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Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim Announces first Online Town Hall Event in 4th District Race.

Ephrata Republican Gavin Seim who started running for Washington’s 4th Congressional seat in December is hosting a live streaming Town Hall event on Feb 27th at 7:05 PM.

Ephrata, WA (Feb 23, 2014) – Gavin Seim, the Republican who announced his candidacy in December is hot on the campaign trail. An award winning speaker, Gavin has committed not only to Constitutional accountability, but to opening up a higher level of communication in the seat — At 7:05 PM on Feb 27th the campaign will live stream a video Town Hall and Gavin will take questions live about the issues facing America.

“I will vote with the constitution. That’s my word.” – says Gavin “But I will do more than that. I’m going to use my communication experience to start conversations. Both during the campaign and after, we’re going to leverage a degree of communication that people are not used to from government.”

In recent weeks Gavin has been seen connecting in person at the Sportsmen Show’s and other events around the region. He has focused on combining face to face conversations with new media to get people involved and aware of what the government is doing.

In a recent endorsement, former Washington State senator Harold Hochstatter supported Gavin in bold terms.

“We have a congress of legislative eunuchs. It’s time to fix that with courage in the heart and fire in the belly. Gavin Seim is a man that will take that head on” – Harold Hochstatter.

Gavin’s experience with media and public speaking are a part of his informal communication and openness to questions and issues. Gavin does not script events, he has conversations and gets people talking about liberty and solutions that put focus back to the foundations of America.

“We must be untouchable” Gavin said in a recent video update. “I don’t need to dodge or confuse because our message is simple and it will stay the same.”

Gavin will continuing carrying the liberty message around the district and as the first runner on the field, is hopeful for a strong lead during the primary election in August. Anyone is welcome to attend the town hall and Gavin will be taking questions live.


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