Utah Troopers LIE & RUN when asked to do their job.

All professional criminals are “just doing their jobs”. That excuse won’t help them when they are tried. After an evening driving the interstate and watching troopers hide on medians to collect revenue. I spotted them at a gas station and Continue reading

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

Then the Grant County Sheriff refuses to respond. You can phone the Courthouse (Auditors or Sheriff Office) 509-754-2011 GC Sheriff Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GrantCoSheriff All she had to do was her job! But Grant County Courthouse is not a place of Continue reading

Citizen Shows how to Actually Respond at Traffic Stops!

There is NO WAR on police! There is a WAR on LIBERTY! I’m tired of lies, spin and buzzwords! What about you? Police fatalities are at record lows. Police killing citizens however has exploded with over 1000 in 2014 and Continue reading