I will NOT bow to this court!

Tomorrow is my trail and much as my Dad’s trial, it will be a filled with corruption, whitewashed with the appearance of justice. Many across America are being abused by a petty vindictive goverment who’s focus has become not justice, but contoll and coercion. Most Americans going before a court this week have committed no crime.

Government especially hates those who will not bow. People who take the principled high ground, stand up and speak the truth. They will try to crush me because truth is treason in their empire of lies.

  • I will not bow to these tyrants; I will stand and appeal to heaven.
  • I will not bow to evil; silence in the face of evil is consent.
  • I will not bow to this court; I kneel before only one.

I stand without shame, holding my head high. These officials will be held to account. We have stood for justice and the in defense of liberty. If that is a crime, if you will not rise for that. America is indeed lost.

We Stand!

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– Douglas County Sheriff: (509) 884-0941
– Douglas County District Court: (509) 884-3536

Watch the video that started all this.