BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

This is the true story of one of America’s most courageous families. Controversy is a state I’ve learned to live with, a crown of thorns. It’s a crown the Bundy family wears well, because when you stand up for freedom, Continue reading

Protesters TEACH police a lesson!

Liberty lovers are marching on Portland during the trials of the Bundy’s and others locked away in lawless jails and facing criminal judges. We’re at a protest for the political prisoner led by John Lamb and Kelly Stuart and the Continue reading

Family ARRESTED for Refusing ILLEGAL Search!

STOP! In the name of fruit! “So you’re a Constitutionalist?.. We’ve had problems with this before!” This is what we have become America. A nation of slaves where dissenters are punished and the wicked rule. This has nothing to do Continue reading

Cop RUNS from Citizen — Citizen Gives CHASE!

Lawless Government and the Slaves Who Support Them! WARNING; STRONG LANGUAGE! Soap Lake WA (Facebook Page) is a town of less than 2000 in corrupt Grant County.  Soap Lake is often refereed to as Dope Lake by locals. It’s a Continue reading

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

So Corrupt they don’t even bother to hide it. I mourn the liberty we have lost because it was easier to ignore the suffering of our neighbor than to stand at his side. We’ve learned that Douglas County Washington stands Continue reading

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

On the anniversary of the day the second American Revolution almost started. Remember what happens when patriots stand firm!!! What do you remember from that historic Spring day? I want to personally salute all those who stood in support of Continue reading