Lawless Government and the Slaves Who Support Them!


Soap Lake WA (Facebook Page) is a town of less than 2000 in corrupt Grant County.  Soap Lake is often refereed to as Dope Lake by locals. It’s a town that can barley keep it’s services going, yet somehow managed to get two new patrol SUV’s. — This was actually the first time I took on illegal unmarked police cars in Washington, a conversation that went viral last Fall. Life got in the way and I’m just getting this clip posted. I did not realize how crazy it was until I went through it.

I was at the store getting a snack when I noticed what appeared to be an officer in an unmarked car talking to some young men. I’d been seen people stopped by this unmarked car and I knew it was against the law. I questioned the officer about his illegal vehicle and he ran off. I followed. Soap Lake is a small town, so he can run, but he can’t hide. After he avoids me multiple times, we finally we exchange words and he retreats to the station. Soon he returns to the car, ignoring me as I knock on the window. Finally two local punks who claim to be his friends show up to intimidate me, hurling profanities and telling me I have no business questioning him. As all this happens the officer flees the scene.

I’ve come to expect lawless government. But this clip reveals WHY they get away with it. We have not held them accountable. These young men could care less about liberty or law as long as it does not effect them. This is what we have produced in government indoctrination centers we call public school. An apathetic generation that not only does not know liberty, they do not care!

I was quite assertive here. Part of that is because I know these Soap Lake police and I know their reputation. Boldness is a powerful thing and the officer here are punks, but make sure you know where to draw the line and make sure a camera is rolling. See my tips on filming and my article about how anyone can know the law!

I had more than just a camera to protect myself; but this is a reminder that you should ALWAYS film. The goons showed up, the officer left. I don’t know what they intended, but having the camera rolling put everyone on record. Never turn off the camera.

This goes so far beyond unmarked cars! It’s about a growing disrespect which so called law enforcement has for liberty and the people they serve. It’s about restoring accountability and values to America. It’s time to get serious, repent as a nation and start standing principled for what is right; so that our children are not slaves.

So long as government acts with impunity; liberty will be trampled.

— Gav