I Chased this Cop Down the Road!

I Chased this Cop Down the Road!

These robbers run like crazy when you stand up to them and ask simple questions and to figure out why they are harassing people. As expected this was not a stop that had anything to do with safety. It was just a thief stealing money from the driver who apparently was trying to move a camper. Instead of helping, he harassed.

Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

If you don’t obey, you will be punished.

Has America given up it’s dignity for a cookie and toy?

Walmart, Ephrata WA. In this small town there’s not a lot of options. Today cashiers decided to punish me in front of everyone and I think you’ll find this worth watching to the end. This is not about shaming store clerks. It’s about revealing what our nation has become.

But what you’re about to watch goes far deeper than Americas biggest storefront. It’s the expectation that we obey made up authority or be punished. I chose punishment and walked out. This is not Fifty Shades of Grey or the Twilight Zone. It’s our brave new world that’s starting to look like a third world slum.

I was with my 7 year old daughter and this is funny, but it’s not funny. Perhaps you’re shaking your head and proudly thinking “I don’t shop at Walmart”. It’s cool you have choices in your town. But read on.

This is not about Walmart. It’s everywhere in a society who thinks like slaves. It’s about speaking up and confronting civil insanity. It’s at the gas station, the amusement park, the legislative building and the City Hall. You have to stand up.

Some will say I failed because I shopped here in the first place. Others say I failed because I did not leave everything and walk out, a viable option. Still I was on an outing with my daughter and when I find an unexpected encounter I try to choose choose how to best share a message and keep moving. When this happens to you, here or elsewhere; make a better video and I’ll be happy to learn from it.

One way or another we have to start speaking up. We’ve all faced something like this. Having your bag searched at the theater. Giving up your stuff at the door. Complying with a silly rule to get something. The question is not “do you shop at Walmart?”. The question is that when this happens will you stand your ground and firmly say no, or will you comply to get the cookie?

Speak with your dollars and your mouth. We’re getting a Winco soon and I plan to do more of our shopping there. You will be faced with something like this. You will have to comply or give up something. By standing your ground and speaking up you make bigger impact than even walking out. It’s time to teach people what it means to be independent.

Take out your camera and take back your dignity. Just be kind and loving to the ignorant. The goal is to educate, not attack.

— Gav

Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

A magistrate abusing liberty has no

lawful authority and should be opposed.

I was driving home awhile back and I pulled over to observe and record a traffic stop. Officer Canady had other ideas. — Why do we tolerate this lawless goverment? Fear and apathy is why. But the power of lawless law ends when the people refuse to comply. Just as we did when we nullified i594.

I honor God and the law by opposing lawlessness. — The principled, God fearing, freedom loving man must oppose lawless behavior. Americans have failed at this because of apathy and excuses. Some scream safety, while others say God commands us to obey the wicked. In fact we are called to love and defend the innocent.

Understand that the only a lawful civil authouty is one that protects the God given rights of our fellow man. In America even more so, for the people themselves are the legal authouty and the goverment are servants serving their lawful authouty and and the individuals rights within the Constitutions. This concept is literally the highest law of our land.

People have this idea that we need to obey and honor wicked goverment; but in doing so we disobey God, disobey the law and destroy our nation. When self serving men rise up under the banner of authority to abuse their fellow man, they must be opposed. This is the case of our entire justice system. If you don’t believe me walk into a courtroom and watch the abuse, extortion and mental torture being carried out on your fellow man. Every day, in every County in this nation.

Those who honor and support Americas “justice system” as if it represents law, are not standing with the righteous, but rest in the camp of wicked tyrants.

Officers like Patrick Canady in Ephrata exist to support this system of extortion. This officer is a man I have seen in this town for many years. When he became a police officer, he became known as the harasser and collector of this town. A Sheriff of Nottingham who gets off on exerting his power over others. Power that is lawless and from a goverment who violates our highest laws in everything they do.

The principled man should regard these kind as the dangerous juvenile bullies they are. This is about more than shining street spotlight into my eyes to prevent me from filming. It’s a mindset officials this who believe we serve them. That’s why I stand up firmly to men like this. I know a bully when I see one and I don’t pander to their behavior.

Carefully choose your battles, but always stand for what is right. Don’t do this without a camera and gauge the situation wisely for their are risks. In a place where people never stand up to bullies, I would still stand, but I might have tread more carefully. Be bold with wisdom and do not operate in pride. That can can get you in jail, or worse.

Everyone can stand up in some way. Our rights are the law and we have a duty to try restore liberty for our children, one small step at a time. Be wise and serpents and harmless as doves.

— Gav

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

Then the Grant County Sheriff refuses to respond.

You can phone the Courthouse (Auditors or Sheriff Office) 509-754-2011
GC Sheriff Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GrantCoSheriff

All she had to do was her job! But Grant County Courthouse is not a place of law. No liberty, no principle, no courage. That’s the new America!

I recently ran as a write in candidate for mayor of my tiny town. I had not planned to run, but when I saw the single choice on the ballot of the crony council had appointed to fill the seat of Chris Jacobson, who mysteriously retired, I decided I needed to set an example by taking action. — Whether I won the seat was not my chief concern. We knew it was only a couple weeks until election day, but knew the campaign would start folks thinking and talking. It did exactly that.

Our Courthouses are no longer places of law, but hen houses where corrupt judges sit as lords, snobby ladies of the court sniff disdainfully and the Sheriff punishes anyone in the shire who does pay their taxes!

Last week I got an email from the Auditors office saying my vote numbers would not be counted unless I paid. I felt I should stop by and learn why so I could report on it. I did not expect what happened next. I went out of my way to be gentle and polite, I just wanted then to tell me in person what was  going on. If you are doing your job well you have no need to fear a citizens camera.

Trish at the Auditors office had other ideas. She was immediately rude and after realizing I was filming she went off. She said should would not have me film her because I would put her on YouTube because and make her look silly. I explained that only she was making herself look silly, but as usual with officials who have no respect for the law, the people or self control, she went off.

Next she decided to close the office. At 1PM! I said I was not leaving till we were finished, so she decided to jump me. Attempting to wrestle my phone she cracked open the case in the process, knocking it to the floor; but she is small and my phone was not hurt. She then ran out. All of this witnessed by a security guard outside.

As if that was not crazy enough, the sheriff was called and REFUSED to respond. Twice! Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and I had assaulted someone. I would have been in a cage faster than I could say liberty. But that’s not how government works. If you are in, you are part of the ruling class. If you are not, you are a serf.

The video above is the short version that includes the important stuff. You can watch the full version HERE.

I feel bad that this young woman made herself look so foolish. I always encourage viewers to refrain from calling names and simply to hold individuals accountable with truth. I ask that here also. Everyone makes mistakes, but this mindset is tyranny and there must be accountability for actions. The idea in government that we serve them must end.

We’ve lost America because we have failed to stand for what is right, we have failed to honor God, we have failed to teach our children principle and courage. We’re losing the war! — It’s not a war on terror in far away lands. It’s a war on liberty from our own government and a war on evil in our own hearts. We’re losing both and we have to do something about it.


— Gav