America. These are OUR courts. Take them back!

Liberty lovers, oath keepers. We MUST stand. Watch the total disdain this man has for the people he serves. He’s not even the judge. It says a lot about this court. I happen to know that judge Judith L. McCauley treats people with equal disrespect. But this is about more than this courtroom. America; we have tyrants running our courtrooms who believe themselves to be kings and lords and we, their serfs.

There is a problem with liberty in America. It’s broken! Lawless government is tramping us at every turn and we have failed to protect liberty as we were meant to. It’s OUR job to ensue that liberty is preserved for our children. It’s OUR job to deal with those that violate and disrespect it in government. We are the sententials. This same County is taking a young man all the way to jury trial, so they can punish him for asking a an officer question. Other courts are abusing their authority in similar fashion all over America.

They are coming for our guns, they are coming for our farms and our families and our faith. They are doing it with the jack boot of tyranny on our neck and they are backing it with lawless petty officials and courts who will support the State no matter how ridiculous the charge. Recall, replace, stand up. Do what it takes America. We can make them back down. We have proven it.

As we stand up across, tyrants on the street arrest some of us. The problem is that when we get to the court, we find tyrants and we find ourselves alone. So most bow down and lick the boots of the tyrants, making a deal or pleading out their case, even on the most ridiculous charges. Most can’t afford the many thousands of dollars for an attorney and most also don’t qualify for a public defender. So they cave. This must stop. When charged with ridiculous accusations we should ALWAYS demand a jury trial and better yet represent ourselves, forcing all norms from their comfortable system. This alone would break the lawless court system and set an example of simple justice. When we stand up, bullies back down.

Courts work hard to stop people from standing. But in fact a judges real job is to ensure justice, when someone is representing themselves , the judge should be assisting to make sure he or she gets just justice. Instead, judges and prosecutors throw up road blocks, toss out rules and hide information. They obstruct in ways that would cause me or you to be charged with obstruction. That’s exactly what’s happening in Douglas County and it’s a reflection of what’s happening all over America. Our judges are obstructing justice!

The bailiff in this video is so comfortable with abuse and disrespect in the courts, that he is even willing to do it on camera. Courts have built a wall. They control the location, time and environment. People walk in and think that the Constitution and their rights don’t really apply. That judges and their minions can do whatever they want. This is not true if we simply stand up and use the camera to educate and expose.

Some will ask. Why did you walk away Gavin? — Because sometimes you have to step back before you can win. Americans don’t stand up in the courts. It’s a new conversation. It’s a new battlefield in the same war for liberty.  There is more corruption happening at Douglas County District Court than this petty bully brings to the table. We are coming back to will continue this conversation. But standing principled is a wire walk. Stay calm, don’t listen to your fear, but do listen to your gut. We are in control of the conversation, not them, not the media.

It’s time to tear down the wall!

Consider this. In 1995 it was also pretty rare to refuse commands from a police officer. Now we stand up to them all the time, all over America. It’s reasonable to say that our courtrooms need to be orderly. But what’s happening is judges and prosecutors are being out of order, obstructing justice and intimidating the people they work for, Justice is not being served. We have to stand up to that. Just as we refuse to give up our guns, we must refuse to give up justice.

The courts are so bad that many refer to them as the INJUSTICE system! While that’s sadly true, we have to ask. Who’s fault is that? Who must fix it?

I have great respect for OUR courts, when justice is served/ But I have not enough words to describe the contempt I hold for bullies on our bench who are in contempt of the people, who corrupt justice for their ego and a paycheck. I am done tolerating their behavior.

Many of us signed a Declaration on 12/13/14. Many of us are oath keepers. WE need to start standing up to them. WE need to start packing courtrooms with patriots when cases go to trial. WE need to ensure people can represent themselves or be assisted by anyone they wish; just as the 6th amendment guarantees. WE need to start being willing to stand up in defiance in a courtroom and refusing to move until our judges honor the law and their oath. For a judge has no more authority over our rights than a police officer. Unless WE allow it.

It’s all the same conversation. We see three parts. We stand up to legislators. We can stand up to lawless officers. But once arrested we stand alone! That must change. If we don’t start standing in all areas, the abuse always has an outlet. We need to start standing with our friends, neighbors and patriots. Start encouraging them to stand up, demand their jury trial and expose the truth. Anyone can represent themselves to a “jury of their peers”. Tyrants hate it, because the jury overrules them. We need to start educating ourselves. Juries are like a 4th branch of government and they have great authority, overriding even the judge. We need to start teaching juries to nullify (read more) bad application of law. This is a principle that goes back to the founding of America.

Look at the big picture. Lawless lawmakers make legislation, lawless officers enforce it and lawless judges punish us for not obeying that lawlessness. We have to start standing bold and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

We must start taking back our courts. Taking on the petty abuse and refusing to lie down. This is not one petty issue, this is liberty and this is our duty. My name is Gavin Seim and I will stand.

Join us to pack the courtroom in Douglas County.

Douglas County is taking a young man all the way to jury trial, so they can punish him for asking an officer a question. We are going to stand to ensure that due process not be obstructed further by this court, at this event, Jan 15th, 8:30AM at the Douglas County District Court, 110 2nd Street Northeast #100, East Wenatchee WA. —  Join the Event!

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