Corruption fills your small town governments across America!

During my congressional run I nearly get arrested in the courthouse for asking a question. I day two the police chief physically removes me from his officer. What interesting corrupt times we live in. And yet after 20 years of non compliance, we made them comply. We stand, because we must.

It’s not about one local issue or incident here folks. It’s about lawless goverment. It’s about liberty and restoring that for our children.

The stands I make make some folks angry. There’s two reason for this. One is that they openly support tyranny. More often I think it’s because it disrupts their tranquility. Behind Mayberry there is corruption in the shadows. A festering disrespect for the liberty of the people and the many who died to preserve it. Many want to believe that it’s not true because the day they admit it they must do something about it. These are the slaves.

Ephrata, my little town of about 7000 people is like many across America. It has a local government that the people have not watched close enough. It starts when I get searched and harassed in the lobby of the courthouse on suspicion of having a gun that is actually legal to carry. The next day when I go deal with this problem with the chief of police, he throws me out and three officers follow me to tell me I’ll be arrested if I return.

Standing Up: Always film every encounter. There’s some tips in this article.

We have to get the conversation it. In this case we followed up a few weeks later with a rally in Ephrata. We swarmed that police station where I was told I would be arrested for returning and I defied that order as about 60 people stood with me. We told them in no uncertain terms that they must follow the law. I was not arrested and we stood up to them in mass.

Thomas Jefferson that said “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. It’s our job to affirm our liberty and demand accountability in our officials. The fact that it has gotten this bad is our fault. It’s out duty to fix it. We have failed at this America.

A corrupt goverment attacks those that point the finger at them. How dare we question them! We must stand anyways,. It does not mean just writing a letter. It means taking a stand and getting things fixed. It means actually jumping in and doing something.

We must stop believing the lie that the one who calls attention to the sickness is the one who caused the plague. Those principled people that point the finger are the first to be attacked. Do so anyways.

The Facts: My encounters are not planned ahead. I’m going about my business, wanting my government to get legal. Some call me names. Others say my actions are pointless. Some say I’m rude no matter how calm I am. But let me ask. How’s that working for you America? How is your country looking? At this stage taking government abuse head is the ONLY method that will work YOU must stand. When government is corrupted, it is our duty to act.

Consider that I went in to renew a vehicle license. On seeing there was no weapons check as required by law, I went back out and stowed my gun just to be safe. I took two minutes on my phone confirming the law, then went in to get answers. As always when I question a public official, I filmed it.

Within minutes I was surrounded by three armed Ephrata officers, grabbed hold of, and patted down in front of everyone. Why? Because I asked for the legally required weapons check at the Courthouse. You’ll note that they knew who I was. They knew I was no threat.

The next day I spoke with my County Sheriff on the phone. He said he would look into it, but did not seem concerned. He suggested that I take time to go visit the EPD chief. Reluctantly I decided to give the Chief Mike Warren a chance. What happened? I nearly got arrested all over again as you see in the second video. Various laws were broken by EPD and by the County but that does not matter to those who believe they are above justice.

Under WA RCW 9.41.300) this lobby (entrance) area is not restricted. So having a gun is legal here. The County was in violation of State law for not having a weapons check, or lock box in the building. The Ephrata PD was in violation for searching me as they had no probable cause to suggest I was committing a crime (I had this confirmed by a lawyer). The next day it appears violated the law again by trespassing me off of public property. It also appears that they violated at least 2 federal laws, including Deprivation of rights under color of law and Conspiracy against rights. What a week.

What Can We Do? We must start holding officials accountable and. Morally and legally I could have resisted, but I believe staying calm was the best way. If it’s this bad at the local level, imagine what we’re dealing with in DC – I plan to take that head on with your help.

We the people must fix this. It’s time to take back our America. Stand peacefully on principle, affirm our liberty and uphold  justice. Writing letters and calling is fine. But it won’t fix this. It’s time to start defying these bullies and start demanding officials that break the law be punished. Being an officer a politician or a judge does not make you above the law. These people serve us and when they violate liberty they become the criminals.

Film it all, be bold, don’t worry what foolish slaves think about it. Stand principled, stand bold. It’s time to get legal, it’s time to get liberty.

— Gav



09/18/14 Update:
Victory! Today I carried my gun into the Grant County Courthouse! Read the update here.

06/05/14 UPDATE: Eleven days later, Grant County has installed a lock box in the lobby, getting in compliance with a law they have been ignoring for 20 years. That’s the power of we the people. This is not about lock boxes. It’s about liberty and accountability. Ephrata officials are still refusing to address the behavior of their police. Sadly Grant County is attempting to draw focus from their failing by suggesting they may prosecute Gavin. We’re not sure for what, since Gavin is not the one who broke the law.

And finally, a protest was held June 3rd in Ephrata, the largest the city has seen in recent history. During this Mayor Chris Jacobson showed complete disdain for accountability and says Mike Warren will be Chief as long as he is in office. Looks like it’s time to make some changes. Yes there’s still work to be done, but Grant County complied and stemming from our stand, another similar incident just arose in Chelan County. Lets keep the conversation going, all the way to DC — It’s time to get government serving the people again. It’s time to get legal.

05/29/14 Update
Chief Deputy Ryan Rectenwald phoned to let me know a lockbox is being installed. The Sheriff’s office has still not addressed the actions of the Ephrata Police behavior. County Commissioner Cindy Carter also confirmed the lock box as reported in an iFiber news article. She also said — “This is the first time I’ve heard about a problem. If he had come and talked to us, we could have taken care of it without the hoopla.” — Multiple people have come forward however and said that in fact they have contacted Grant County in the past about this and the issue was ignored.

We started a conversation and public officials have been forced to address the law. They still have no apologized for their actions or for failing to follow a law that has been in place since 1994, but we are making progress. Keep them accountable At every level of government.