We heard Spokane County was corrupt…

So we went there for some good old fashioned investigative journalism. — What we found was the tip of the iceberg in what seems to be a corrupt, lawless County under the consenting eye of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. Yes, that’s the same Sheriff who recently came under fire when one of his deputies claimed they need military vehicles because of Constitutionalists and gun owners. (there’s a protest up there on the 20th).

After the expose of the unmarked cars in this Fall that led to Grant County vehicles starting to get compliant. I started hearing from friends about Spokane. This is a County that has no cameras in their cars, runs unmarked vehicles and has even had a Sheriff deputy kill a man, after he went to his private property at night and shot Pastor Creech, after he came out to see what was happening.

gavin-bozThe result of today’s video illustrating the lack of professional, respect and lawfulness of the Spokane Sheriff and Spokane police. These people don’t serve us, we serve. Or so they think. Thanks to help from patriot Anthony Bosworth, we teamed up and got great evidence. But if we can find this much in an afternoon,  imagine what’s going on behind the scenes.

We pulled no punches and did not tolerate their games. But here’s one of our activism secrets. We don’t let public officials talk in circles and derail the conversation. We want accountability and obedience to the law. Anything else has no place but to be exposed.  We stood up to them and they ran away. Today’s video is a little long, but it’s action packed and covers many encounters in Spokane with Sheriff and Police officers. It’s the responsibility if the Sheriff to make sure law enforcement is accountable, safe and law abiding in his Country. That’s not happening in Spokane.

Sometimes people express concern with how firm or defiant I am to public officials. They suggest that it’s too rude, abrasive or impolite.

This is why that assertion is incorrect. When your public servants behave like petulant bullies, it is perfectly appropriate and necessary to treat them as such. False politeness should never be afforded to hypocrites. They should be verbally dressed down to and stood up to with unwavering principle.

I have no problem raising my voice, or commanding a public employees to do their job with all firmness. In the same manner I will offer cordial behavior to an employee that shows respect and does their job. If we all did the same, we would not have the public officials we have today. Stop tolerating this lawlessness and disrespect from your employes.

Great respect for just authority requires a matched disrespect for unjust authority.

— Gav