An illegal WSP patrol vehicle that Gavin addressed in this video.

A currently illegal unmarked WSP patrol vehicle that Gavin addressed in this video. Their latest cars don’t even have floodlights, visible equipment or special plates.

Essentially any criminal can stop ANY car, anywhere, with a $30 pair of lights!

All thanks to Washington’s Secret Police! Now these police agencies want no limits on how they use unmarked cars. The result if this passes will be inability to know who is stopping you on the road.

Remember when police used light bars, clear markings and respected safety? Today police impersonating citizens are everywhere. They know people are getting hurt because citizens stop for unmarked cars. And they don’t care!

This huge conversation has gone all the way to the WA legislature. Think it’s a small thing? Think again! Unmarked patrol cars are a HUGE priority to the massive revenue streams of police and they will fight to keep using them. Challenging them on their abuse of unmarked cars is an attack on the Sheriff of Nottingham himself and they are not taking it lightly.

In most States it’s against the law for police to patrol in unmarked cars. Washington is no expectation. But police have been police have been ignoring that law for years. Since my stop last fall the conversation went into overdrive and police are getting tired of being called out. Now they just want the law changed, allowing they can do whatever they want. The bill (HR195) was passed out of committee last week by the Public Safety Committee. It now goes to the House general assembly. As it stands the bill strip away ALL restrictions for police regarding unmarked cars for patrol. It actually makes the entire law not even apply to them. — Let’s call this what it is. The Pro Rape Bill!


Take action NOW unless you want police to have 100% unlimited use of totally unmarked and unidentifiable patrol vehicles.

If you live in WA, CALL State legislators in your district. You can look them up here.Demand that they do not support the HR1951 as written and demand that they work to get all unmarked patrol cars totally off the street.

Call Rep. Liz Pike and ask why she is proposing this bill that supports putting our families at higher risk of rape, assault and murder.

Phone: (360) 786-7812


Pro Rape? Some may accuse me of being insensitive or using a straw man here. The opposite is true. Those promoting unmarked cars could not be any less sensitive to people who have been attacked by police impersonators. It’s a very real crime and Pro-Rape is a perfect description of a bill that, if it passes, will open up a can of worms that allows police impersonation to be easier and less risky than ever before.

Did you know serial killer Ted Bundy impersonated officers right here in Washington . Did you know there was recently a rape here in WA involving a man impersonating an officer? There was another incident just last year and many more around the country. The list goes on and it’s growing.

Of course police will say you can just dial 911 or drive to a safe area to stop. Those are reasonable things to try, but one must ask the police. Why would you endanger me in the first place? — See even though you have a right not to stop if you fear a fraud, the truth is that it could get you arrested and charged with eluding. How about police show some respect for peoples safety and we won’t have a problem.

Here’s the simple facts. Your daughters, wives and families are taught to stop for police. Now police are demanding that they be able to use cars that are in no way indefinable as police vehicles. No markings, no special plates. Even hidden equipment and antennas are being used. Unless you ID an officer you have NO CONFIRMATION whether they are real. Unless you believe that because they have flashing lights and a uniform you are safe. It’s worth noting that flashing police lights cost under $30. A uniform is easy to fake. Though perhaps not needed since before most people realize it they have been stopped by a fraud, they are already in the lions den. Anther good reason to carry a gun.

What are officials supporting unmarked patrol cars are really saying? We WANT unmarked cars so we can write more tickets. We don’t care how it effects your safety and we don’t care how many people get hurt. —  That’s the reality. There is ZERO reason for patrol officers to be using unmarked vehicles EXCEPT for revenue generation. It’s literally the only purpose and it’s shameful that officers are putting lives of motorists at risk so they can write more tickets.

Reality! Your family will stop for anyone with flashing blue lights. Anywhere. Anytime. Chances are they will do exactly what they are told once stopped! That has to change and the the kep to it is making sure that people are not conditioned to stop for unmarked cars.

Take action. No matter where you live, dial 911 if you see an unmarked vehicle with someone stopped. Contact your legislator and demand they fix this and have police treat people with respect and safety. The big picture here is not simply unmarked cars. They are a very real issue, but this is also about accountability and liberty. It’s about police demanding that they be able to act with impunity, put the lives of others at risk and violate the law with no consequences. It must stop and we must stop it.

Take back your country America.

— Gav