Chased Away 20 Cops!

Chased Away 20 Cops!

Last summer as we came into Phoenix for for an event and found a horde of police clogging the highway. At first we were concerned it was a checkpoint because those are sometimes tolerated in Arizona, a state who’s leaders try to sell their values as republican or even Constitutional when nothing could be further from the truth.


It turns out all these cops are harassing a car of teenagers. As often happens we happened to be there at that moment, so we did our job as good neighbors and stopped to oversee and let the officers know we were not OK with their tactics. Wait until you see what this was all about.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now been ousted from office for his complete disrespect of law. But the problem is another tyrant who violates the Constitution has simply been inserted. Until we stand up our families will continue to be abused and locked in for profit prisons like so many good people across the nation.

Good cops stop the bad ones. Good cops stop kangaroo courts. Goods cops do not extort. We don’t have any good cops left and it’s time to stop pretending. We don’t understand the power our voice has. When we stand up to blue line syndicate, tell them to stop, ask them questions and be firm. Yes when we stand up and speak the truth, the lie of the tyranny runs and hides like a pack of cockroaches.

If you’re still defending the police, you are not defending liberty. Stop pretending that silence is love or courage. Pretend politeness has destroyed truth in America. Bullies and thieves should be called out for what they are. Stop making excuses; stop letting them think they are the good guys.

It’s on us. So stand up — Gavin Seim

Badge Adrenaline!  – Why a Good Cop Quit.

Badge Adrenaline! – Why a Good Cop Quit.

To be a good cop in a nation where treason is called law; you either have to quit your job or declare war on the bosses. That’s what I learned talking to this cop and what he has to say tells a lot about our system as he exposes the adrenaline of the badge and what really happening in police departments. Listen to the man. — Gav

Let’s Talk About the Cops!

Let’s Talk About the Cops!

If you Support Police above actions & principle. You do not love your neighbor or liberty! — We do NOT have to obey lawless police.

H-Poster-16Our obligation to treat everyone equally is a self-evident truth. So I think we need to address the obvious. It seems we’re allowed to say ANYONE is bad, except a cop. I’m done with that. I love justice too much.

People keep debating whether LaVoy had a gun, whether his hands were up, or whatever the latest media excuse may be. Exposing lies is good, yet none of those things are the real issue. I’m going to say aloud what we know to be true. — Had LaVoy come out guns blazing, he would have been perfectly justified.

But I think he knew what was best for this time. Still we MUST face this. Officers were ATTACKING, firing on a group of peaceful civilians in the wilderness with no lawful authority. They turned on America. They were morally the same as the rapist or the robber at the door. Every time we support lawless cops, we abuse our neighbor.

The first excuse I’ll get is “not all cops are bad.” But that’s not the issue here and it’s a fact as irrelevant as saying, “not all cats are bad”, or “not all cars are bad”. Do not judge faction, but action alone. The brown shirts followed orders while LaVoy sacrificed himself to protect them and others. He was a peace maker to the end.

POLICE murdered. It was POLICE who setup that road block. POLICE carried the patriots to cells, dragged them to lawless courts and guard their cages right now. Don’t you tell me these are good cops. HUNDREDS of officers are complicit in this TREASON.  — They did it at Ruby Ridge, they did it Waco, they do it all over the nation. It’s not one bad cop. It’s barrels of bad cops.

We hired guards to secure liberty. That’s what a police officer is. You’re not a good cop because you’re polite, or because you don’t kick me in the head. You’re a bad cop if you’re not stopping those who are, defending with your life the liberty you swore to protect. — It’s time to stop being whimpering children excusing childhood heroes, for our own children’s future is at stake.

I’ve even seen some excuse Oregon State Patrol saying only the FBI is to blame. I’m watching OSP attack good men and women and these people are making excuses. How powerful a deception are we offering ourselves to convince ourselves that our heroes are justified. It must end. Are we not men of liberty? Do we not have eyes? Is faction before truth?

This is NOT hating police but loving law, principle and my neighbor. I have a standing invitation to take officers to coffee, or have them ride along with me. Not one has taken me up. I’m looking for good cops but it seems most have been fired. I know some of those. Police deaths are at historic lows while police killed over 1200 civilians last year. They killed over 100 in January alone and one was LaVoy. I refuse to pretend that those failing to do their job are good.

The badge is mere metal. The uniform only cloth. Inside are mere men. — WE THE PEOPLE must become the good cops. Not in uniform, but in action.


God is no respecter of persons. Remove blinders and use one standard. There is NO BLUE LINE, no color, no race. There is only right and wrong. Not faction, but action. Until you come to that place you cannot truly defend liberty. Our government has declared war on America and each officer will have to choose between justice and treason. I pray for them and for us. Let us be peace makers and stop making excuses.

This is law, loving your neighbor as yourself. — Gav

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

Then the Grant County Sheriff refuses to respond.

You can phone the Courthouse (Auditors or Sheriff Office) 509-754-2011
GC Sheriff Facebook Page:

All she had to do was her job! But Grant County Courthouse is not a place of law. No liberty, no principle, no courage. That’s the new America!

I recently ran as a write in candidate for mayor of my tiny town. I had not planned to run, but when I saw the single choice on the ballot of the crony council had appointed to fill the seat of Chris Jacobson, who mysteriously retired, I decided I needed to set an example by taking action. — Whether I won the seat was not my chief concern. We knew it was only a couple weeks until election day, but knew the campaign would start folks thinking and talking. It did exactly that.

Our Courthouses are no longer places of law, but hen houses where corrupt judges sit as lords, snobby ladies of the court sniff disdainfully and the Sheriff punishes anyone in the shire who does pay their taxes!

Last week I got an email from the Auditors office saying my vote numbers would not be counted unless I paid. I felt I should stop by and learn why so I could report on it. I did not expect what happened next. I went out of my way to be gentle and polite, I just wanted then to tell me in person what was  going on. If you are doing your job well you have no need to fear a citizens camera.

Trish at the Auditors office had other ideas. She was immediately rude and after realizing I was filming she went off. She said should would not have me film her because I would put her on YouTube because and make her look silly. I explained that only she was making herself look silly, but as usual with officials who have no respect for the law, the people or self control, she went off.

Next she decided to close the office. At 1PM! I said I was not leaving till we were finished, so she decided to jump me. Attempting to wrestle my phone she cracked open the case in the process, knocking it to the floor; but she is small and my phone was not hurt. She then ran out. All of this witnessed by a security guard outside.

As if that was not crazy enough, the sheriff was called and REFUSED to respond. Twice! Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and I had assaulted someone. I would have been in a cage faster than I could say liberty. But that’s not how government works. If you are in, you are part of the ruling class. If you are not, you are a serf.

The video above is the short version that includes the important stuff. You can watch the full version HERE.

I feel bad that this young woman made herself look so foolish. I always encourage viewers to refrain from calling names and simply to hold individuals accountable with truth. I ask that here also. Everyone makes mistakes, but this mindset is tyranny and there must be accountability for actions. The idea in government that we serve them must end.

We’ve lost America because we have failed to stand for what is right, we have failed to honor God, we have failed to teach our children principle and courage. We’re losing the war! — It’s not a war on terror in far away lands. It’s a war on liberty from our own government and a war on evil in our own hearts. We’re losing both and we have to do something about it.


— Gav

Citizen Tells Cops; DO YOUR JOB and they OBEY!

Citizen Tells Cops; DO YOUR JOB and they OBEY!

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Government should SERVE people; NOT enslave them!

In this weeks video we’re going to see citizen supervision in action and talk about how you can better assert yourself with police, including a way to KEEP COPS FROM FOLLOWING YOU!

On Monday I pulled into a gas station where two officers were shooting the breeze. On the nearby corner was a woman on her SUB was apparently broken down. I looked at those officers and thought, why are they not helping this lady instead of standing here chatting it up. We pay government to make our lives easier, yet they have mostly taken the attitude that we work for them. That needs to change and it starts with me and I.

I walked up, camera rolling. I don’t know these guys, but they knew me and they generally try to get away from me as fast as possible. Your government should know you you by name; not because you are buddies, but because you hold them accountable.

I was not out to pick a fight, I just not so subtlety suggested they head over and do their job. I filled up, then stuck around to make sure that job did not turn help into harassment. Soon they were working away to get the woman back on the road. What a rare thing to see. I think if more police did this, instead of writing tickets and arresting people for victimless crimes, their level of respect would be entirely different.

As I watched I recorded an on the fly Liberty School dressing viewer questions I get and how I deal with cops, how to keep them from FOLLOWING YOU and how to assert yourself.

  • 1: Principled assertiveness.
  • 2: Pick your battles.
  • 3: Restore liberty!

A freind asked me later; “Why didn’t you just help her.” — “I did.” I explained. — I turned back from my drive home to go check on her. I put two officers to work who had nothing but time. I kept watch for about ten minutes to make sure they behaved and I recorded a video in the process, explaining why I did what I did and how others could repeat it. Had they declined to help her, I would of done done just that, after soundly berating them.

This brings us full circle to not only watching out for our neighbor and the driver on the side of the road, but also making sure our government is using OUR money to help rather that harass.  It goes even beyond that. To restore liberty, our nation must repent, stop abusing the innocent, stop aborting babies and stop have a double standard that says; I want liberty, but I don’t want it for people I don’t like.

You support all of liberty for everyone, or you don’t support it at all.

Don’t just love your neighbor as yourself. Love everyone as yourself and do so by standing on principle; with liberty and justice for all.

— Gav