I Will Not Comply Rally Q&A.

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rally_qaRally Q&A – 12/13/14

We’ll address common questions about the rally here. I will continue to update this so folks have something to refer to. You can find the main page for the rally here and the Facebook event here. Get stickers and signs here.

Q — When and Where?
A. We’ll be gathering on the primary large green at the Capital in Olympia. You can get the address on the main rally page. We’ll have logistics in order with sound and great speakers throughout the event. The rally starts at 11AM and officially will go till around 3:30, but you can stay longer if you wish.

Q — What should I bring.
A. It’s December in Olympia and will be chilly. Dress warm and make sure you bring hats and gloves, especially for kids. Bring water and snacks. You can also bring chairs, tables.

Q — The law will not be in effect so this is pointless.
A. Wrong. The law goes into effect Dec 4th according to the voter pamphlet.

Q — The legislature is not in session, so the timing is bad.
A. When thousands of armed patriots show up to peacefully stand against lawlessness, everyone knows. The fact that the legislature is not in session does not diminish this. They will all know we were there. Some of them will even be there with us and our voice will be heard around the world.

Q — Can we open carry/don’t open carry/loaded carry?
A. We’re not here to ask for our rights. We’re taking them. We are here to openly defy i594. We’re also here to be principled, respectful and peaceful. Don’t come looking for a fight, just come resolute. Bring your best, bring your ammo. If that’s open carry, do it safe, if it’s concealed do so, if it’s your whole family, great. Come and stand principled for liberty and be a part of history.

Q — Who can come?
A. Anyone, any age. You be the judge. Lets keep this family friendly and teach the next generation about liberty as we make our stand. We do not anticipate aggressive action from the government. There are too many of us.

Q — This Gavin Seim guy is a hack!
A. You show me your results. I’ll show you mine.

Q — Lets show these F****rs a thing or two.
A. Your voice is your own, but lets be principled and clean. We are standing strong and we don’t need lewd language, nasty signs or screaming to show that we are resolute, we are liberty. Lets keep the high ground and make our mammas proud.

Q — How will we be violating i594?
A. It’s not hard since the law is so ridiculous. Hand a gun to a friend, buy a gun, sell a gun. You are welcome to do all of these things as you please. We are not here to obey this lawless law but to uphold real law and our rights. All gun restrictions that violate the Constitution are void. We are coming together to affirm that.

Q — Who is Speaking?
A. We’re lining up great speakers and are taking suggestions. There is no open mic and all speakers will be arranged through our team before hand. Due to the scale of this we’re be bringing up speakers that are experienced and can help us take on the lawlessness after we go home. If you have a suggestion or want to be considered email, gavinforliberty@gmail.com.

Q — This is the wrong way. Just obey and let the system work it out.
A. Nice, hows lying down been working out for us? We don’t always have to agree on everything But we must stand as one for what’s right.

Q — Where do I get stickers and signs?
A. You can order them here: http://callmegav.com/store/

Q — How do I stop notifications from the event page?
A. Login from a desktop and go to the event page. On the far right, under the header you will see a button with dots on it “…”. Click and the select turn off notifications. You can simply back and check out the latest posts when you feel like it. For mobile instructions see this post.

Q — Is this legal?
A. What’s legal is our rights. The supreme law of our Constitutions and our liberty. All other laws are lawless. But in the eyes of a lawless government, defying i594 is indeed illegal. We don’t care. It is our duty to defy such lawlessness and uphold our rights.

Q — Do you have a permit for this?
A. We don’t need a permit for our rights. We have been trying to work with the Capital by submitting the information that “their rules” say is required. They have been giving us hassles, but we have made a best effort and everything goes on as planned. Lets be clear. We are NOT asking permission. We are showing up and we WILL rally.

Q — Lets start this REVOLUTION!

A. No lets not! Revolution of blood is the last resort of good men. It’s neither glorious nor exciting. It’s the blood of fathers and children spilled because evil was not quelled soon enough. See this article for more. That said, we will not allow government to violate this body and if we must defend our families, we will not blink.

Q. What about safety.

A. It’s critical that everyone practice good safety. Open carry and loaded arms are well within our rights. But if you are handing off a gun we suggest you announce the state. If you are receiving a one, please check the chamber. If you want to bring zip ties to secure triggers of guns being bought, sold do so. Always treat guns as if they are loaded and remember we are here to set an example, not become one.

Q. What if police/others assault us!

A. Due to our numbers, we do not expect trouble. Be polite to officers, ask them to refuse lawless legislation and keep their oath. Leave the name calling and F **k the police stuff at home. We stand on liberty and principle. — That said, the time has come to stand firm. We will not tolerate government officials attempting to enforce this legislation or make mass arrests. We will not throw the first punch, or fire the first shot. But if assaulted for our liberty, we will respond and we will defend ourselves. Anyone that commits assault will be placed under arrest by the citizens.

Q — This is going to be awesome!
A. YES. God willing we will start to change the course and set an example for others. If you believe, keep praying. Regardless, lets stay on track and make history on Dec 13th. See you there.


Q — How can I help.

Planning an event with thousands of patriots is no small feat. But we have a great team of patriots behind the scenes and you can be a part of. We could use your help, and here’s how you can get involved. Most questions can be answered via the Q&A page: http://callmegav.com/rallyqa.

***Support Volunteers: We need you. If you want to be on the volunteer list, have gear you want to pitch in with, want to bring candy for the kids, serve coffee, or help with tents just let us know and we’ll coordinate with you. We are making lists of what we have and do not have and will be nailing everything down. You can also donate on the site if you want to help out that way: http://callmegav.com/donate

***Coat Drive: We will have an area to collect coats and winter clothing. Our forefathers fought with no coats, no shoes, no food. We want to ensure that those who want to stand with us have what they need to do so. Please bring something if you have something. This will help us have extra gear on hand for rally goers if the whether goes bad, and when it’s over our team will distribute the coats to community centers and people in need.

***Medical Personnel: We do NOT anticipate issues. However, it is winter and we want to ensure that if people run into any kind of emergencies that we are organized. We are not staffing a first aid tent or anything like that; this is just to have someone “on call” and willing to step up if needed. If you have medical training and can help out please contact us.

***Vendors: It’s a public place and vendors can come to the event as any public event. This could be anything from a food truck to tactical gear. If you are a vendor who would be interested in setting up you can get in touch and we’ll give you details to help coordinate.

***Lastly, this is not a one man show. We have many great groups in Washington and if you’d like to stand with us please get in touch. We need local groups to bring tents, tables, chairs, coffee and the like.

This thread is not for off-topic discussion. We are looking for serious people who want to get involved. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us at THIS email: boldlibertyteam@gmail.com

This is a historic event. We are capable of taking care of our own, ensuring that people are safe, and making sure we are not blindsided by unforeseen issues. Liberty demands responsibility; we accept that responsibility and are proud you are all standing with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get involved. Email” boldlibertyteam@gmail.com

We stand together. We will not comply.