Police Assault Man for Question! Chief Does it Again the Next Day!

Published May 23, 2014 - 52 Comments

Corruption fills your small town governments across America!

During my congressional run I nearly get arrested in the courthouse for asking a question. I day two the police chief physically removes me from his officer. What interesting corrupt times we live in. And yet after 20 years of non compliance, we made them comply. We stand, because we must.

It’s not about one local issue or incident here folks. It’s about lawless goverment. It’s about liberty and restoring that for our children.

The stands I make make some folks angry. There’s two reason for this. One is that they openly support tyranny. More often I think it’s because it disrupts their tranquility. Behind Mayberry there is corruption in the shadows. A festering disrespect for the liberty of the people and the many who died to preserve it. Many want to believe that it’s not true because the day they admit it they must do something about it. These are the slaves.

Ephrata, my little town of about 7000 people is like many across America. It has a local government that the people have not watched close enough. It starts when I get searched and harassed in the lobby of the courthouse on suspicion of having a gun that is actually legal to carry. The next day when I go deal with this problem with the chief of police, he throws me out and three officers follow me to tell me I’ll be arrested if I return.

Standing Up: Always film every encounter. There’s some tips in this article.

We have to get the conversation it. In this case we followed up a few weeks later with a rally in Ephrata. We swarmed that police station where I was told I would be arrested for returning and I defied that order as about 60 people stood with me. We told them in no uncertain terms that they must follow the law. I was not arrested and we stood up to them in mass.

Thomas Jefferson that said “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. It’s our job to affirm our liberty and demand accountability in our officials. The fact that it has gotten this bad is our fault. It’s out duty to fix it. We have failed at this America.

A corrupt goverment attacks those that point the finger at them. How dare we question them! We must stand anyways,. It does not mean just writing a letter. It means taking a stand and getting things fixed. It means actually jumping in and doing something.

We must stop believing the lie that the one who calls attention to the sickness is the one who caused the plague. Those principled people that point the finger are the first to be attacked. Do so anyways.

The Facts: My encounters are not planned ahead. I’m going about my business, wanting my government to get legal. Some call me names. Others say my actions are pointless. Some say I’m rude no matter how calm I am. But let me ask. How’s that working for you America? How is your country looking? At this stage taking government abuse head is the ONLY method that will work YOU must stand. When government is corrupted, it is our duty to act.

Consider that I went in to renew a vehicle license. On seeing there was no weapons check as required by law, I went back out and stowed my gun just to be safe. I took two minutes on my phone confirming the law, then went in to get answers. As always when I question a public official, I filmed it.

Within minutes I was surrounded by three armed Ephrata officers, grabbed hold of, and patted down in front of everyone. Why? Because I asked for the legally required weapons check at the Courthouse. You’ll note that they knew who I was. They knew I was no threat.

The next day I spoke with my County Sheriff on the phone. He said he would look into it, but did not seem concerned. He suggested that I take time to go visit the EPD chief. Reluctantly I decided to give the Chief Mike Warren a chance. What happened? I nearly got arrested all over again as you see in the second video. Various laws were broken by EPD and by the County but that does not matter to those who believe they are above justice.

Under WA RCW 9.41.300) this lobby (entrance) area is not restricted. So having a gun is legal here. The County was in violation of State law for not having a weapons check, or lock box in the building. The Ephrata PD was in violation for searching me as they had no probable cause to suggest I was committing a crime (I had this confirmed by a lawyer). The next day it appears violated the law again by trespassing me off of public property. It also appears that they violated at least 2 federal laws, including Deprivation of rights under color of law and Conspiracy against rights. What a week.

What Can We Do? We must start holding officials accountable and. Morally and legally I could have resisted, but I believe staying calm was the best way. If it’s this bad at the local level, imagine what we’re dealing with in DC – I plan to take that head on with your help.

We the people must fix this. It’s time to take back our America. Stand peacefully on principle, affirm our liberty and uphold  justice. Writing letters and calling is fine. But it won’t fix this. It’s time to start defying these bullies and start demanding officials that break the law be punished. Being an officer a politician or a judge does not make you above the law. These people serve us and when they violate liberty they become the criminals.

Film it all, be bold, don’t worry what foolish slaves think about it. Stand principled, stand bold. It’s time to get legal, it’s time to get liberty.

— Gav



09/18/14 Update:
Victory! Today I carried my gun into the Grant County Courthouse! Read the update here.

06/05/14 UPDATE: Eleven days later, Grant County has installed a lock box in the lobby, getting in compliance with a law they have been ignoring for 20 years. That’s the power of we the people. This is not about lock boxes. It’s about liberty and accountability. Ephrata officials are still refusing to address the behavior of their police. Sadly Grant County is attempting to draw focus from their failing by suggesting they may prosecute Gavin. We’re not sure for what, since Gavin is not the one who broke the law.

And finally, a protest was held June 3rd in Ephrata, the largest the city has seen in recent history. During this Mayor Chris Jacobson showed complete disdain for accountability and says Mike Warren will be Chief as long as he is in office. Looks like it’s time to make some changes. Yes there’s still work to be done, but Grant County complied and stemming from our stand, another similar incident just arose in Chelan County. Lets keep the conversation going, all the way to DC — It’s time to get government serving the people again. It’s time to get legal.

05/29/14 Update
Chief Deputy Ryan Rectenwald phoned to let me know a lockbox is being installed. The Sheriff’s office has still not addressed the actions of the Ephrata Police behavior. County Commissioner Cindy Carter also confirmed the lock box as reported in an iFiber news article. She also said — “This is the first time I’ve heard about a problem. If he had come and talked to us, we could have taken care of it without the hoopla.” — Multiple people have come forward however and said that in fact they have contacted Grant County in the past about this and the issue was ignored.

We started a conversation and public officials have been forced to address the law. They still have no apologized for their actions or for failing to follow a law that has been in place since 1994, but we are making progress. Keep them accountable At every level of government.



Elliott Strom - May 23, 2014 Reply

Wow! You were trying to do what you’re supposed to and get treated like a crook. Sheesh!

Ante omnia, libertatem - May 23, 2014 Reply


Frank Deter - May 25, 2014 Reply

If I wanted to have a civil conversation with another person, I would actually listen to that person speak. If, on the other hand, I had delusions of grandeur, and an obsession with creating conflict where none needs to exist, I would treat them the way Gavin Seim treats this officer. Heaven help us if liberty looks like Gavin.

The problem with Gavin is he demands an inhumanly possible level of perfection and patience from other people, and very little from himself.

    Ben Anderson - May 29, 2014 Reply

    I completely agree. I don’t understand how one person can be placed is so many circumstances that warrant this type of “expose'”. The only logical reason for that to be the case is that Gavin is looking for trouble and has a desire to grand-stand. I would have a very hard time seeing him as our Congressman. He respects few and honors only himself. He would never have influence to persuade 435 other representatives to enact change for this country. The fundamental question in this race is identifying the person who would have the capacity to influence and persuade others in Congress to act…people who find themselves in constant conflict are not going to be the type of person who is going to develop consensus. Based on that I have already eliminated at least 3 candidates from my ballot. Gavin, Clint, and Kevin. I can also safely say that none of the Democratic candidates have earned my vote…so I am quickly reducing my choices down to those that might be able to influence and create change.

      Roger - May 30, 2014 Reply

      What a load of crap. Most do not have the nards to stand up to the illegal and just plain wrong actions that those who are in the service of the public. We are guaranteed rights as US citizens and those who illegally attempt to deny us those rights deserve no respect. Simply because they have a position of authority does not mean they have earned respect. In fact they deserve our contempt for their abuses.

      Just because you do not have the guts to stand up for your rights does not mean that a man who does stand up for each and every one of them is wrong. Doing what is right takes fortitude but being one of the sheeple who follow along blindly shows cowardice.

      Everyone knows how out of whack and out of bounds the PD is in Ephrata but nobody wants do to a thing about it. It is quite obvious with the firepower that they showed up with in the videos, and thank you Gavin for documenting that, they are out of touch with a gestapo attitude. This attitude shows from the Chief. It all starts there and is very obvious why his department is defective and needs fixed.

      And to those of you who are all like.. we know stuff cause we been here and are connected… F. you all.. Mother graduated from Ephrata in the 50’s… born there in the 60’s so have roots there from way back further than most of you have been alive. What Ephrata has become is an embarrassment to any man, woman or child who has any concept of the values our country was founded upon and our constitution guarantees.

      Gavin, push the buttons and the limits. Someone needs to have the balls to do it because the rest are to afraid or indoctrinated into the sheeple syndrome to stand up and question authority when it is abused.

      And to the original posters comment that he demands an inhumanely possible level of perfection. B.S. Those that enforce laws should be held to that standard. If they are there to enforce them they should know them. Anything less is embarrassing to the department, community and each and every one of you.

      Gavin, keep on this, us the sheeple need to see what a real man does when confronted with a wrong. Perhaps some will learn.. others will be frightened and afraid like some of the people posting on here.

    Rob - June 5, 2014 Reply

    Would it be a inhumanly possible level of perfection for them to say….You might be right Gavan and will look in to the look box but could you please use the lock box in the other building tell we can have who ever look into that?
    Every day there is a new video on the Internet of cops braking kids arms in school or stomping on the back of people heads. And there is never a apology never a officer fired it’s magically never the department fault. This no fault attitude is a product of human nature and not a deliberate (At least I hope not) but it is very dangerous and should not be allowed to continue unchecked.
    People might not like dealing with Gavin but he is dead on right about Government accountability. And people like Gavin are Absolutely necessary.

    This is what happens without thous people.
    Milgram Obedience Study. http://youtu.be/fCVlI-_4GZQ

Perry Merriel - May 25, 2014 Reply

Well gotta tell you, I was astounded, by your disrespectful demeanor. I have no plans to vote for you. Be mad at me all you want but I respect Tom Jones and the Chief of Police.

    Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

    How wrong you are. Chief ass kisser.

      James - September 5, 2014 Reply

      Well said Roger.

    James - September 5, 2014 Reply

    If I lived in Washington you would not only get my vote, I would work tirelessly to ensure your victory.

Panama Redd - May 26, 2014 Reply

It is NOT disrespectful to question authority. Authority SHOULD be questioned, all the time, every time. To do otherwise is to provide an open invitation to those who would use authority for ill purpose. These officers had absolutely NO right to do what they did. Mr. Seim was legally on the property, had NO weapon, even when he was in an area where he was legally permitted to carry one, and was treated as if he came in there waving a gun around saying “Fuck the police!”

It’s wrong. I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never really believed it until now. Mr. Seim, for what it’s worth, you have my support.

    Myra - May 27, 2014 Reply

    I so agree with you Panama Red, and Gavin . . . I got your back!

Ray - May 26, 2014 Reply

You should fact check more often… Jefferson can’t be attributed to the quote you start this out with. http://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/when-injustice-becomes-law-resistance-becomes-duty-quotation

    Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

    I guess the quote that Jefferson quoted had enough respect to repeat it. Or himself to repeat it.

      Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

      Now a lock box is in the courthouse when you first go in. Funny not one before where there is a court room on your right and upstairs on your left.

Ray - May 26, 2014 Reply

Ohhhh! awesome. Comments have to be “moderated,” before they are put up. Is this a form of censorship?

Brian Weitzel - May 26, 2014 Reply

What’s disrespectful are a dozen law enforcement public servants who have no comprehension of the law they are enforcing. What is truly shameful are citizens who find Mr Seims’ questioning somehow disrespectful. Since when is it disrespectful to ask a public servant a question? What I see are a number of horrible mistakes which, If Mr. Seim felt compelled, could turn into a financial nightmare for the county and city. What astounds me are the few posting here who do not expect anything more from their local servants, than blank stares, confusion and anger, after they are called on some simple, basic questions about the law they are enforcing. What kind of bizarro world are they living in? These men got mad because Mr Seim asked them questions they had no answer for. And the Security Guard? I bet he went home and read the RCW, so he would have a clue. I’m praying that the Ephrata Police and Grant County Sheriffs involved have now read AND COMPREHEND the RCW as well. And maybe the GC Sheriff will talk to the commissioners about adding the lock box so they will be in accordance to the State law, …. Something they are now not in compliance with. Imagine what someone who isn’t afraid to go against the grain may accomplish in DC? Unless you are somehow pleased with things now, …

    Ray - May 26, 2014 Reply

    It’s not his ideals, it’s his demeanor and antics. This is a small town, the elected and police officers are your neighbors – fellow human beings first, not just some “big bad guys with a badge,” like you all try and make it seem. Why not just point it out to the receptionist and upon realizing she has no clue (which she didn’t), walk back and point it out to the Commissioner’s (25 ft walk) or the Sheriff (50 yards maybe?). Give them a chance to correct a simple oversight before you go badgering the poor lady… Do you think public officials don’t want to be in compliance? Sure, there are some bad apples, but most are service oriented – especially in small jurisdictions where the pay isn’t going to make anyone wealthy. This is a town that holds fund raisers for members when diagnosed with cancer, or to gel cover funeral costs when the family can’t afford it, a town of 7,800 raises that $60k for Relay for Life. Community is determined by ow we treat one another. When it’s all said and done – that’s what we’re judged on. How we treat each other. Were mistakes made, sure – but sit down like adults for crying out loud.

    Myra - May 27, 2014 Reply

    Very well stated Brian.

      Brian Weitzel - May 27, 2014 Reply

      Myra; Thank you.

      Ray; Well, I believe when law enforcement becomes hostile and uses intimidation tactics, (As clearly seen in the video), it is alarming. (Regardless of where you live)

      I believe the testimony of any man is how he handles life when things go badly. Will he lash out in anger? Will he use his power to intimidate?

      I will add, … Law enforcement has used video for years. It shouldn’t scare them any more than it does us.

        Ben Anderson - May 29, 2014 Reply

        And what happens when a person bent on proving he’s bigger and better and more informed than others is in power and has such power to push people around? What happens when a Gavin Seim is elected and carries his ego and contempt for authority into DC? What impact will he have when he realizes that he is still not capable of impacting change by video expose’? Gavin is immature and while his heart and reason are in the right place he has failed to evolve enough to be a leader. Keep making videos…just don’t expect my tax dollars to support you.

          Peter Courtenay Stephens - June 1, 2014 Reply

          Authority should always have contempt.

          Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

          Don’t like when someone knows their stand when things aren’t right? You want a Nazi Germany town to live in?

          Rob - June 5, 2014 Reply

          What happens is not this
          Milgram Obedience Study. http://youtu.be/fCVlI-_4GZQ

          David A. - June 7, 2014 Reply

          Well put, Mr. Anderson. We’ll be expecting your move to Crimea as soon as possible.

Dennis Wilson - May 27, 2014 Reply

I believe Gavin is in the right even if his tactics here appear to entice the negative action. The correct answer from the government official would be, “No. I am not aware of the details of the law but I will find out and bring it to my superiors to get the issue corrected.”. That would have ended the debate and made this whole situation very uninteresting and not news worthy.
I believe we need people like Gavin who can calmly point out the problems and people who can calmly seek to correct the problems.
I respect our law enforcement officers and value the protection they provide us. I also value respect and value people like Gavin that seek to keep us freedoms in tact.
Thank you both!

    Brian Weitzel - May 27, 2014 Reply

    I agree that the Security Gaurd, the Ephrata Tactical Team, the one Sheriff, and the police chief all should have used your, “No, I am not aware … ” statement. Why become hostile? That isn’t the proper response at all.

    One note: Law enforcement has used video for years. Yet they seem scared of being recorded.

Jennifer Christman - May 27, 2014 Reply

Welcome to Grant County!! If you continue this investigation you will be more amazed at the injustice and corruption that occurs everyday in this area…

Anthony valenz - May 27, 2014 Reply

About time someone with enough knowledge stood up

Emilio - May 28, 2014 Reply

Wow!…. If a little town like Ephrata is that bad, you should come to the heart of Grant County. Moses Lake. I’ve seen and know there are officers here that are that bad. I think you’re doing something right, addressing these kinds of issues. Especially from something so small that turned into a big deal like that. Gavin is right when he says the government is suppose to work FOR us not against us. We should not fear our government, the government should fear its people. Everytime i see a police officer i should feel safe and secure but instead i feel i need to watch everything i do and say and steer clear of them. That is not how its suppose to be….

Vitas2 - May 28, 2014 Reply

Wow! I’m with you 100% Gavin! We as the people can’t allow for this type of behavior from government officials to continue! If I wasn’t afraid of internet fraud by putting in my credit card information, I would donate money to you! Get a PO Box and I would send cash for the cause 🙂

    gavinseim - May 28, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Vitas. And yes, you can contribute directly:

    Gavin Seim for Liberty
    PO Box 56
    Ephrata WA 98823

      Simone - May 31, 2014 Reply

      I am in stitches that this is the only comment that Gavin has replied to. $$

      I have to say, sir, that I am appalled at your actions concerning this lock box law, their probable cause, and conversation with the chief. I understand that there was a mistake in not having a lock box and they were wrong. What was worse though was that it was made into an “issue” that the police were “infringing on your rights” because of this mistake. I hope you find better ways to get more Youtube views, more votes and more cash donations. You, sir, are delusional.

        M. Blackwell - June 13, 2015 Reply

        Simone I think maybe you’re the one that is delusional. Thank you Gavin for standing up to these bullies!

fernando - May 30, 2014 Reply

Gavin you are fighting against the whole government if you want liberty & respect, not just sheriff’s or police. Then again that is my opinion Good luck. Also be aware of your power don’t let that make you into one of them.

shawna - May 31, 2014 Reply

You caused this entire scene, not them. These videos aren’t helping your case, they are helping you lose. Stop being annoying. Good luck with your running, I suppose?

    Charles - June 1, 2014 Reply

    I’m just going to go with a list here for the sake of brevity:

    1) The courthouse was not in compliance with Washington State laws. This entire situation would have been avoided if they had installed a compliant box, designated an official, or opted out of the unconstitutional limitations in the first place. They did not.

    2) The security officer who initially responded escalated the situation by calling in claiming that there was someone with a gun in the courthouse making threats, or something close enough that it was interpreted in this way.

    3) The first officers to arrive further escalate the situation by treating Gavin as a criminal despite the lack of any evidence that he is involved in criminal activity (he was in an area where even if he had been carrying his weapon it would not have been illegal.)

    4) The Chief of Police not only refuses to have an actual discussion of the events and issues at hand, but then escalates the situation even further by having Gavin forcibly removed from the building, and threatening him with criminal charges, without even having the bare courtesy of asking him to leave.

    I guess ultimately you’re right that Gavin set this whole thing in motion, by having the audacity to expect his local government to adhere to the laws of the state, which is apparently what the majority of Ephratans have done for the past 20 years… but what has that got them?

    With one simple question and the backbone to not stand down, Gavin was able to get this issue addressed and rectified. I feel sorry for him that he had to go through such an ordeal in order to see it done, but that’s where the whole concept that freedom isn’t free comes in. Keep up the good work, Gavin!

    Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

    They caused the scene to be more than it actually was. Would they treat the President in the same manner? Probably, because he is of different color.

Get a life - June 1, 2014 Reply

“No More Politicians” yet you’re running for a political position? God bless that lawyer that called you out on your obvious stunt to get the police called and play the victim. You know why the people around you were calling you names because they see a manchild who has to cry in public and make a big scene about how oppressed you are by the big, bad, mean police. You talk a lot about respect which seems to be the last thing you give to anyone. I hope you know you’re chances of getting elected to congress is a big fat 0% and you’re wasting not only your time, but your family’s time and everyone’s time with your stupid public tantrums that achieve nothing but embarrassing yourself.

    Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

    Apparently you have no respect for a person wanting to make sure people are given there rights and not be taken away from them.

Hunter - June 2, 2014 Reply

Gavin, your an idiot! Just amazes me you go out of your way to draw attention to yourself and TRY to recite the law and constitution. You are a waste of space. Get a life and do something CONSTRUCTIVE.

Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply

Hey is Ephrata being audited???

Joni Ishibashi - June 3, 2014 Reply


Wheat - June 7, 2014 Reply

Heavy handed, Ephrata Chief.
Intimidation. Lawlessness. Not happy with the line of questions–shut it down and threaten trespass–J-Walking???? When the following officers failed to use the crosswalk. Gavin may be an agitator, but the reaction is way over the line. This is why we distrust law enforcement. Authority does not mean autocracy.
SCARY THING: I’ve carried brief cases into the courthouse, no metal detectors, no search, no questions– Into the district courtroom even. Had to question myself when I read “that sign” to make sure I wasn’t carrying into the courthouse. I wasn’t, but ANYONE COULD. Those citizens who “try to observe the law” are entirely at the mercy of any imbalanced, deranged, or psychotic individual with a plan for violence, terror, chaos, and violence. This is why gun-free zones are helpless victim zones.

David A. - June 7, 2014 Reply

As a former resident of the “self-rightoues” Grant county I’ve been subjected to their idiocy and backwards as* country f*ck justice before. Mayberry isn’t just a city on TV it’s personified in the justice system in grant co. as a whole. Barney Fife and his cohorts have been running this county for decades. Expecting intelligence from a county barely in the 20th century much less the 21 first is asinine and ludicrous, the powers that be won’t allow themselves to look stupid (oops too late) by admitting they’re wrong.
Big change is what’s needed in this and our state as a whole, get out , become more informed and don’t bitch if you don’t vote, because that’s how change is made in minor government. GFY Grant county.

Ella - June 27, 2014 Reply

I’m serious here, you have SERIOUS mental issues, get yourself check man.

What bothers me the most is that poor kid, he sure is brainwashed 🙁

Matt - August 1, 2014 Reply

I believe the only thing that kept the Officers in check whatsoever is the fact they were being recorded. I’d guarantee that if they were not being recorded; they would have hemmed him up and hog tied him. Also, why do the police not know the RCW or the Constitutional freedoms that we are guaranteed? Is it not their job to know? Are they not tested on this knowledge? Its as if they are guessing the law and assuming everyone will follow suit and assume they know what they are talking about. They didn’t even know the law for criminal trespass in a public place. They just made that up too. I also don’t really like the statement “the authorities”. The constitution and the Law are the authority. All they are there for is to enforce the laws authority, not their own. They don’t have any authority. I cant even count the number of times I have had to go to court for small things like traffic violations or parking tickets because I was incorrectly issued a ticket by an officer that didn’t know the law. When this happens, yes, I go to court and challenge them and almost unfailingly get them reversed, but should I have to? Wouldn’t it be easier if I didn’t have to take time out of my day to correct a mistake by a “Law Enforcement Officer” that doesn’t know the law? Unfortunately most of us do get taken advantage of by following convention, and are unwittingly letting our freedoms be infringed upon. Good luck Gavin and make sure you don’t ever forget the camera at home.

Anonymous - October 21, 2014 Reply

Looks like you were right about the compliance issues of the lock box. Although, not to discredit the compliance point, I don’t see how effective the lock boxes are without a metal detector.

As for the response by the PD, it looks like they were responding to some misinformation by the security gaurd, and they handled the situation relatively professional, given the call that was placed.

The police chief did meet with you, which seems rare in this day and age, and he admitted you may have a point about the lock box, a good sign anyways as to his ability to be realistic. I have not researched the probable cause issue as to “pat downs” and that is such a broad topic, I would guess the response was reasonable given the 911 call that was placed, or at least close. The chief seemed to have been willing to work with you, and that is a great sign.

If your grand jury was accesible, or better accessible, the filing of a complaint would be made easier, and proper resolution to grievances would be easier accomplished.

Brian wings - October 25, 2014 Reply

As we look at daily national news exempt of the censored or agenda based news (cnn, msnbc, fox, cbs, etc) we can see the issues you are confronting are all over this nation…like a bad cancer that’s now saturated deep into the body. We see ordinances and laws falsely being upheld, as if lawmakers have become creatures that pass laws first and foremost on “feeling” and not Based on Constitutional realms. The “we feel” laws then get justified by false mis-attribution or false interpretation, with lengthy and more Unconstitutional rhetoric and excuse, and if confirmed as unconstitutional …the lawmakers and enforcers resort to violence as if to run out of logical excuse and as if to say by action….do as I say or else….thuggery governance in essence…a nation that’s become lawless….

Bdubz - October 25, 2014 Reply

If one cannot comply to the law, that person then has no logical basis to enforce the law! It’s like do as I say not as I do…. Moot and illogical.

michael Petry - November 21, 2014 Reply

Hi Gavin !
Right on ! Way to Go !You are right in what you doing please continue to stand up for us and I will support you when you run for congress. Private Security went way overboard with you by filing a false 911 call saying you had a weapon when you did not ! I hope you get a lawyer and sue for violations of your civil rights and enforce your rights with courts to stop the violations. I also admire very much how you educate about the police and unmarked cars ?
Questions does this also apply to the Washington State patrol who pull people over for speeding ? Since many of thier traffic enforcement cars are unmarked ? God bless you for educating us and be careful

google - March 25, 2015 Reply

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