers and support from home. It’s not over. Myself and many others are working with the new Coalition of Western States,  a group dedicated to helping us band together as Americans. Because Liberty is not the fringe. Liberty is the foundation.

— Gav