Chased Away 20 Cops!

Chased Away 20 Cops!

Last summer as we came into Phoenix for for an event and found a horde of police clogging the highway. At first we were concerned it was a checkpoint because those are sometimes tolerated in Arizona, a state who’s leaders try to sell their values as republican or even Constitutional when nothing could be further from the truth.


It turns out all these cops are harassing a car of teenagers. As often happens we happened to be there at that moment, so we did our job as good neighbors and stopped to oversee and let the officers know we were not OK with their tactics. Wait until you see what this was all about.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now been ousted from office for his complete disrespect of law. But the problem is another tyrant who violates the Constitution has simply been inserted. Until we stand up our families will continue to be abused and locked in for profit prisons like so many good people across the nation.

Good cops stop the bad ones. Good cops stop kangaroo courts. Goods cops do not extort. We don’t have any good cops left and it’s time to stop pretending. We don’t understand the power our voice has. When we stand up to blue line syndicate, tell them to stop, ask them questions and be firm. Yes when we stand up and speak the truth, the lie of the tyranny runs and hides like a pack of cockroaches.

If you’re still defending the police, you are not defending liberty. Stop pretending that silence is love or courage. Pretend politeness has destroyed truth in America. Bullies and thieves should be called out for what they are. Stop making excuses; stop letting them think they are the good guys.

It’s on us. So stand up — Gavin Seim

Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

A magistrate abusing liberty has no

lawful authority and should be opposed.

I was driving home awhile back and I pulled over to observe and record a traffic stop. Officer Canady had other ideas. — Why do we tolerate this lawless goverment? Fear and apathy is why. But the power of lawless law ends when the people refuse to comply. Just as we did when we nullified i594.

I honor God and the law by opposing lawlessness. — The principled, God fearing, freedom loving man must oppose lawless behavior. Americans have failed at this because of apathy and excuses. Some scream safety, while others say God commands us to obey the wicked. In fact we are called to love and defend the innocent.

Understand that the only a lawful civil authouty is one that protects the God given rights of our fellow man. In America even more so, for the people themselves are the legal authouty and the goverment are servants serving their lawful authouty and and the individuals rights within the Constitutions. This concept is literally the highest law of our land.

People have this idea that we need to obey and honor wicked goverment; but in doing so we disobey God, disobey the law and destroy our nation. When self serving men rise up under the banner of authority to abuse their fellow man, they must be opposed. This is the case of our entire justice system. If you don’t believe me walk into a courtroom and watch the abuse, extortion and mental torture being carried out on your fellow man. Every day, in every County in this nation.

Those who honor and support Americas “justice system” as if it represents law, are not standing with the righteous, but rest in the camp of wicked tyrants.

Officers like Patrick Canady in Ephrata exist to support this system of extortion. This officer is a man I have seen in this town for many years. When he became a police officer, he became known as the harasser and collector of this town. A Sheriff of Nottingham who gets off on exerting his power over others. Power that is lawless and from a goverment who violates our highest laws in everything they do.

The principled man should regard these kind as the dangerous juvenile bullies they are. This is about more than shining street spotlight into my eyes to prevent me from filming. It’s a mindset officials this who believe we serve them. That’s why I stand up firmly to men like this. I know a bully when I see one and I don’t pander to their behavior.

Carefully choose your battles, but always stand for what is right. Don’t do this without a camera and gauge the situation wisely for their are risks. In a place where people never stand up to bullies, I would still stand, but I might have tread more carefully. Be bold with wisdom and do not operate in pride. That can can get you in jail, or worse.

Everyone can stand up in some way. Our rights are the law and we have a duty to try restore liberty for our children, one small step at a time. Be wise and serpents and harmless as doves.

— Gav

Cop RUNS from Citizen — Citizen Gives CHASE!

Cop RUNS from Citizen — Citizen Gives CHASE!

Lawless Government and the Slaves Who Support Them!


Soap Lake WA (Facebook Page) is a town of less than 2000 in corrupt Grant County.  Soap Lake is often refereed to as Dope Lake by locals. It’s a town that can barley keep it’s services going, yet somehow managed to get two new patrol SUV’s. — This was actually the first time I took on illegal unmarked police cars in Washington, a conversation that went viral last Fall. Life got in the way and I’m just getting this clip posted. I did not realize how crazy it was until I went through it.

I was at the store getting a snack when I noticed what appeared to be an officer in an unmarked car talking to some young men. I’d been seen people stopped by this unmarked car and I knew it was against the law. I questioned the officer about his illegal vehicle and he ran off. I followed. Soap Lake is a small town, so he can run, but he can’t hide. After he avoids me multiple times, we finally we exchange words and he retreats to the station. Soon he returns to the car, ignoring me as I knock on the window. Finally two local punks who claim to be his friends show up to intimidate me, hurling profanities and telling me I have no business questioning him. As all this happens the officer flees the scene.

I’ve come to expect lawless government. But this clip reveals WHY they get away with it. We have not held them accountable. These young men could care less about liberty or law as long as it does not effect them. This is what we have produced in government indoctrination centers we call public school. An apathetic generation that not only does not know liberty, they do not care!

I was quite assertive here. Part of that is because I know these Soap Lake police and I know their reputation. Boldness is a powerful thing and the officer here are punks, but make sure you know where to draw the line and make sure a camera is rolling. See my tips on filming and my article about how anyone can know the law!

I had more than just a camera to protect myself; but this is a reminder that you should ALWAYS film. The goons showed up, the officer left. I don’t know what they intended, but having the camera rolling put everyone on record. Never turn off the camera.

This goes so far beyond unmarked cars! It’s about a growing disrespect which so called law enforcement has for liberty and the people they serve. It’s about restoring accountability and values to America. It’s time to get serious, repent as a nation and start standing principled for what is right; so that our children are not slaves.

So long as government acts with impunity; liberty will be trampled.

— Gav


Man Calls 911 on Cop then Schools Him on Being a COP!

Man Calls 911 on Cop then Schools Him on Being a COP!

Police can be lawless and still be polite!

All patrol cars should have markings and light bars. And current WA law says they must at least be marked. — So I was driving home the other night when I saw a completely unmarked vehicle with someone stopped. I pulled in and this video starts just moments after that.

Here’s what’s going on…

Ever since my stop Last fall, police around the nation have been getting called out for operating dangerous unmarked cars. Washington police even got together this year and tried to get the law changed. That didn’t work, so they are making up excuses as to why the law does not apply to them.

WSP is actually updating policies as myself and others call them out; as if we are having a debate. The excuses are getting absurd. Now they have amended their policy manual and rewrote their own definition, even though it’s totally false. This is what happens when your goverment has no respect for law, justice or the people they serve.

Below is a copy of their latest policies. A few months back it was different. Now the law they are breaking offers some exemptions for “Traffic Control vehicles”. Those are the cars that put out cones, lead you through construction zones and the like. They have nothing to do with traffic patrol cruisers and they never have. The law was written to demand that all police conduct regular patrols in marked cars. You can learn more about this law in the legal briefs here.

There’s a growing trend of officers using patronizing politeness to those who question them. There could be worse trends. Officers are being told to play nice, especially with known activists. The tactic is smart; the ignorant take the bait and excuse officer misdeeds; calling those holding them accountable petty and rude. In fact myself and most activists are quite cordial with goverment. But police are breaking the law and endangering the pubic. That’s not respect, it’s irresponsible. We have to stand up. If goverment won’t honor liberty out of principle, we will make them obey out of necessity.

There’s more! In a vivid confirmation of the slave mindset, the driver I stopped to help sent me a nasty letter. Read it here.

Lets talk about the officer’s behavior: This young man handled it pretty well. WSP are usually pretty cordial, but not so polite as you think. If you watch a few of my videos you will see their politeness is actually patronizing and annoyed. Like the officer who nearly ran over my foot. Still, my demeanor tells them right off that the tough cop routine won’t work and they know they are on camera. It’s key not to waver, even if you are uncertain. I say a prayer and I do not waver. That’s my key tactic.

I always take control of the conversation early. I am polite, but I assert myself. Notice the officers face when I ask his age. That was the moment the encounter went off script. I was not only curious, I wanted to assert authority over the situation. Police are used to asking the questions, but it’s us that should be doing that in cases like this. Just be careful and try to avoid situations where they can abuse you, or lie about what you did. Never do this without a camera.

Liberty is life and death. Seemingly small acts of lawlessness by goverment, undermine liberty and endanger the public in perhaps the worst way possible. Silently, under the guise of politeness and with the mask of respect; so that while the world is sleeping, liberty is burning.

This stop is powerful because we go beyond cars and got into liberty and the mind of a modern officer. This kid seems barley out of high school and he believes in whatever he’s being told. I’ve never seen him before. Apparently he has seen me. Maybe he will wake up and realize that harassing is not helping and endangering the public is not law. Maybe he will one day stand up for liberty.

Watch the look on his face. I take control of the conversation and we start talking about serous matters like justice, law and liberty. For a moment it’s like he’s thinking about those things for the first time. — This goes so far beyond the markings on cars. It represents a culture of disrespect and from a goverment who’s primary purpose is tax collection. Americas police have become the Sheriff of Nottingham in a pretty uniform. As my Brother Blake once said “Serve and protest or harass and collect!”

Folks it’s time you started stepping up. We need to stop compromising, stop allowing tyranny when it suits us and start demanding accountability for everyone. America is burning. What are you going to do about it?

— Gav